4 Easy for Your Instagram Travel Blog to Gain More Followers This Fall

If you can shoot several months’ worth of content in a single day for a classic personal instagram blog, like a profile about your experience of earning some money at or how you deal with your family members, then a travel blog requires a considerable amount of effort, time and money, but the output can be much more impressive! We have collected tips for aspiring travelers. If you want to become a commercially successful traveler, and five-star hotels are not yet sending you invitations themselves, this article is for you.

Look for Your Niche

Every other Instagram user posts photos from travel and can tear away at the heart of a travel-lifehack, seasoned from his own experience.


But not everyone becomes a popular travel blogger or a global brand ambassador. The difference between these two categories of people is that travel bloggers have found their niche and have settled into it. You need to do the same. Choose your own style and manner of travel – for example, a monstrously budget (or even free) guide to the East or, conversely, a super-luxurious West, a food-trip across Italy, a solo or family trip through all the states of America, a hitchhike with six friends (an extremely difficult task) or jungle trips with extreme adventures. Or maybe you, like Sarah Underwood, will travel to the most beautiful corners of the planet in the nude. The options are endless, and you can combine several at once.

Tell Stories

According to travel bloggers, posts with many related words under the photo get more likes, views and saves. Not surprisingly, subscribers find them informative and useful for planning their own travels, getting a boost of motivation, or even receiving a map of must-see destinations.


Learn more about storytelling tips. Tell stories about how hard it was for you to take those selfies on the iceberg and not fall into the Arctic Ocean. Or share how to get from the airport in Bangkok to Phi Phi Island for free after seeing all the sights. Or you can go further and come up with a quest with mini-clues for those who dare to take your route. In general, the more interesting the textual idea – the more saves.

Do not be afraid of the fact that you do not have a huge budget at the start.

It’s clear that hotel contracts aren’t going to fall on you in the first few weeks of blogging. It means you either invest your own money and travel as much as you can afford, or limit yourself to your city and save up for a big tour.


If you choose to be a local guide, talk about things no one else knows about. For example, you can give a tour about the women who changed this city forever. You’ll have to get out interesting stories and heroines.


Or you can start broadcasting legends and myths of old buildings, streets and trees. You can make it up too, don’t stop yourself. The key thing is to do it colorfully and in as much detail as possible, so that people will believe your tales, and then pass them on by word of mouth. In parallel, save money for trips to apply your ability to unearth interesting information in foreign locations.

Doris Your Reality

But if saving money isn’t your main software skill, don’t waste time and master Photoshop, Snapseed, VSCO and even Facetune. You can “teleport” your figure in a beautiful dress or suit anywhere: even to Kuala Lumpur, even to New Mexico. Just be careful to double expose so you don’t get caught out by bloggers who like to expose fake photos.


You should also use these programs if you are actively traveling around the world. Somewhere a good photo needs a drastic toning down to make it look viral. Or to add seagulls to the setting sun. Or correct the vector of the wave that’s wrapping around your surfboard. Remember, if you can’t edit your photos at all, you’ll have a much harder time becoming a savvy travel blogger. Users will choose your competitors with bright images looking more perfect.

If You Don’t Want to Put Yourself in the Frame, Choose a Different Hero

If you don’t want to put your face in front of a skyscraper in Hong Kong, choose a hero for the trip. This can be anything from shoes to a picture of a grandmother who’s never been out of her city. Just pick one object and add it to the composition of your photos. Traveling animals are sure to get more views and likes. Imagine a hedgehog near the Eiffel Tower or a frog in an airport. But with live animals, you’ll have to sweat for their comfort and deal with vaccinations, certificates, and carriers.

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