150 Chest Tattoo Themes That Make Men Look Desirable

Men can do a lot of things for them to look more desirable. They can get their hair done, they can work hard for muscles, and they can even don that dapper look. But there is another thing that makes women go weak at the knees – it’s chest tattoos.


What Are Chest Tattoos?

Chest tattoos are any kind of tattoos placed on the chest. If you will notice the photos at the start of this post, you’ll see that most of the people who get chest tattoos are men. One of the reasons why this is so is because the chest is a very masculine tattoo placement as compared to the hips, shoulders, and ankles.



Take a look at these tattoos. Most of them are placed strategically on the chest. Some are placed right at the middle, while some are at the breast area and extending to the shoulders. For larger tattoos that are longer in width, it’s advisable to have them placed right in the center.


This tattoo is just placed on one side. Even if it only occupies half of your chest, it is also considered as a chest tattoo.

Are Chest Tattoos Painful?

When you’re planning to get a tattoo, one of the first questions you’ll ask is if it’s painful. You will either consult Google or ask your friends about how painful getting a tattoo on the chest, or a tattoo in general is.

Some of your friends will tell you that it was painful. Some will tell you that they barely felt a thing. Although these things are helpful, the pain you will feel will always go down on your pain tolerance. If you don’t know what pain tolerance means, it simply refers to your ability to withstand certain pain.

Now pain tolerance has different levels. That is why some people will tell you that a chest tattoo is going to hurt while some will tell you that it won’t. However, compared to other tattoo placements, a chest tattoo shouldn’t hurt as much.


Another reason why a chest tattoo will hurt is if you are thin. More muscle tissue and fats on the chest mean that you have more cushion that separates the skin from your bones and veins.

There’s also another reason why a chest tattoo can hurt. If your tattoo is placed right above the breast and just below the collarbone, then it won’t be as painful. However, if your tattoo reaches the collarbone, then there will definitely be at least a small amount of pain. Take a look at this tattoo.

The picture above shows that the tattoo extends up to the neck. If your tattoo placement is something like this photo, then you really have to be able to endure pain. The collarbone itself is a painful tattoo placement because it’s so close to the bone that you can even see the bone sticking out. The same goes for the neck.


The tattoo above shows that the chest tattoo also covers the neck. Like the collarbone, the neck is going to be a very painful area for a tattoo given that the skin is thin and there are a lot of nerves in this section. This is quite similar to putting a tattoo above your spine because the area is full of nerves and it will be very sensitive.

On the other hand, a tattoo that extends to the shoulder and arms isn’t that painful. Like your chest, the arms are a relatively muscular part of the body. This tattoo extends to the whole arms and as you can see, there’s enough muscle to keep you from being in pain.


What To Consider When Getting A Chest Tattoo

So you’ve already decided to get a tattoo on your chest area. What should you do next? Here are a few things to consider first.

1. Is this your first tattoo?

If it is, then you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a painful tattoo. By now, you already know how painful a chest tattoo can be, but you also have to know that it will be extra painful if it’s your first time.

If you haven’t had a tattoo before, it’s recommended to start with simple and small tattoos so you can slowly get a feel of what it’s like to have a tattoo on your chest. Take this tattoo for example.

It’s highly recommended to start with a simple tattoo where there are barely any details. It’s also wise to place them in an area that has a lot of muscle, ideally, just above the breast and below the collarbone. The tattoo below is another example of a simple and less-detailed design for first-timers.

If you’re wondering what the transparent covers are, they’re transparent and non-stick bandages that are placed on fresh tattoos. These things protect your tattoo from being infected and getting scratched against your clothes.

2. How big is your design?

Regardless of the details, you have to know how big your design is going to be. The chest may be a wide canvas, but it isn’t flat so you have to know how your design will fit once it is placed on your chest.

The best thing to do this is to consult with a tattoo artist. Show your design and tell them where in your body do you want it to be placed. The tattoo artist will give suggestions on how to adjust your design in order to fit it to your chest. For example, this horse tattoo is set right in the middle. Certain measurements need to be done first in order to center your tattoo and to make sure that it is aligned with your body parts. Meaning, the right side will not end up looking very close to your collarbone than the left side.


The same thing will be done even if your tattoo is just on one side. When you consult with a tattoo artist, they will be able to show you the exact placement of your tattoo relative to your chest. This will help you get a clearer picture of how big or small your tattoo will be. You can also use this consultation to make adjustments in the other elements of the design.


