125 Crown Tattoos with Meanings & Tips

With The Crown being a hit Netflix series, more and more people are looking into the Royal Family and what it feels like to be the heir to a throne such that royalty has become one of their hopes and dreams. And you know what people do when they have hopes and dreams? They get a tattoo of course!

Well, not everyone gets a tattoo and that’s because tattoos aren’t for everyone. However, a great number of people are attracted to how tattoos look on the skin and so they consider getting their very own crown tattoo.


What Does a Crown Tattoo Mean?

The most popular symbolism a crown has is royalty. Kings and Queens all over the world are crowned on their coronation day in order to symbolize the start of their reign.

Aside from being part of royalty and the start of a royal era, a crown means honor, power, pride, and loyalty. If you’ll notice, most of these virtues seem vaguely familiar since most lines on movies and shows say that part of a royal family’s crest is at least one of those characteristics. 

But these are not just the only crown symbolisms you have. In terms of animals, an animal that has a crown on their head signifies that they are the leader, or as most people would say, “King of the Jungle”. The most common animal given this name is the lion and the lion symbolizes strength, pride, power, and authority. 

Another symbolism to the crown is a victory. Victory is a common pursuit among kings and queens especially during that time that conquests and kingdoms were popular. A crown that is paired with a sword or a victory sign (such as a peace sign) shows a battle was won. 

And finally, in Christianity, a crown means suffering and pain. A thorned crown specifically symbolizes that as it was the crown that was placed on Jesus’ head on his crucifixion day. Since then, the crown of thorns became a symbol of suffering and of Jesus’ undying and unconditional love for man. 


Tattoo Placements For Your Crown

When it comes to tattoos, the head is not the only place where you can put a crown. In fact, the head isn’t the place you would want to have a crown tattoo on because no one will see it. It’s also quite unusual to have a tattoo on your scalp for many reasons. However, that’s not what you want to hear. Instead, here are 8 other places you can place your crown on. 

1. Hand

Your hand is the perfect place for small crown tattoos. You would think that a tattoo on this area shouldn’t have something very detailed, but this tattoo shows you otherwise. Just look at how the tattoo was made – shading, circles, and outlines were all neatly put together to show a 3D crown tattoo. 

Here’s another couple crown tattoo that is placed just at the side of the hand. 


2. Wrist

Your wrist is yet another place where you can put small crown tattoos. Just look at these dainty crown that fits perfectly well on the person’s wrist. Ideally, you want to put a crown that’s small enough to not reach the edges of your wrist because that would look bad. Just strategically place them right in the middle of your wrist. 

However, you have to take note that wrist tattoos are painful. 


3. Chest

One of the meanings associated with a crown is taking control. If you place a crown on your chest, it can mean that you are finally taking control of your own life. It also means that no one should be able to control you. Here are examples of a crown placed on the chest. 

The chest is a large enough canvas for you to put medium- to large-sized tattoos. Although the chest is not a painful area thanks to the many muscles surrounding your chest, there are some areas that can be too painful to bear. The area on your collarbone is going to be painful because the skin is too close to the bone. You will definitely feel uncomfortable feeling the needle buzzing. 

Here’s a crown tattoo that was put all over the chest. It may not be painful to have a tattoo here but one whole design that reaches the boney parts of your chest can still cause pain. If you have a low pain tolerance level, then it will be helpful to just place the tattoos above the breasts. 

Here are some tattoo inspirations for crown tattoos you can place below the collarbone. 


4. Ribcage

Just below your chest is the ribcage. Now this area is going to be a really painful place to have a tattoo given that the skin is so close to the bone. Add to that the fact that the skin here is very thin as compared to the skin on your limbs. Just take a look at this photo Yu can actually make out the ribs here. 

You can also choose to put them right down the center of your rib cage, just below the breasts. Unlike the ribcage, there isn’t any rib here to feel awkward with. 


5. Back of the Ear

The back of the ear is another painful spot for crown tattoos. However, this area carries with it a symbolic meaning. Some people who put tattoos in this area claim that it’s for a cause for spreading awareness in terms of mental health. 


6. Arms

Surely, you’re now wondering if there are other placements that are not going to be painful. Don’t worry, there are always the arms. So the arms are divided into two – upper arm and the forearm. 

