125 Ankle Tattoo Ideas (And More!) To Replace Your Anklet

Before ankle tattoos became acceptable to a lot of women and in society in general, the only accessory you’ll find in that area is an anklet. Compared to a tattoo, an anklet almost always loses its charm and charisma once its colors fade away. So, why not replace those anklets with a tattoo?

Why Get An Ankle Tattoo?

There are many reasons why you would want to get a tattoo, but to place them in an area that is full of bones and has a relatively thin layer of skin, there must be something else you want to get from a tattoo placed here. Here are a few of those reasons.

  1. It’s very feminine.


There’s no doubt that one of the tattoo placements that are very feminine is the ankle. If you aren’t aware of it yet, it’s not just the design that makes a tattoo look feminine or masculine – it can also be the placement. Tattoos placed on the forearm looks more masculine while tattoos placed on the hipbone look feminine.

Here are some ankle tattoos that look artistic and beautiful whether they’re put on your ankle or on other feminine areas.











































































2. It’s hidden.

One of the perks that make ankle tattoos ideal for women is that they are hidden. If you don’t want your ankle to be seen, then you can just wear socks, stockings, sneakers, and even long pants and you’ll easily cover up your tattoo. Face it, there will be instances where tattoos won’t be an advantage so to some who hope to hide it whenever possible, an ankle tattoo is a strategic placement for tattoos.
































































































































3. It’s perfect for a bracelet style tattoo.

Just because you have an ankle tattoo does not mean that your tattoo should just be confined in the ankle area. For larger tattoos, you can always make use of your leg and your feet.

This bone-and-blade tattoo starts from the ankle and has extended up to the leg because of its design. You can also do this for other designs like trees, giraffes, and other tall and long images.




























































On the other hand, this anklet and feather tattoo extend towards the foot just to fit the huge feather. Although having a tattoo in this area will be painful thanks to the nerves and the bones, it can also be a good canvas for your ankle tattoo extensions.

4. You can have matching tattoos.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, ankle tattoos are popular placements for people who want to have matching tattoos. Unlike other body parts, the ankles always go in pairs so it just feels right to place a matching tattoo in a body part that is always a package deal.

Here are some matchy-matchy tattoo ideas you and your partner will love.








































































5. It gives a delicate image.

Since the tattoo is well tucked in an area that isn’t always exposed, any tattoo placed here automatically looks delicate. Take these tattoo designs. If you’ll notice, a chemical symbol and a cactus aren’t delicate in their very sense but putting them on your ankles make it look soft and delicate.






































Another example would be this octopus ankle tattoo. If you’ve seen an octopus in real life, you know that there is nothing delicate about them. In fact, they can be very wild for a sea creature. But designing it to look the way it is below in the picture adds to the delicate and feminine effect you want to go for.


















Tattoo Designs For The Animal Lover In You

For The Love Of Pets

A common theme for tattoos is animals. If you’re a pet lover, you might want to tattoo an image of your most beloved pet in your ankle. Or if you have a favorite animal, you can also have them here.

This turtle tattoo stands out from other plain turtle tattoo designs because of its color. Instead of coloring it green or brown, the artist added colors that often resemble the colors found in the natural habitat of the sea turtles. Or if you want a black-colored turtle that doesn’t look so boring, here’s another design.


































If you are a fan of elephants, you can also have your very own elephant tattoo customized with spirals and henna designs. Although for a tattoo design like, you have to prepare to shell out a huge amount of money!

































Endangered and Extinct Animals

You can also get an endangered or extinct animal for your ankle tattoos. Since giraffes are slowly going extinct, you might want to have a remembrance of them to carry with you all the time.



































Animal Symbolism

Say, you don’t have a favorite animal or you’re not the kind to have a lot of pets. You can be drawn to get an animal tattoo simply because they are associated with a certain meaning that fits perfectly to the message you want your tattoo to have.


This dove ankle tattoo is a great idea for those who want to portray freedom and independence. The flight of the bird signifies independence from different forms of barriers. It can also signify breaking free from your old habits.






























In many cultures, the elephant is a revered symbol for wisdom. In Asian cultures, the elephant can depict deities and other gods. This cute elephant tattoo may look young and carefree, but the animal itself symbolizes strength and loyalty.


















Koi Fish

In both Chinese and Japanese cultures, the Koi is a symbol of good fortune. Whether or not you adhere to these symbols, a Koi is naturally colorful and if you want to add a pop of color to this area of your body, you can take this Koi design as an inspiration.


































Aside from being great pets, cats have a number of symbolisms depending on the culture. In Ancient Egypt, the cat has a high status as compared to other animals. You can see this in one of their god depictions, namely, Bastet who is half female and half feline.

















