Chic Vibe Evolution Of Bob Haircuts [125 Images and Tutorial]

Bob’s the name, short hair- don’t care styling is the game

The bob haircut is an easy to manage, fun, and chic hairstyle. It easily takes off age from your face. But did you know that this humble short haircut was an embodiment of breaking from tradition? It introduced freedom in the hairdressing industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, society was ridiculously stringent about social status. How you should dress and do your hair can either make or break your life, —that’s how serious it was to cut off your locks.

The chic evolution of bob haircuts simply relies on the proper length and the texture of your hair. It’s easy to play with it, style it in different ways without taking a lot of time and effort. Apart from the comfort it provides, the hairstyle pretty much can fit any personality. What it is particular about is the shape of the face. If you feel like you can pull off this edgy short hairstyle, see the different bobs below to dispel your fear of short hair styling.

Remains A Timeless Hairstyle

We don’t need to be a kid at heart, but there should be a part of us that will remain young. To give a bit of sense to the “youthful glow,” our outlook in life deserves a bit youthful splash. Like having the shingle bob haircut, one of the A-List in terms of hair fashion that gives you a sense of fulfillment, whether you shape overweight or thinly, bob cut will suit your style and of course boost your confidence level.

A Bit Of A Look Back To This Sassy Haircut

Accounts show that having a short bob cut hairstyle started way back in 1909. A hairdresser who hails from Poland created the style. It became one of the hottest fashion haircuts until now. Antoni Cierplikowski made the iconic cutting edge style in France which became a revolution credited to his salon, the Antoine De Paris. The bob cut made an impact and became the look for Joan of Arc.

One notable celebrity who made headlines in having a bob cut hairstyle is a French actress Polaire. Apart from her famous tiny corseted waist, she started the sleek short hair too in 1910. It became a hit during the world war I, wherein women mimic her looks and give them comfort while working. But, what was considered rebellious cosmetic makeshift made its first foray into public awareness in 1915.

In the early 20th-century style icon and ballroom dancer Irene Castle was and famously glamorous social figure in London and Paris, Lady Diana Cooper are also the leading celebrities who contributed to the bob trend. In fact, Irene’s blunt, just-below-the-ears hairstyle was so popular hairdressers named it “Castle bob.” A series of bob cut trend followed, springing from royalties down to celebrities who find independence on it.

As the style gained mass appeal, hairdressers came up with ideas to make the cropped hairstyle less androgynous. Sophisticated styles from the old were merged with bobs. The marcel waves , finger wave, shingle bob,and Eton crop are among them. Leaving the heavy Edwardian-style hair finally gave birth to a few more bob hybrids asserting that the hairstyle will not stop trending.

Bob Hairstyle’s Iconic Influence; Era Of The Flappers

What are the Flappers? They are Western women in the 1920s who, unlike the traditional conservative women, sports short skirts, bobbed their hair, smoked, and enjoy Jazz music. The bob’s mainstream was such a fashion trendsetter it became status quo and caused heads to turn. From sporty, the cropped look transformed into a playful, gender-bending signature of the Jazz Age.

The bobby pins would never have existed without the “bob cut” or “bobbed hair” taking hold in the WWII. It was invented to hold the new bobbed hairstyles in the 1920s, making clipping action quicker for short dos. The headband was also a popular element for bobbed hair. It was worn over the forehead like how Lady Diana Cooper beautifully does it as an added embellishment to flaunt the blunt cut.

The cloche hat was also an important style accessory during the Jazz Age. The close-fitting hat was made to complement the bob cut hairstyle, especially the Eton crop. The cloche hat may have updated its style through the years that followed, but it is still a very popular summer hat up to this day for bob cuts.

The Bob’s Epic Revival

At the height of its popularity, the bob cut hairstyle deliberately progressed down. Many hairstyles began to rise in the salon business. Yet, the bob cut became a word again in the mid-1960’s when Vidal Sasson resurrected the style with a simpler cut but more stylish. The haircut matured supplemental amongst the rising fashion designers at that era. More apparel collections were created to match the different versions of the bob.

Some of the famous entertainment icons who sported this hairstyle are Afro-Americans. Diana Ross, The Supremes, and The Marvelettes are amongst its biggest influencers. The bob cut was found a perfect match to women’s hat trend on that era, complementing into the sharp modern look we knew today.

