155 Black Hairstyles – Going Back to Basics never felt so exciting!

With a wide range of black hairstyles that are available, finding the right style that suits one can be a challenge. Before you settle for any style, one needs to take into consideration the facial structure and other facial features. If you are considering a black hairstyle that brings out that trendy outlook then the below one is ideal.

Majority of the people have black hair however the quality of the hair tends to vary. As you settle for black hairstyles, ensure that you choose a style that also suits the hair structure.

Sassy Black hairstyles

Black hair color is one of the common hair colors around the world. Despite the quality and texture of the hair color, it can be styled in a way that’s quite appealing. The hairstyle below looks adorable with the curly layers enhancing the wearer’s outlook.

Black hair is overly authentic hence can look good in different stylings. The hairstyle below works just perfectly whether voluminous or not. It is classy and the styling brings out a radiant look. It is also easy to maintain.

There are many different ways to style black hairstyles and curling is one of the most beautiful ways to do it. The hair pops out in a nice way and the overall look appears sleek. Curled black hair is easy to style as well and needs low cost to no cost maintenance.

Braids are a great hairstyle on most women. Black braids to be more particular are such a bold statement in general. Long black braids like the ones shown below are chic and comfortable too. They are easy to style and go well with any outfit.

Black curly hairstyles.

This black hairstyle is so feminine and very modern. The color is good for the hairstyle because when moisturized, the look appears more glossy making it always seem to be new. It is preferable to keep the hairstyle short to make it more beautiful.

This is a perfect and classy way to style natural black African hair. The look is sophisticated and over the top. It may look voluminous but it is very comfortable. This is a very nice way to style natural hair.

The full fluffy top that forms a bun-like shape makes the look pop. It’s also well making the whole thing gorgeous. Black hairstyles are not only simple but also quite appealing. It is more comfortable for those with very full and dense hair.

Amazing plaitings that are well done and twisting them enhance that stylish look. The black hairstyle color makes them look glossy and sleek. Such a black hairstyle is not only simple but also fun. It’s preferable for those whose natural hair is not strong enough though its perfect for anyone.

Adorable black hairstyles

This hairstyle is so bold and very chic. The afro look that has been curled up is modern and the varying lengths of the hair bring out some authenticity to it. It is good for anyone.


Flawless black hairstyles.

The streamlined or flattened hairstyles are so superb. They may look so simple and plain but when properly styled they look awesome. The style is suitable for those that prefer simple but classy hairstyles. This look is just flawless and also brings attention to the facial features.

These braided simple feed-in braids are beautiful and so easy to maintain. They are easily styled though they still look good when laid freely down. If you are looking for a simple yet trendy style then consider the one below.

Curled and glossy black hair looks gorgeous. The hairstyle works even better with children because it brings out a nice and young feminine look that is so adorable. It is mainly suitable for those with voluminous hair. The curly hairstyle looks adorable on the baby.

Thick side plaits are such a big statement, they are very chic and so stylish. Hair color also plays a big role in such a look and black color is just more than perfect for this type of look. The hairstyle is easy to maintain, an added advantage.

A mixture of black and other colors to a hairstyle always brings a popping look. An amazing look is shown below that is a blend of black and red colors, the addition of the beads also makes it look bolder. Braids also helps with protecting the hair and ideal for short hair.

Top bun black hairstyles.

A super sleek look that will definitely turn heads and make one comfortable. The hairstyle is so simple yet so glamorous at the same time. The color is perfect for it not forgetting the styling of the hair. The raised ponytail holds the hair nicely in place and also makes the style pop in a cool way.

Cool black hair looks.

Such a classy look with the bulge at the center and the coiling of the rest looking adorable. The black hairstyle brings out such a nice and bold look altogether. It can also be pulled off all, even the elderly and middle-aged women. This is obviously beautiful.

Flowy and plain hairstyles like this one may seem to not look classy enough but actually, they are a show stopper. This is simple to deal with and works for all types of faces, whether narrow or wide-faced. The look is definitely gorgeous.

Braids always look good on anyone. Those that are blended with other colors most especially bring out a stunning look. These braids can be styled in many different ways and still look good. Although when left to laid back, it also shows the simplicity and a daring feel.

Plaits are beautiful more when styled in uncommon ways. This look is bold and the side laid ponytail makes it look even more elevated. It is definitely a hairstyle to turn heads. The black color is mostly preferred for this hairstyle.