But what about other animal inspirations? Here are some of them you might like. From canines to insects, no animal doesn’t deserve to have a spot on your ankle.










































































Heart Designs For Couples And Singles Alike

If you’re feeling extra loving and caring and want that TLC shown in your tattoos, why not try the simple yet classic heart design?

A heart is one of the most popular symbols for love. Not only does the heart make you feel more alive when your crush passes by, but it is also the center of the body which is responsible for supplying blood all over your body. So, with that function, it’s obvious that the heart is very important to the body. If you feel the same way about hearts, then these heart designs might interest you.

Inspired By Someone

If you have someone close to your heart that you love so much to the point that you are willing to commit a whole lifetime to, then incorporating their names with a heart could be a good idea. It’s personalized, and at the same time, nothing shouts commitment than having someone’s name inked on your skin.

These tattoo designs show how creative you can get when describing someone you love.

































Heart Accessories

If you simply love hearts and you want them to look like accessories to your body, then why not design a band with a heart as a charm? This tattoo design does the perfect job of creating a heart band.






























More Heart Designs

































Flowers: An All-Time Classic For Any Kind Of Tattoo

And of course, there are your flowers and trees that always make it to the top of the list when it comes to ankle tattoos (or any kind of tattoo for that matter). Depending on the flower you choose, you’ll realize that each has its own symbolism. Sometimes, their symbolisms change as the color of the flower changes.


One of the most common flowers you’ll see out there are roses. Roses have always been a symbol of love. In other cultures, the rose is given to fair maidens for men to make public their devotion and admiration towards a lady. Because of the rose’s beauty, it has become a symbol a lot of women use.



















































The tattoo design you’ll see below did not just get a common rose and inked it on their ankle. Instead, this person shows their love for Beauty and the Beast to actually get a tattoo inspired by the Disney movie.


















If you’re tired of a soft and delicate rose, you can design it to have some edge. This rose tattoo looks like it was patterned to one of the glass designs of a church with the same color scheme.


















Or if one rose isn’t enough, then you can create a garden of roses that is just found everywhere on your calf and ankles.


















































Flowers and Vines

If you’re not into roses, don’t worry, there are lots of flowers out there that symbolize love, peace, purity, and even beauty. With at least a thousand different species of flowers, it’s impossible for you not to find one that catches your eye. But instead of having just the flower to occupy your ankle, you can use more space and fill it in with leaves and vines.
































































































































































































































































































Flowers + Other Elements

A great thing about flowers is that they go well with a lot of different elements. And even if they don’t look like they will match with other images, say, this compass and a bunch of flowers. They don’t look like a perfect match but they were designed as if they were always perfect complements.

















And what about this flower and clock?


















Or this unusual pairing that only the owner knows they a rose was paired to this flaming circle.















Keeping It Simple

If you want to magnify the beauty of a flower, you don’t always have to rely on the vines, roots, and the other elements. Sometimes, it’s just the flower that you need.

Take, for example, this forget-me-not bunch. The design is very simple, without any fuss, and it still was able to show a delicate and beautiful touch to it.

































And these flowers that were able to stand on their own.
















































































































































































Tattoo Ideas Perfect For The Summer

If you’re the typical island girl or the girl who has always felt alive visiting beaches and lounging underneath the golden sun, then summer-themed ankle tattoos will be your next best friend.

Take a look at these pineapple tattoos. They’re simple, yet you will almost always get a feel of that fresh sea breeze while drinking your pineapple juice. Even if pineapples don’t directly remind you of the beach, it has a certain freshness to it that makes you feel cool and summery.

































If pineapples aren’t your thing, you can have more obvious summer-themed tattoos. This tattoo shows a coconut tree and a surfboard perfect for those who love surfing with the waves.

































Or if you’re fond of diving and the deep blue sea, these human tattoos.

































Ankle Tattoo Ideas That Look Dynamic

Yes, tattoos are pretty static. Aside from being permanent, tattoos can look flat and 2-D most of the time. While some find this perfectly okay, others are looking for more movement and dimension in the tattoos they get. In this section, you’ll see tattoos that look like they’re moving or go beyond the tiny space of your ankles.


Rosary Tattoos

Rosary tattoos are one of those designs that you can’t just contain in your ankle area. If you try doing this, it simply looks bad and crammed that the image of the rosary gets crumpled up. If you really want to have a rosary tattoo in this area, you can get inspiration from a few designs here.






































You can also add different elements to your rosary tattoo. Here, you can see a rose incorporated into the design. If you want to make your rosary tattoo more personal, add elements that perfectly describe your experiences and your relationship with a rosary.


