Both the forearm and the upper arm have enough muscles for you to feel comfortable with a needle piercing right through it. Check out these arm crown tattoos. You’ll notice that they just don’t have the tattoo on one side. Instead, the tattoo is wrapped all over the arm. Take a look at these designs:


7. Back

If you’re looking for a wider canvas that will surely accommodate your large crown tattoos, then your back is the answer. There’s no other area in your body where you can lay out a short bond paper-sized tattoo. You can place your tattoo right below your nape like the one in this photo. 

Even if the back is a popular area for your tattoo, you should know that there areas here that can be painful for a tattoo to be placed. Take, for example, the spine. You already know that the spinal cord has a lot of nerves connected which helps bring signals to the brain. Since there are a lot of nerves, this area will be very sensitive. 

Even if you have a lot of muscle on your back, there’s no guaranteeing that this area is going to be pain-free because some people still have their spinal cord very obvious regardless of having a lot of muscle. But it would help if you have more fat here (although it’s not going to be so good for your health). 

You don’t even have to occupy your whole back. Small crown tattoos work in this area too. Just make sure that they are strategically placed so that they won’t look like they’re just floating. 


8. Shoulders

There are tattoos that look like they’re going to take up your whole arm including your shoulder. Take a look at this lion and crown. The topmost part of the tattoo is placed right on on the shoulder blade which makes the whole tattoo have an edge. 


Here’s another tattoo that’s placed right on the shoulder. Although the shoulder’s shape gives more emphasis to the diamond, it being right on top of the shoulder blade makes the tattoo painful. This is especially painful if you are thin and the bone juts out from your body. 


9. Legs

Another area where you would want to get a crown tattoo is the legs. Yes, the thighs and the calves are great places for crown tattoos because, yes, you guessed it, it’s not painful! Even if you’re thin, there’s still going to be a lot of muscle in this area which serves as a sponge for the needle.

Take a look at these tattoos on the legs. You’ll notice that whatever happens, your legs will always be wider than your arms so it’s perfect for bigger tattoos.

Look at this lock and crown tattoo. It perfectly fits the thighs of the person because it’s wide enough for the tattoo not to be cramped. This isn’t to say that it’s better when you’re fat. On the contrary, this just tells you that if you have wider tattoos, the thigh is a perfect place for it because you don’t have to worry about it getting wrapped around your whole leg. 

Look at this tattoo that is seen from different angles. 


10. Elbows

And lastly, you have your elbows. Your elbows are one of the more painful areas in your body to get a tattoo. But if you’re up for it, then you’re placing a crown on one of the most subtle areas of your body. 

You can also put your tattoo on the other side of the elbow, the inner side. Take a look at this photo where the crown tattoo is just at the opposite side of the elbow. 

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9 More Things To Do To Make Your Crown Stand Out

Now that you know where you’ll place your crown, it’s time to make it truly yours. Just looking at the Internet, you’ll already get a sense of what kind of crown would best fit your style and preferences. Take a look at these 9 tips to help you make your crown more personalized. 

1. Put your name on it. 

When it comes to personalizing things, nothing beats putting your name on it. Look at this tattoo. It has the person’s name on it and the crown itself isn’t like the other flat crowns. You can see from the design that this is not an unconventional crown. The curves and the gems do not resemble a real crown and add to that the rose that gives another meaning to the whole tattoo. 

Aside from your name, you can also add a date that’s important to you as the one here in the tattoo. Dates are hard to remember, so if you have a very special day that you wish to remember for the rest of your life, then this is a great idea to never forget it.


2. Customize your crown. 

Before you even get your crown tattooed, consider mixing and matching different crown designs to create your own. The tattoo below shows a typical crown that you often see the Queen of England wearing. 

But using tip #1 above, you can transform the crown into something like this – a crown with a date and more detailed designs. But it’s not just the presence of the date that makes the crown personalized. Notice how the shading and the coloring of the crown were made. It looks so close to real objects that it almost looks 3D too. 

If you’ve found a crown that’s so beautiful that you want it replicated on your body, then you are free to do so. But what this tattoo shows is how a typical-looking crown can be more unique. The crown itself looks like it’s shining thanks to the shades and colors that were used. There isn’t much detail, but the crown was able to convey its true essence.


3. Get matching crowns. 

Whether you’re single or in a loving relationship, you can always double (or triple) your love for royalty. All you have to do is get matching crowns. Here’s one example of how friends can get their matching crowns and on the same tattoo placement. 

Or this king and queen crown. Even if in reality, only one monarch rules a country, there will always be the partner who guides and supports that monarch (of course, given that they are married). In this case, if you’ve found the love of your life to rule the world with, then you just grant yourself with a couple’s crown. 