Magnificent blended black hairstyles

Faux locs are overly beautiful. These are blended with brown and black colors making them look authentic and sophisticated in a unique way. Styling them is quite simple and can also be done in many different ways.

Black hairstyles.

These are many beautiful hairstyles that are authentic and can be worn by all women. These are chic and so gorgeous, the styles are modern and easy to maintain and so flamboyant. With a varied range of styles that suit all types of black hairstyles, there is definitely a style to choose from.

Front laces of the hair are obviously chic. They make the overall hairstyle appear fabulous and young. The black color just adds some pop to the whole look. Such hairstyles are so flexible though they look better laid down.

These twists are so beautiful. Their short length is perfect for them. The hairstyle is voluminous and that is its signature trait. The varying lengths make it appear chic and so nice with the voluminous nature of the hair also adding to the intricate outlook.

Alternating thick and thin plaits look so sleek and is also a great way to enhance the overall outlook. This look is edgy and so classy. The styling is also over the top and definitely look good on anyone because its unique.

Short bob styles are great and easy to handle. The black hairstyle is also so gorgeous. The styling of the short bob looks are so many and all look great. This one is quite bulky at the front and that is definitely a bold look.

Simple and classic black hairstyles

A mix of plaits and curls just makes everything look so nice. The one shown below is not an exception as the lines are neatly done and they look amazing in general. The hairstyle curves the facial structure beautifully with the curly layers bringing out a voluminous outlook.

Patterns elevate a look to the maximum with the hairstyle below looking epic. This particular one is much more elated because it contains a variety of styles. There are patterns, blending of colors and all are done in a way that enhances the styles outlook.  These things make the look awesome and a go-to look for anyone.

Beads make the hair look nice and provide a great way to accessorize the hairstyle. From the colorful beads to the braid curves, accessories can add some glam to the style. The hairstyle shown below is well styled and the addition of the colored beads makes it pop even much better. This is superb.

Classic Black Hairstyles Ideas

The flowy plain hairstyle looks great. This one is a great look for those who prefer a simple laid back look that is easy to handle and chic as well. Apart from the glowing nature of the black hairstyle, it also frames the face in such a magical way.

Quite voluminous but fun and chic. This kind of look is nice for all and an advantage is that it can also be styled in many different ways. This is awesome and worth trying out if you have the length to go with it. The style also enhances the facial features in such a dynamic way.

Such curls enlighten the hair in general. The curls are thin and are dense to produce a much fuller look that is outstanding. This is a nice one for all interested in looking chic with a large amount of hair on their heads.

Braids will never get old. The ones shown below are just great and ideal for all women since they are so flexible and beautiful. The thick braids are most preferred because they are much easier to keep and also to take care off.

Best Black hairstyles

Twists that are thick and this awesome will always be a show stopper. They are glossy and they will, of course, boost one’s confidence. Twists are easy to keep and manage as well. These look great and also worth trying out.

Colored twists are awesome with the addition of highlights also enhancing the outlook. These are curled and styled in a manner to be left flowy all through to the bottom producing a top look. This is simply lovely and classy.

Wavy patterns make the hair look gorgeous and unique. The one below is one of them, the alternated thick and thin lines look superb, the good thing about the hairstyle is that it lasts long and it does not lose its beauty as long as it is well taken care of.

Clear and well-done braids are awesome. Laces can be added to make the look even more catchy. This particular style is simple and flamboyant all at the same time. It is also flexible and can be styled in many ways.

A blend of different colors is always a great way to make a bold step with braid hairstyles. The one below is beautiful and brings out amazing colorful themes all at the same time. This is so magical.

Magnificent Black Hairstyles

This hairstyle is a great one for those with dense hair. It is well sidelined and so nice. The appearance is glossy and over the top as well. It is a go-to look for career women most especially. The voluminous side part also brings a cool dimension to the style.

Such an amazing look for anyone. This is sleek enough and so simple, it is also easy to handle. Can be worn by women of all ages and can also work for all face types. Its length is just perfect for it.

Short black and well-styled hair look gorgeous. This awesome look is flawless and makes such a great statement in all ways. This can totally work for anybody.

Medium sized braids are so chic. When started out as plaits they look even much better. The hairstyle is mostly worn by teenagers or young people in general because it has a unique young look to it and that makes is so special.

