Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Every pet owner wants to treat their pet to the best meals, from regular foods to fruits. The aim is to see that their pet grows strong and healthy.

However, dog owners feed their canines a wide range of food because their pet are not very selective. For this reason, some people feed their dogs oranges as a source of vitamin C. But is it safe for canines to eat them?

Are Fruits Safe for Dogs

Yes, canines can eat oranges. Fruits are a safe vitamin source for pets, and their benefits far outweigh any disadvantage they may have. More than just vitamin C, fruits provide a wide range of nutrients that animal’s needs. However, veterinarians advise that they should be fed to pets in regulated quantities to avoid adverse effects.

Nutritional Benefits of Citrus  

The different vitamins and minerals present in citrus boost the health of your canine generally.


Orange is a good source of vitamin C for dogs. Vitamin c, which is the primary vitamin present in citrus, is known for fighting free radicals. Hence it is called an antioxidant. These free radicals, if not combated, will damage body cells. The same happens to your pet. In addition, vitamin c is an immune booster; it fights inflammation and even cancer in animals.

Healthy Heart

If you have a pet suffering from an abnormal heartbeat, which is usually caused by a low potassium level, feeding it citrus is an excellent way to keep it healthy. Oranges contain potassium needed by your pup, especially the aging ones. Apart from its effect on the heart, potassium also ensures proper muscle functioning and a healthy GIT.

Healthy Digestion and Cholesterol Control 

The high soluble fiber content of citrus positively affects the gut. It allows the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and also regulates the excretion of fecal matter. Also, they are low in fat. Therefore, a low-fat plus high-fiber combination is ideal for controlling cholesterol levels in your pet. Other nutritional contents of citrus include vitamin A, vitamin B6, natural sugar, and magnesium. You can find more here on how to promote better digestion for when you feed your pup.

Oranges Can Be Bad for Your Dog

Even though it is generally safe to feed dog fruits, veterinarians advise that this should be done in small quantity because dogs produce their vitamins. So, if there is a need to supplement with fruits, you should do so in a regulated amount.

Regulation of the amount of fruit given to your pup is essential. Oranges are rich in fiber; giving too much of it to your pet will affect its digestion, especially if your pooch has a sensitive stomach. Also, giving too much to an animal with diabetes is terrible because the natural sugar content will worsen the condition.

How Much is Too Much?

We have stated severally that you should avoid giving too many citric acids to your pup. For this reason, fruits are often used as treats. Unfortunately, this also prevents you from substituting your dog’s regular meal with oranges. According to veterinarians, treats should not contain more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories. This will interpret to about 1-3 orange segments for most dogs.

Orange Peels and Seeds

While it is safe to feed animals the actual orange fruit, the same cannot be said for its peel and seed. Therefore, when feeding fruits to your canine, make sure to peel them thoroughly and remove all seeds.

The peels do not precisely contain toxins, but they do not digest easily and, as such, can cause intestinal obstruction in your pup. Also, orange peels typically contain oil which can trigger stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea in your dog. Moreover, some oranges may have been exposed to pesticides before you bought them, which is not suitable for animals.

The seeds should also be removed before feeding your pup because these seeds, like those of many citric fruits, contain traces of cyanide. Even though nothing may happen to your pet when it swallows a seed, continuously eating the seeds will cause cyanide to build up in your dog’s system, resulting in health problems. Also, the seeds of orange can choke your furry companion if care is not taken.

Ways You Can Feed Orange to Your Dog

Fresh fruits, either bought or plucked, are the best forms to serve them to your dog. Make sure you peel it entirely and remove all seeds. It is better to feed them in segments so that they do not consume too much at a time.

You can further spice things up for your pet by putting the slices into a salad made from other vegetables and fruits that are safe for your pooch to eat. You can find more on this page on how best to feed canines.

Orange Juice and Other Citrus Fruits

The fruit is safe for animals, but orange juice is not. They contain a high concentration of natural sugar without the needed soluble fibers to balance it up. Since dogs produce their vitamins, serving them orange juice is unnecessary. If your pet is dehydrated, give it water. It is much better and healthier than juice.

Apart from oranges, canines can eat other citrus fruits such as tangerine, lemon, grape, and lime. They are equally very beneficial. However, some of these fruits are very acidic, while some are sweet. You may need to discuss with your veterinarian to know which fruit is good for your pup and in what quantity.



Healthy feeding gives a healthy pet. You must feed your pup and do it right if you want to have a healthy pup. One of the ways to balance their diet is to feed them fruits. Citrus are a good source of vitamin C for pooches when there is a need to supplement. However, it would help if you had them in moderation, as excessive eating of citrus can negatively impact your dog.

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