Does He Like Me? 11 Surprising and Surefire Signs He’s Totally Into You

You’ve been down this road before. You pick a flower and one by one pluck the petals from the blossom, alternately muttering to yourself whether he likes you or not. And when you land on the ‘not’ part, you’d give yourself a break and say, one more time. But honestly, knowing if a guy is into you or not is pretty easy. If he’s into you, he will definitely let you know. The question is are you receptive enough to pick up on the signs that he’s giving you? So, instead of asking yourself, ‘does he like me?’ why don’t you relax, pull up a chair, and get ready to be amazed at these surprising and surefire signs that he’s totally into you.Does He Like Me

  1. Uses His Body to Communicate

While there are some guys who are oozing with confidence that they can tell you straightaway if they like you or not, majority of men will let their bodies do the talking. There are many ways in which men can tell you they are interested in you, non-verbally, of course. It is, therefore imperative that you pay close attention to some of the subtler body language cues that tell you they’re into you.

Leaning forward, closer towards you when you talk is one of those signs. You may think that he has difficulty hearing you, but it is simply his way of getting a bit closer to you. It is also a good sign that he wants to listen to every word that you say; not that he is trying to figure out whether you make sense or not but rather to better understand you. Experts also say that this is a very subtle behavior whereby the male species is trying to release his pheromones in a way that they are picked up by the female species. Whether you believe this to be true or not, leaning towards you while you’re talking simply shows interest.

Another body language that you might want to consider as a very subtle sign of interest from a guy is when he always finds reasons to touch your hair or even your arm. You may crack a joke and it is but natural for someone else to briefly touch your arm with their hands. You have to look at it contextually. Ask yourself if the behavior is something that you see often from your friends every time you crack the same joke or not. The same is true with the hair. If he touches your hair while also complimenting how gorgeous it looks, he’s definitely into you.

There are countless other bodily signs that can tell you the guy is into you. As such, instead of flooding your mind with thoughts of ‘does he like me?’ you’d be better off paying attention to the subtle cues offered by his body. This guy may never utter a word about liking you, but his body will be spilling the beans.

  1. His Pupils are Dilated

This is also a part of a guy’s body language, but we thought of putting it as a separate sign to emphasize its importance. We’re always taught in public speaking class that we need to engage our audience by maintaining eye contact so that we maintain their interest. The same is true with guys who are into you.

A really surefire way to know if he’s into you is if his pupils are larger than normal. The pupil is the black circle inside a bigger circle that has colors. It dilates to allow more light to enter the eyes such as what happens if you suddenly enter a darkened room coming from a bright environment. It also constricts or decreases in diameter to limit the amount of light entering the eyes such as what happens if you’re in broad daylight and the glare off shiny surfaces is simply too much.

Studies have shown that our pupils generally increase in diameter or dilate whenever we see someone that we are interested in. Whether it is a person in the flesh or someone in a magazine or a photo frame, the results are generally the same. It doesn’t even matter if the picture is that of a naked person or a fully clothed one. If that person is interesting, then the pupils of the individual looking at that person increase in diameter.

As such, while maintaining eye contact is essential in determining whether a guy is into you, a more definitive sign of guy interest is if you can see his pupils turn as large as the saucer on your dinner table. We’re kidding about the size, of course.

  1. It’s in His Smile

Everybody smiles, what’s the big deal? So how come this is included in our list of the surefire ways that a guy is into you? We’re not talking about just any other smile here. It’s the hey-I’m-interested-in-you kind of smile. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Have you seen young children smile when they are happy? Try comparing that with the smile that you get from the people in your office or perhaps from around the neighborhood. The smile of a young child always denotes happiness. They have not learned the artistic way of faking smiles that we grownups have become especially adept at. When young kids smile, they always show their front teeth. They don’t care if they have missing tooth or if there’s a huge glob of cake icing on their teeth. All they care about is the immense feeling of happiness.

A guy who is really interested in you is not ashamed of what his teeth looks like whether it is crooked or have some missing in them. He is genuinely happy. And you know what? He is happy because he is having this date with you, listening to the stories of a woman that he admires, adores, and, without question, likes. He will never cover up that huge smile of his no matter how ridiculous he may look to other people.