These are definitely great for all women. The long length of the crotcheted locks suits this kind of hairstyle even better. It is easy to maintain and style as well.

Classic Black Hairstyles

Perfect for brides, this look is great because it is so sleek and sophisticated. It may look as if there is too much going on but that is what makes the hairstyle unique. The back is held up in the form of a kinda messy bun and that is just perfect.

Patterns are a great way to make a hairstyle more beautiful, they add a nice pop to each look. The one below is not an exception, the interlocking patterns have made the hairstyle look so complex and unique. Patterns on hair are definitely a tryout.

Styles make a certain hairstyle look at its best, the one shown below is one great style that makes them look so beautiful. Lines added to the hair bring out an amazing style altogether.

Mermaid-like hair is a complete show stopper. The blend of colors is the main signature ark for these types for hairstyles. The styling is chic and sophisticated as well.

Locks are good looking especially when kept clean and styled nicely. The one below is such a great look, it is authentic and can be styled in several ways, even the addition of accessories makes it look great.

Adorable Black Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles look good on most people. The one below is styled in such a way that the front is curved to one side and quite dense and the back is well laid all the way down. The style is obviously a head turner.

Braids that very thick and also looks awesome. They are also easy to maintain and are better when styled going downwards though can also work when styled in other ways. The patterned partings between the braids add some nice pop to the look.

Plain hair just like that may look boring but when some chic styling is added, the whole thing becomes a top look and a sure party stopper. Such a look is simple and easy to deal with.

An elated look with all the beautifully done hair that is half parted and the ponytail well coiled and placed on one side. The look is a great one brought out by black hairstyles mostly, this is great and perfect for all women.

Thick well-coiffed black braids look amazing. The partitions in between the braids are also great and they make the handling of the hairstyle much easier. This look is fly and great for anyone.

Streamlined properly and let to lay back, this is perfectly well achieved by black hairstyles. This is for sure sleek and can be rocked so nicely by anyone who would like to try this on.

Ironed and well styled to look flirty yet chic and mature. Black hairstyles are good at bringing out such great looks. This is, of course, perfect for anyone and it is so easy to keep, it is also good for all events and looks good in all outfits.

Sassy Black Hairstyles

The front part is well coiled to the bottom and the hair itself is so glossy. The other part of the hair is pushed to the back and placed beautifully as well. This is flamboyant in all ways and is suitable for those who admire such unique styles.

Small patterns have been added to make the hairstyle pop out more from its norm look. The rest of the hair has been well put up and held in a bun. This makes it appear neat and elegant. Definitely perfect for all events.

Inter-locking of the upper hair is a major step. This one looks so awesome and irresistible. The parted hair that has been styled separately from the other produces a much-sophisticated look and that is also a great leap.

So glossy and chic at the same time. The hairstyle is magical and amazing. It is for sure easy to keep and manage. Whoever may be looking for a simple but amazing look should try this out and rock it.

A combo of beads and the bun shaped hairstyle is a definite go to look. This is perfect for any ocassion and can look great on all women. Beads just make the whole thing pop out, even more, making it keep away dullness.

Braided Black Hairstyles

One of the many black hairstyles is long braids. They are so beautiful and so authentic such that they will never become boring. Another added advantage is that they can be styled in many ways and still pull off each look.

Color speaks a lot about the hairstyle. The one below is one great one that indicates that this is a bold look.  The curls just make the whole thing so much better. Its full nature contributes to making the face fuller and better.

Such a nice combo for well done and neat plaited lines going backward. This is definitely a bold look for anyone and is so simple yet sleek. It is overall awesome.

Short black hairstyles are overall awesome. They are easy to handle and chic at the same time. When some color is added to them, the whole thing becomes so elated that the style becomes more attractive.


These are such nice black hairstyles that will look so amazing on one’s head. They are styled differently and the styles look gorgeous, these can be tried out by all and will still look great.

Tying of the hair at the back is an awesome way to take care of long hair. Tying the hair holds it nicely in place and enhances the voluminous outlook. The bun formed at the back of the hair makes the hairstyle to look neat and well kept. It is also easier to handle when all tied up.

Best Black Hairstyle Ideas

At the front, it has been side parted on both sides in equal halves just to add some pop to the look. This is great for anyone who enjoys having free hair most of the time.  The styling also adds some life to the free laid hair and the mid-part makes the style to stand out.