Here’s a unique take on what couple crowns can look like. This type of design works best for couples who love simple and subtle remembrances to each other. Even the placement is almost hidden. 

You can even add quotes on your tattoos just to make sure that the tattoos are connected. In this tattoo, both crowns are well-detailed and they even come in matching designs. But aside from that, the owners made sure to place a quote that is understandable for everyone to see. 

And then there’s the more obvious King-And-Queen tattoo design. As you can see here, the King has the larger crown. Usually, in reality, the one that has the larger crown is the one ruling the kingdom. But in your case, you can always make the queen have the bigger crown similar to Queen Elizabeth. Because, after all, it’s the woman who rules the relationship!

While couple crowns always show the relationship of two people in love, you can also do so for your parents or for your other loved ones. Take, for example, this mom-and-dad crown tattoo. If you idolize your parents so much, this could be the right crown tattoo idea. 



4. The Skull King

As you search online, you probably noticed a lot of crown tattoos with a skull wearing the crown itself. This might have struck you weird because based on the meanings of crowns, there isn’t a symbolism that connects skulls (or death) to crowns and royalty. Take a look at the abundance of these skull crown tattoos: 

Skull crown tattoos like these hold a certain stereotype. It is closely related to gothic and rebellious personalities and when people see this kind of a tattoo, they can’t help but think that you have that kind of personality. Although it’s always right to respect each other’s choice of tattoo designs, it’s best that you are aware of certain stereotypes that your tattoo might attract. 

But taking a closer look at what skulls meant, it suddenly comes into place. Skulls symbolize life and death. In fact, it’s a literal image of what humans will be once they die and their skin has rotted away. Apart from the mortality of human life, a skull also means victory. This is why pirates raise their skull flags whenever they win a battle at the sea. 

Take a look at this very colorful skull crown tattoo. The color of the whole design makes it look alive similar to how Mexicans portray their Day of the Dead. The colors of the crown has taken a neon version of it it and even the skull itself has drawings that make it look friendly. 


5. King of the Jungle

It’s not new to everyone that a lion is often seen as the king of the jungle. Thanks to Lion King, most people have taken it for a fact that lions are the strongest animals you’ll see in the forest. Hence, these tattoo designs. 

Just looking at these lion tattoos, you already get an idea that a lion with a crown is a very popular idea among men. Because this is a common concept, you might want to rethink if you really want to have a tattoo like everyone else. As you can see here, what people do is to add so much detail so that the lion itself doesn’t look boring. 

The tattoo below tried to do something different with the lion’s mane. Instead of portraying it as something that always looks salon-ready, here, the lion’s mane is in all directions which can mean that the lion just came from an attack.


6. Go beyond norms.

A different take on the king of the jungle tattoo is this elephant with a crown. Usually, elephants are portrayed as kind and quiet animals of the jungle. They even symbolize wisdom and longevity. So naturally, people won’t think that elephants are worthy of the crown. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you should be limited to the norm. Take a look at this tattoo. There’s barely a royal crown atop the elephant’s head. Instead, the person designed it to perfectly fit and match the jungle which is the elephant’s home. Even if it doesn’t look like a human crown, the patterns of this crown make it more appropriate for something that is part of the jungle. 


7. Tie it with victory and suffering. 

One of the symbolisms of the crown is a victory. When someone is able to conquer land or to defeat the enemy, they are named king. In the Medieval period, this was how thrones were won. However, when you pair a crown with a cross, it becomes a symbol of both suffering and victory. Take, for example, this tattoo below. It tells you that without suffering, you won’t gain the crown. 

Similar to real life, most victories are not won just be winging it or just by luckily being handed to them. And you don’t even have to be royalty to experience that. 


8. Be minimalistic. 

Sometimes, less is more. And that’s the same way with crowns too. Just because all crowns look over the top, doesn’t mean that your crown tattoo should be too. If you are more of a minimalist person, then you’ll find a minimalist crown like the one below perfect for your preferences. 

You can also design it with more lines, but the trick with a minimalist crown tattoo is to emphasize the outlines than just filling every part with color and design. 


9. Make the crown one of the many elements of your tattoo. 

Even if this talks about crowns, you can also just use a crown to be part of a whole tattoo. In this way, you can combine the meaning of the crown to the symbolism of the other elements of your tattoo. 


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