There’s another thing that you need to look in the smile of the guy sitting from across the dinner table. Look at how the corners of his lips are oriented in relation to the height of the mouth. A really happy person will have a smile that is extends well beyond the upper line of the mouth. Because the muscles of the face will be pulling on the corners of his mouth upwards, this also contracts the muscles surrounding the eyes, making them squint. Technically, what you are looking at is a really happy face. You might see the face of a clown, but it sure is a genuine smile of happiness.

  1. Uses the Similarity-Attraction Theory

This is another foolproof way to answer the question, ‘does he like me?’ in a more positive way. We have this thinking that opposites attract. But when it comes to dating men, it’s the similarities that really attract.

When you are talking, the guy will be listening intently to every word you say. Why is that? He is trying to find a way to insert one of those “me, too” passages. For example, you’re sharing with him how your part-time work at a charity for homeless persons is giving you enough motivation to see the brighter side in every person. Then, instead of him saying the usual, “that’s great of you” he will blurt out, “I do volunteer at a community organization as well.”

Believe us. He is not trying to impress you or even compete with you. What he is trying to convey to you is that you have similarities that you can share passionately together. He is telling you the “me, too” line or any other variation of this phrase simply because he is interested in you.

Most guys don’t necessarily believe in opposites (except for the fact that you’re of the opposite sex, of course). Whenever they want to enter into a relationship, they will always try to look for the common ground with the hope of strengthening it so that they can settle their differences, whatever these may be, later on.signs he loves you

  1. He Frees Up His Schedule for the Weekend

It is very difficult to meet someone who is never busy even on weekends. And even if they are not really busy, they won’t really tell you that they’re free. Hello? Nobody in his right mind will admit to having a free day especially since everyone is expected to be as busy as a bee. So if a guy tells you that he’s not doing anything in the weekend, then that is a surefire sign that he is into you.

Guys often blurt this out to tell you that he is available for the weekend. He wants to ask you out but is not really sure if you’d be interested, too. He is afraid that if he is going to ask you out outright, he’d be easily rejected. Nothing hurts a man’s ego more than being rejected. So, he opens a door and waits if you’d take the initiative to enter.

We live in a modern society where confident women can always ask men to go out on a friendly date. So, instead of thinking ‘does he like me or not?’, ask him out. We guarantee you’ll instantly see his eyes light up and a big smile plastered on his face. That’s all the more reason to believe that he’s into you.

  1. He’s Quite Touchy, in a Good Way

We already mentioned this in the guy’s use of his body to communicate, but let’s try to dig deeper into this subtle cue that is often brushed off aside by ladies. Now this can have a very different meaning depending on what you know about the guy. But then, you wouldn’t want to interact with a guy with a history of sexual assault, would you?

There are two things here. First, he will make up stories or create situations wherein you will touch him. He may say his shoulders are quite knotted and tight and he’d ask you to touch them to believe. Others may show their scars while saying that it has almost healed. They will then ask you to feel their scar just so you have an idea of what they are telling you.

If the guy only considers you as a friend, nothing more, he will never make any effort to invite you or let you touch him. Why? He doesn’t want you to think that you are someone so special that you can touch him. In other words, he doesn’t want you to have the impression that you can be more than just friends.

However, if the guy actively creates situations wherein you’ll be touching him, even briefly, then you’re in luck because he’s definitely interested in you. He is sending out all these very clear signals that are specifically constructed for you to pick up and read.

The second part of this is that he will also want to touch you, not in a pervy kind of way, however. This guy respects you. Yes, he wants to touch you, but not in a way that can get him into jail because of sexual harassment. These touches are so subtle that you might even miss them altogether. For example, when he held the door open for you, you may feel him touching your lower back as if ushering you in. It’s a very simple gesture, almost chivalrous. At the dinner table, he might occasionally brush one of his legs against yours. Or, he may say that a strand of eyelash is on your cheek and would remove it.