Black hairstyles are overly amazing. This one below is curled from the start to the bottom. The cutting makes the hair fuller and voluminous. Stuff such as head scarfs is just amazing accessories to add to enhance the already perfect look.

Those that say natural black hair does not look good on its own are mistaken. The hairstyle shown below is an example of one of those well styled black hairstyles. Black hairstyles when styled properly, are definitely a show stopper anywhere. The thick layered hair with the voluminous raised bun looks magnificent.

Fabulous black hairstyles

Whether it is weave or a wig or even just natural hair, this is with no doubt a top look for all women. The look is fantastic and it makes a bold statement with the from short hair above the forehead, black hairstyles bring this out so nicely as well as other types of hairstyles.

The look is an amazing one. It is magical with the styling and the appearance of the hairstyle is glossy. This glossiness is usually brought well with black hairstyles. The one shown is easy to style in several ways and is definitely a hairstyle to consider trying out.

Fluffy hair like this one is great. It can be worn by both the young and old at large because of its permanent authentic natural outlook. It is so sleek and does not require much attention. This is just beautiful.

Coiled and short black hairstyles such as the one below are popping in general. They are not tiresome nor bulky, rather they are light and easy to take care of. Such hairstyles are fixed so they do not need frequent styling.  The hairstyle is ever trendy and they never get boring even with the permanent style. This is a thumbs up.

Bob like looks is so daring. They come out so nicely when well done and placed. The one below has some nice cuts that make it easy for the face to brighten out as well. Black hairstyles like this one are so sleek and can be used in many ways as well.

Cute black hairstyles

Definitely such an authentic style and super sophisticated as well. The color used is also great and the sidelines that fall to the front just make the whole hairstyle look fly. This is for sure one style to try out.

Thin curly hair is so elegant. The long length of the hairstyle is good though it can also look great when short or of medium length. The hairstyle is for sure stunning and is easy to handle. It can also be worn by all women.

Streamlined hair is just perfect. When styled like the one below that has been parted in half, is even better. It is definitely easy to take care of and can is good for all events. the hairstyle looks adorable with the layered length curving the face beautifully.

The locks are curled at the ends and that makes them look so edgy and over the top. They are authentic and can be styled in many ways and also left to just lie backward. So easy to take care of and they last longer.

Magnificent Black Hairstyles

It may look quite messy, but this is in a stylish way. This is perfect for all. The back part of the hair can be held up using a pin or hair clip. It is stylish and beautiful.

Waived broad curls on plain hair are awesome. The overall hairstyle is gorgeous. This may appear mature it is, in a chic way though. It will definitely raise confidence in anyone wearing it. The length of the hairstyle is another thing that makes it stand out in a cute way.

Afro looks are great and when crotcheted they look even better. The following look is voluminous but so elegant. It is perfect for all events and can totally be rocked by all women. The black hairstyle is also thick and brings out the facial features beautifully.

The brown color looks great on any hair. This hairstyle is perfect for all ages. Styles are several for such black hairstyles with the one below looking sleek. It also has a slight cut at the center and a midpart at the front which makes it look so beautiful.

Half parted plain laid hair is so appealing to the eye. This look is great for anyone who would like to try it out. It is also simple and can be taken care of easily. Remember to relax your hair and moisturize it if you are to attain that gloss outlook.

Elegant black hairstyles for women

Such a flamboyant and chic look. It can definitely be rocked by all ages. The look may appear quite old but its definitely gonna turn heads on the streets. The black color is the best for the hairstyle with the curly layers bringing back cool memories of the 60s.

Slightly curled hair looks so flawless and edgy in a beautiful way. The following hairstyle is easy to take care of and another advantage is that it can be styled in quite numerous ways. It can also last long if well taken care of. The side part is another thing that makes this black hairstyle to look adorable.

Plain laid back hair looks very nice, they can, however, be styled in many different ways and still look great. The one below has been added some color and that is a great way to add some pop to the look. The color combination also blends well and brings out such a magnificent outlook.

Looks like this one is great. This hairstyle resembles dreadlocks that are clean and new and so very catchy. The partings between the hair are good making it easy to take care of the hairstyle. This style works well with both short and long hair and the braids bring out a magnificent outlook.

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