Looking at how it evolved in the following decades. Among who stood up with the hair trend and became iconic are the Swing Out Sisters, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Cindy Lauper in the 80’s. This trend was reinvented and added more punk during those times. From different hair colors up to gaudy styling until it graced into an in-demand fashion magazine cover.

In the movies, there hasn’t been any girl or woman who sports this look on screen. In fact, the bob cut never went missing. There’s always one female character who pulls off the sleek do! Who can forget the 1994 classic hit Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino? Hollywood superstar, Uma Thurman gave the famous haircut a whip, which left a trademark in the beauty industry.

At the hype of pop culture in early 2000, more celebrities were hooked by the haircut and turned into a bob cut fan. Throughout Rihanna’s career, the singer and fashion designer’s Angular bob in her 2007 music hit “Umbrella” was the most famous. The rebellious, edgier shorter look gave her a major break in the music scene as well as in the fashion world. Madonna’s ever-changing looks never turned down the said hairstyle in many of her performances.

Fat Women CAN Have Short Hair

There’s this common misconception that fat women should not have short hair. We get it. Women are advised to keep the long hair to hide chubby cheeks. Perhaps, the fact that there are slim women with chubby cheeks is somewhat overlooked? Women cut their hair short as a personification of a journey, and shouldn’t be taken as a beauty crime.

When it comes to hairstyle, the shape of the face plays an important role to look flattering. But, it’s never about being fuller-figured woman. So, yes, chubbies can have bob cut hairstyle. British star Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson (before her weightloss.) They all been chubby for years, and yet, not even once they failed to rock bobs like a pro!

From Long To Bob, —An After Breakup Hairstyle?

Throughout history, across all countries, for women, hair a direct association with beauty and youthfulness of women. That’s how important hair is, which is why cutting it off is a personal revolution that means cutting off the old and starting new.

In some accounts, many women feel uninspired from long hair and transitions to bob cut. But, women don’t usually just cut their hair for no good reason at all unless they undergo some personal issues, like a breakup. And most of us are probably not even aware how much energy a hair holds.

For many, it’s a statement or uses it to tease and entice. Others consider their hair as a security blanket. But, for many, their represents the big changes or a leap of faith that they want for themselves. Furthermore, a sign of a relationship that just ended, —a direct correlation, maybe?

But still many find it unprecedented. For many who are looking for some changes in their looks and how it will add more impact to their choice of outfits and to different occasions. Having a bob cut hairstyle is like a common thing nowadays because of many things women do in order to look good.

Bob cut is as mere as wash and wear unlike how some people perceive it. It’s not intimidating to style. Let alone that it doesn’t require so much drama in donning it with accessories. Although, in its first trend accessories were designed to complement the short hair. There are myriad of ways to add some pop into your personal style. Whether it’s your choice of ensembles, the jewelry you wear or the footwear just to have that self-fulfillment.

Bob And It’s Descendants

The free-spirited bob cut is a truncated bunt with bangs. The idea of chopping your hair like it is a bit tricky, or terrifying for some. The fact that the cut is more head-hugging, the trend is often set only by the ‘superstars.’ Nonetheless, its definite edge is the emphasis it yields on the face. Just like Kate Blanchette‘s inverted coiffure with fringe bangs in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008.

From the word ‘bobbed,’ it literally means to make a quick short movement up or down. It’s not only a haircut for women, but men occasionally go for this typical straight cut around the head. Usually cut at a jaw or ear level, sometimes above shoulders, or what is popularly known ‘bunt bob.’ The Inca men sported bobbed hair, that’s long before women in the 1920’s abandoned the puritanical standards of Victorian life!

Bobs have three major cuts, asymmetrical or inverted bob, shingle bob, and chin-length bob. Followed by its individual subtypes and so on! Below are the types of bobs you can choose as your go-to for a fresh new cut!

Cleopatra Bob

I think no one else rocks this iconic fluffy bob better than the British songstress Jesse J, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. The hairstyle echoes the Egyptian queens, and in this modern era, there are ways to add flair on the cut. You could add statement sunglasses, girly tied bandanas, and/or edgy lipstick. Or Christina Aguilera‘s Cleo bob with a fringe that brings a seductive peek-a-boo effect.