3. Are you afraid of blood?

Even if chest tattoos make you look like a “real man”, you still have to prepare yourself for one of the worst – and that’s blood. Getting a tattoo always has the risk of bleeding especially since the needles pierce through your skin which makes it susceptible to blood. So, you have to prepare yourself not just for the physical pain, but also for the chances of bleeding.

Take a look at the tattoos below. As you can see, the area near the tattoos still look pink or red. This is because the skin is still healing from the repetitive piercing of needles. A chest tattoo, just like any other tattoo is going to need time to heal.


Looking For Manly Designs? Check Out These 30 Themes!

1. King of the Jungle

The lion has always been known as the King of the Jungle. From Lion King to Narnia, the lion has become a prominent figure of power, strength, and leadership. Make your lion more noticeable by making it look so close to the real thing it’s as if it was an actual photo of a lion. This lion chest tattoo is one of the closest copies you can get!

This lion, on the other hand, gives a more serious tone. The design is very close to the real thing too because it has capture even the shading of the lion’s fur.


This lion, although not as real as the other tattoos above has a comical twist to it. Notice how the teeth are neatly carved and even the edges of its mane has an orange outline. However, the mix of a bright color makes the lion look more alive.


To add more movement to your lion, you can design it in such a way that the mane looks as if it was being blown by wind. This tattoo design carefully shows a lion in action even putting a lot of detail and shading on the strands of the lion’s mane.


Here’s another lion that definitely stands out than the other lions, realistic or not. The mane that was tamed in this design somewhat shows a kind of personification. This lion looks close to having human hair which can give be interpreted as lions having similar characteristics as humans.



2. The Growling Tiger

Never the second best from a lion, a tiger is a strong character on its own. This tattoo clearly shows it. The tiger here is in the middle of roaring or pouncing on its prey that it already looks scary. One of the best ways to make a tattoo design give more power is to catch creatures in the middle of an attack.


If you aren’t contented with just one tiger, why not make it two? This tattoo definitely wanted more than just a tiger’s face since the whole design even covered the rest of his arms.


Right in the middle of one’s chest is this angry tiger. Having a tattoo like this will definitely make other people think twice about messing with you or even lying down on your chest.


And finally, there’s the poker face tiger. Adding other elements to your tiger tattoo like a wave or some soft elements will make the tiger more friendly and approachable.


3. From An Eagle’s Eyes


Birds often depict a feminine image. But this tattoo definitely surpasses that. This colored eagle adds more life to this realistic tattoo, yet it doesn’t come short of scary. The eagle seems like it’s about to land on its prey too.

Here’s another eagle tattoo. Unlike the first one, this tattoo has more warm colors which add to the theme the tattoo is going for. Just behind the eagle is a sunset that reinforces a darker meaning. A sunset is often associated to the end of a life or the start of darkness.

A more comical and friendly take on an attacking eagle is this tattoo. As you can see, there are stars in the background and the facial reaction of the eagle is more shocked and appalled than angry and focused. If you don’t want to have any power symbolism associated with your eagle, then you can add elements that show how vulnerable or friendly an eagle is.


4. The Night Owl

Finding the eagle to mainstream? Then an owl can be a good alternative. This owl tattoo is different from the realistic tattoo designs as it only has outlines. There was minimal shading done on the body parts, and yet you can still see the figure very clearly. There’s also a different design added to the tail of the owl. Instead of feather-like features, the tail is more edgy with a sun-like design.


A total opposite of the previous tattoo, this tattoo has so much detail that it can be confusing when you see it for the first time. But if you pay a lot of attention to the actual design of the owl, you’ll see that the tattoo artist has outdone his or her self. The owl here has almost all the details you can find in a real-life owl.


This owl in flight is the most dynamic owl tattoo you can have. With the help of lines around the owl, this bird looks as if it was moving all along. These kinds of tattoos are less popular because it can be hard to do. However, if your artist can pull it off, then a 3D and dynamic tattoo is a must-try!


5. Religious Symbols

A praying tattoo is one of the most religious images you can ever see. What’s great about religious symbols is that they are gender-neutral and both men and women can get inked based on the religious symbol or act that appeals most to them. In this case, it’s prayer. This tattoo didn’t just show that prayer is important, but the theme was also highlighted thanks to the rose and the rays in the background.