These touches are important for guys as it also builds their confidence. And if you like the guy, too, but don’t want to come off as being too forward, then you’d definitely play up to the touchy game.

  1. He is a Bit Jittery

If you think only girls get nervous whenever they go on a date with a guy they like, you’re wrong. Guys get jittery, too, especially those who are really interested in you. They may rehearse their lines many times before the date or perhaps practice the things that they are going to do when you’re together, but nothing will ever prepare them for the real deal.

He can get tongue-tied or stutter. His voice may shake uttering even simple words that he normally does eloquently. His hands may seem like a miniature section on the San Andreas Fault or he may spill his drink. He might even trip on the sidewalk and appear as clumsy as ever.

Of course, you may think that it is in his nature to be this way. But if he is perfectly all right in the company of other people yet shows clumsiness and very unusual behavior in your company, then there’s really no point looking for the answer to the ‘does he like me?’ question. The answer is right there before your eyes.

  1. A Friendly Tease

Experts agree that teasing is always a great way to tell someone that you like them or that you’re at least interested in them. It’s one of those surprising signs that most girls simply brush off as nothing more than a guy’s playfulness or ‘naughtiness’.

If you need more convincing, simply look back to your high school or even grade school days when a male classmate of yours was always poking fun at you. Not a day goes by that you did not become a subject of his constant teasing. He may have constantly pulled on your pigtails. As it turned out, this male classmate was totally into you.

That’s the same thing in the office. Maybe you have a colleague who is so religious in his daily regimen of annoying you. Yes, he may really be annoying, constantly poking fun at almost everything that you do. But did you ever take a moment to ask yourself why he’s doing this? It’s definitely not to annoy you; far from it. Guys do this because they seek your attention. And you know what that means, right?

  1. He Genuinely Compliments You

It can be tricky to assess the authenticity of a guy’s compliment. After all, we do get this from almost everybody we know. We get compliments from our friends, officemates, neighbors, and even clients.

But, here’s the thing. Majority of those giving the compliment are women. It is very unusual for guys to tell you outright how nice you look, unless they’re into you. Complimenting you is a guy’s simple way of saying he’s into you. He is paying attention.

  1. He Asks for Your Number and Really Calls or Texts You

When a guy asks for your number, you’d naturally expect him to give you a call or even send you a message or two; otherwise, there’s no point in giving your contact number. Unfortunately, if it has been several days or even weeks before your phone finally showed a number that’s not on your phonebook, there are a lot of things that can run in your head. A guy who got your number, but stops short of calling you or even texting you the very next day or a few days after the date is simply not into you. So don’t go asking yourself ‘does he like me?’ since it is fairly obvious that he’s not.

A guy who’s really into you will call you or even send you a text message on the same evening that he got your number. He may say ‘good night’ or perhaps even tell you that he has already reached home safely. He will also make every effort to tell you how the evening was a pleasant one.

This guy, without question, is thinking about you. He wants to build on that communication line that you have established on your first date. He may want to learn more about you. He’ll send a simple hello or hi or even call you right after work just to ask how your day has been. He may crack jokes or even tell you stories about mundane things. Sometimes, he may even call for no reason at all except for the chance to hear your voice. This guy’s 100% into you.

  1. He Never Uses His Phone When with You

One of the most annoying things that people do today is their excessive use of their smartphones. It is as if these gadgets are already an extension of their bodies. Don’t believe us? Just look at the dinner table next to yours and see the people sitting, talking to each other while their gazes are fixed onto the small screens of their smartphones. We understand that you cannot live without your phone. But what are a few hours of giving this up just so you can focus your attention on the single most important person in front of you?

This is the mindset of a guy who is really interested in getting to know you better. He will be bringing his phone, sure; but he will also make sure that nothing will distract his focus and his attention from you. This also means that he has prepared for this chance to be with you that he may have put his phone already on flight mode.

We know it’s a very small detail, but it is something that tells a lot about a guy’s intention. If he isn’t interested in you, he’d be using his phone, play his favorite mobile game, or even post stuff on social media. Sure, he may use the phone to take a snapshot of both of you, but this can be reserved for later. For now, his attention is only on you.

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