A-Line Bob

The A-line bob is perhaps the most popular bob cut nowadays. It’s a layered bob cut that gives any face shape the soft framing look because it maximizes movement. Since it is short at the back and long in the front, the flow is somewhat dramatic. If you are in doubt in chopping your long hair but want short hair, this is an excellent trade-off between long and short hair.

Sleek Bob

The sharp and shiny sleek bob has this clean, classic style. Yet it feels more futuristic that will remind you of dystopian science fiction. It’s the perfect bob cut for women with naturally straight hair. If you do and you’re thinking of going for the chop but want to test the water first, the sleek bob is the easiest way to see if a shorter style will suit you. Why not?!

Wavy Bob

For some reason when I see a wavy bob, Alexa Chung and Charlize Theron are the first women that come to my mind. Queen B also pulled off this bob, but Chung and Theron slayed it! It’s such a fun and carefree bob hairstyle that adds some flirty bounce to your locks. It might just be the push you need to finally go for the chop. If you already have wavy lob, switch up to the shorter one!

Textured Bobs

If you’re looking for a bob cut that is liberating, edgier, and very much Instagrammable, choose a textured bob. Whether you go for a shaggy bob with side bangs or the two-tiered type, it’s a special twist from a regular bob! Check out supermodel Rosie Huntington’s sexy bob hairstyle. It sets the example of the best-textured bob.

Curly Bob

If long curls are gorgeous, so as it’s the short version! For curly ladies looking for a sexy, sweet hairstyle, no chic bobs are chicier than a stunning curly bob. Chop off the bulk at the back and make the front longer. Curly bob looks fresh and stunning in an A-line cut. Especially, if it has the glossy shine and definition! Find your best curl cream to keep the texture and definition all day.

Bob With Shaved Side

Want a beautiful, audacious bob without going for a tomboy-cut? The idea of going straight for a super short haircut is already daunting. How much more if you shave a part of your head? Here’s another short hair inspo you can go for, —the Shaved Bob! It’s simply an asymmetric bob shaved on the side parting a voluminous side swept.

Tilt Bob

There’s something incredibly flattering and sexy about the asymmetrical bob cut. The way the longer front hair drapes around the neck touching the collarbone. It is best defined as a dreamy version of the sides wept, especially, the long bob with extreme tilt in front. Adding highlights would even spruce it up even more. The way the longer hair flows smoothly on the front.

Braided Bob

The 90s super cool and modern braided bob is back! Braided bob is the perfect mix of vintage and modern. What’s great about the ever-trendy braids is it looks good on all face shapes and blends with many hairstyles. If your round face discourages you to chop your hair short, wearing a center-parted braided bob can easily provide an illusion of a smaller face.

Pixie Bob

Pixie hairstyle is a diverse crop that has hit the big screens since the 1950s. Through the years it fused with other hairstyles, but nothing stood out of the crowd more than is the Pixie Bob. Bobs are often sharp lines, but there are also softer alternatives available. Any woman with a nice jawline and neck will look good in a pixie bob. From Hermione Granger to a red-carpet superstar! Emma Watson rocked this hairstyle. So as the badass Australian beauty, Ruby Rose.

Stacked Bob

Looking to switch up your basic bob? Why not bob your straight hair with some extra dimension? The famous 1960’s sexy layered hairdo remains a trend! Stacked bob draws attention because of its voluminous, rounded shape at the back. It’s comparable to graduated bob, but the layers at the back have a more curved body. Give your stacked bob an extra whip with some wispy layers or choppy styles on the front.

Adding Colors To Your Bob

Apart from the multiple variations of bob hairstyle, the ruling the short hair look even more amazing with dimensional, multi-tonal hair color! It’s as incredibly flattering and playful. Whether you like it a bit slightly tousled and undone or a subtle balayage or highlights.

Why subtle balayage is a suggested choice? You don’t really need to make drastic changes to add some pop to your bob. It’s a fun style that is also easier to manage. The highlighting only applies to certain parts of the hair. It gives you more control over how much shading you want to incorporate while keeping it enjoyable!

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