Aside from prayer, you can also get an angel tattoo instead. As a kid, you must have had moments when your parents would tell you who your guardian angel was or to pray to the guardian angel whenever you’re scared. This angel tattoo can be a great reminder of that moment.


And for the original religious symbol, you have the cross. The cross has always been one of the most popular tattoos because clearly, it has meant a lot to so many people around the globe. A cross tattooed on the left side of the chest can mean that Jesus has always been in your heart and that is one of the best reminders you can ever have.


Another angel-inspired tattoo is this one. Although Saint Peter is not an angel, he is considered as one of the saints that guard the gates of heaven. This tattoo has created a colorful and child-friendly depiction of that scene. What makes this tattoo nice is that it is not so detailed that it becomes so real, and yet the elements come together to make a heavenly photo.


6. Quotable Quotes

And then you have your quotable quotes. Every once in a while, a guy needs his mantra to help them get through trying times too. Here’s a Never Stop Believing chest tattoo that’s spread right across the chest. The font style here has a mix of cursive and print so it’s still easy to read and the curves at the end of each letter make it more unique.


This Free 4 Life tattoo screams freedom all throughout. Even without the quote, you will already get a sense that this whole chest tattoo describes democracy and freedom in the form of feathers. The colors picked also gave the whole democracy theme away.


Although not a readable quote, this chest tattoo makes sure that the person who gets to read it is someone close to their heart. Even for men, quotes and dedications are better placed in cursive because it adds a sentimental vibe to the tattoo.


What about something that isn’t cheesy or romantic? This tattoo is definitely something that will catch other people’s attention. Designed in block letters, the word Madness coupled with a rose isn’t a popular combination. And yet, it still works to attract attention and curiosity.


7. Heartfelt Dedications

Nothing screams dedication than actually putting someone’s name on your chest. Take this tattoo for example. Aside from the romantic gestures of having your partner’s name on your chest, this man put his son’s name instead. The fist bump in the tattoo shows how strong the relationship of father and son is.


Of course, a father and son relationship is not the only relationship out there. This dedication tattoo adds a cross with a name. A cross is often associated with something holy, but a Celtic cross can mean Paganism or even the Roman god, Invictus.

To make things more personal, you can add a short message to the person you love. At first glance, this tattoo looks like it was just a message to a loved one. But deeper analysis makes you think otherwise. Because of the presence of a heart beat, a date, and the actual message, the tattoo turns out to be a dedication to someone who passed away.


You can even have your own name inked on your chest. But then why would you do that, right? Well, look at this tattoo. Instead of just putting a plain name right across the chest, the person added a design that can uniquely describe him. You can also do this for your own tattoo. Just make sure to pick a  design that best describes you.

Another quotable quote you can put is a saying that pushes you to be grounded in reality to be able to fulfill your dreams.


Show some mother love with this sweet dedication for mom. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you have to stick with masculine tattoos. This tattoo right here clearly shows the love and respect the man has for his mother. You can also create your own by adding your mom’s name and a few feminine elements (like stars, a crown, and flowers).


8. Celtic Designs

This Celtic design is a mix of curves, geometrical shapes, and lines. If you notice, there isn’t a start or a finish in this design which is the very nature of Celtic themes. The absence of a start and an end shows that all the elements of a cycle.


This is another Celtic tattoo design that has two different colors. To break the monotonous color of Celtic designs, you can mix other bright colors, not to fill the design, but to outline it.


Here are some Celtic designs to take inspiration from:


9. Spread Your Wings and Fly

If you don’t want to have a bird tattoo on your chest, then you can just have their wings. Yes, with just birds’ wings, you can still get the symbolism of freedom and independence. The tattoo below doesn’t have a bird right at the center, but it has wings wide enough to cover the whole chest. If freedom is the meaning of wings, then having an hourglass here shows that the person is free from the fear of running out of time.


The same can be said to this tattoo where a woman with a cross symbolizes peace. The two hands in a shaking gesture also show that two opposing groups have come to a compromise.



10. Mix and Match

And sometimes you don’t even have to be limited to just getting one image for your tattoo. Take a look at these designs. They’re all a mixture of different things. If you take each object in its own meaning, you might wonder how they’ll match with the rest of the tattoo. But this tattoo clearly shows the going back to heaven of someone.

Here are some designs with a mixture of different things that you’ll find attractive.

What do you think?

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