Butterfly Tattoos

Birds aren’t the only ones that take flight. Butterflies do too, and they are beautiful. They can be designed in many different ways and if you want them colored, you can mix different colors and even get that gradient effect.

















Here are butterflies in plain black colors too.


































Even if butterflies are simple creatures and they easily die, butterflies are one of the most stunning creatures of nature. Rare butterflies range from a wide variety of colors and the rarer it is, the livelier their colors are. And if you didn’t know, butterflies are symbols of souls of people who have passed away. This belief is more predominant in Asian cultures.

Ribbon Tattoos

Ribbons may not fly on their own but when designed properly, they give a 3-D effect that beautifully shapes the calf and the ankles. Add that gloss and shine effect real ribbons have and you have a realistic band on your ankle that doesn’t look flat.






































































Henna-Inspired Tattoos

Henna tattoos aren’t like permanent tattoos. For one thing, henna tattoos are temporary and the reason it’s named as such is that the dye used in this kind of tattoo comes from the henna plant. Originally, the henna tattoo started in Ancient Egypt where women made use of tattoos to show their position in society.






















































Depending on the consistency and the time the dye has set on the skin, henna tattoos can last for a week until 5 weeks. While most henna tattoos look red as it is being applied, the color will turn a dark maroon once it is aired out.

















































































Henna tattoos are recommended for those who aren’t sure if they want permanent tattoos. Permanent tattoos once applied, will never get erased except when you undergo a series of treatments. These treatments are known to be painful and those who have taken them can attest that you don’t get a 100% tattoo removal. So, if it’s your first time to get a permanent tattoo, try considering henna tattoos first to know how it feels like to have a short-term tattoo.
















































As you can see with the permanent tattoos above, their henna-inspired design looks beautiful as they shape the ankle and the feet. In fact, henna tattoos are known to give off this vibe as they are similar to the designs made for anklets and bracelets.


Landscapes and Nature

Moving on to less feminine design, you have nature and landscapes. Nature has no gender even if Mother Earth is considered a “she”. The great thing about portraying nature and landscapes is that you don’t need to add a lot of color to it for it to be beautiful. The trick when portraying landscapes is to have the proper shadowing as you can see in the designs below.
















































































































A Sky Full Of Stars

Since landscapes and nature have proved to be great subjects for tattoos, why not starts too? Stars, although are always seen above, make for a subtle design on your ankle. As you can see with the designs below, that they can be used as additional accessories to your feet. For a more feminine touch, you can have colored stars or you can just have black outlines for simple effects.






























































Dainty Quote Ideas For Your Ankles

Just because your ankle has a very limited space doesn’t mean that you can’t have any words written there. The best kinds of quotes design on the ankle are those written in script as it gives a more sentimental feel to it. Take these word examples.

































































And if you don’t want a simple quote or word written on your ankle, maybe adding a few elements will help. This owl and rose design made this quote stand out better as compared to having them just written in script.






















On the other hand, this statement says a lot more even if it’s just made of two words.


















The Best Minimalist Tattoos

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like ruffles, dainty patterns, and too many elements crowding your main tattoo design, then minimalist tattoos are for you. Minimalist tattoos, in the simplest of terms, are a “no-fuss” tattoo design style.

Take this arrow designs. These arrows may be simple, but they carry with it deep meanings. Arrows are symbols of directions and guidance and they can also mean conflict.



































Another thing to note is that you can also have meaningless tattoos. To some, attaching deep and complex meanings to a tattoo is overrated, so they’ve chosen to just randomly put an image they are fond of. Here are some of those.


















































































Detailed Tattoo Inspirations

So minimalism isn’t for you, and you find yourself wanting a tattoo that has patterns and details. What tattoo inspirations can you choose from?

This leopard pattern is simple in its details, but when you apply it on the skin, it definitely creates an over-the-top effect. No need to put stockings when you have this one!


















And for other detailed images, you can have dolls, dream catchers, and even a mixed image of an arrow, a clock, and a compass. But don’t forget that as you create your own complex ankle tattoo design, you want to have their symbolism coherent with each other. You want them to create a story in that sense.



































































If you are fond of cartoon characters, then these designs might take you back to your childhood.
































































Non-Feminine Ankle Tattoo Designs For Your Masculine Side

Not all girls want to have very feminine tattoos. Besides, the ankle itself is a feminine tattoo placement, so why make the tattoo really girly? If you’re looking for inspiration, you can use these designs.































































































Because ankle tattoos are really just based on placement, you can put any kind of design in this area. Just remember that if you have a low pain tolerance, this might not be an ideal place for your first tattoo since there’s a lot of bones here. But if you’re up for the pain, then why not?

What do you think?

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