85 Awesome Fade Haircut Styles to Recreate A Classic

If you are looking for a clean and fresh style, then you can never go wrong with a fade. It’s a classic style that has been revamped over the years to give you some seriously fresh looks. There are a ton of different ways to wear the style and you are sure to want to try it out for yourself.

If you want to spice up your old look, then you must try out the drop fade. It takes an old classic and turns it up a notch. It’s called a drop fade because the fade literally drops behind the ear. It will give you an even appearance with a clean look and that’s probably exactly what you are looking for in a fade. These styles are popular for a reason and it’s because they are professional and sleek. If fashion and style are important to you, then you obviously want a snazzy style to go along with it.

These styles can also be combined with other styles such as a pompadour or an undercut to create something unique and more personal to your style. What a fade will do with any style is add some definition that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Check out these 85 Awesome Fade Haircut Styles to Recreate A Classic:

1. Even Styles

With a fade, you are always going to get a polished and even look.

2. Longer Looks

You may think that a fade means that you have to have close to a buzz cut but that’s just not the case. If you like a longer style, this is a great example of one.

3. Clean Look

This is a clean look similar to a buzzcut with the top much longer.

4. Edgy Looks

This is an edgy style that has a long top to it. The side has a shaved design to it that you are sure to love.

5. Curly Looks

If you have naturally curly hair but like to keep it short, then this would be a great option for you.

6. Side Swept

A sleek style like this is sure to impress the crowd. The fade is quite short, right to the skin. It’s a dramatic look that you are you take to the office or play with you.

7. Soft Looks

This is a polished look but also a casual one. It’s the kind of look that is perfect for every day.

8. Wavy Styles

The top is long and it looks a little like waves. The sides are short and blended beautifully. We can see here that it is styled in many different ways.

9. Clean Cut Styles

A clean style like this is professional and sleek. The part has been shaved into the side.

10. Clean Styles

A clean look that is sure to put a smile on your face.

11. Side Sweep

Another professional look that has the hair swept off to the side. It’s the perfect look for the office.

12. Faded Looks

Another faded look that is practically flawless.

13. Casual Looks

A casual look that has a messy style to it. The sides are much shorter, but you can wear this style anywhere.

14. Fresh Styles

A look like this is sleek because of the high fade.

15. High Top Style

A style like this is high and bold. The sides are shaved high and it has a dramatic edge to it.

16. Dramatic Part

Create your own part and make your hairstyle even more dramatic.

17. Longer Fades

A long look that is styled to the back. The sides are longer and faded.

18. Dramatic Fades

A style like this is exactly what you are looking for.

19. Stunning Looks

The top has a bit of a wave to it, but it’s a really great style.

20. Dramatic Edges

If you want an edgy style and one that really catches the eye, then this is the look for you. The top is high and the sides are quite short. It’s a “cool dude” style.

21. Sleek and Turned

The style is professional and unique. We love how the sides are sleek and pulled off to the side.

22. Slicked Back

A look like this is bold because it’s slicked back. There is a lot of product to create such a perfect style.

23. Casual Styling

A style like this is casual and short.

24. Mid Fade Style

A style that is curly on top and has a mid fade on the side.

25. Shorter Looks

Another dramatic look that is created with a high fade. The fade itself is close to the skin.

26. Geled Style

These polished looks are greasy but very popular. Sometimes it takes a lot of product for styles to stay in place.

27. New Clean Looks

A short style that ends in a high fade. The top is long and flipped in the front.

28. Ponytail Styles

The top is long and styled into a short ponytail. The styles are short and it has a high fade.

29. Spikey Looks

This is a very short style both on top and on the sides and it is styled in a spiky fashion.

30. Cool Fades

If you are looking for a cool fade, then you have come to the right place.

31. Blonde Styles 

Contrasting colors is a great way to get an edgy look. The style is long down the middle, so it’s the perfect length to also try out a mohawk.

32. High Spikes

Another clean-cut look that is sure to make you happy. We love the spikes.

33. Perfect Precision

Every strand of hair is in place with this style and if you are looking for perfection, then this is the look for you.

34. High Fades

A great example of a high fade that is kept short.

35. Flowing Styles

Even though the top of the is quite look, it fades into the body flawlessly. It’s a cool look that is great for work and play.

36. Flowing Waves

Another wavy look that is both casual and cool.

37. Curly Top

If you have naturally wavy hair, we say embrace it in the best way that you can.

38. Cool Cuts

Another perfect cut that is perfect for a professional environment because it’s a look that demands attention.

39. Cool Vibes

Another cool look that will keep you feeling fresh all year long.

40. Sleek Designs

A bold look like this is exactly what you need to draw the eye your way.

41. Sleek Lines

If a bold look is what you are going for, then you can’t go wrong with this fade. The shaved in part is what draws the eye because it’s so unique.

42. Cool Designs

A great style like this one for the books.

43. Buzz Cut

These styles are really popular in the summer because they keep you cool but they can be worn all year long if you really want to.

44. Slick Moves

Who wouldn’t want to try a look as crisp as this one? The ladies are going to go crazy.

45. Bold Designs

Talk about clean cut, this cut is right to the skin.

46. Hot Styles

This is another edgy look that pops because of the color. If you like to make an impression, then this is the look for you.

47. Cool and Faded

Another cool look that is super faded to the skin and has a dramatic shaved fade.

48. Cool Styling

This is the kind of cool look that is sure to get you a lot of attention.

49. Sweeping Styles

Another cool look that is stylish and sexy.

50. Bold Lines

A great look like this is exactly what you are looking for in a style. It has a cut that is truly remarkable.

51. Afro Styles

We love the cool contrast between the bold curls on top and the sleek fade on the sides. Add in the beard and you have a pretty perfect look.

52. Cool Designing

A stunning look like this is sure to make an impression no matter where you go.

53. Subtle Designs

There is no drama here, just a clean-cut look that you can take anywhere with you.

54. Thin Lines

The shaved part here is quite thin which creates its own dramatic look.

55. Before and After

Here is a great example of what a different trying out a fade could make in your life. We go from an unpolished look to a professional one in just a matter of minutes.

56. Clean Lines

Another great look that is sure to impress you every time that you look in the mirror.

57. Drop Fade

A great fade that is sure to draw attention your way.

58. Sweet Styling

A solid look that is perfect for a professional atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with a look like this.

59. Bold Mohawks

It’s a pretty short style, but it comes pretty close to an awesome mohawk.

60. Curly Tops

We are big believers that if you have natural curls, you should embrace them.

61. Edgy Lines

If you want a fade that isn’t blended but one that is more dramatic, then try this style out.

62. Crew Cut

You don’t get much shorter than a style like this one and it’s a bold way to take on a new style.

63. Cool Curls

It’s not too short and you still get to show off some curl.

64. Design A Part

Who says that you have to rock the part that you were born with. These guys are creating their own parts and showing off some pretty badass styles. If you want a look that is really going to stand out, then this is the style for you.

65. Cool Shave

If you are looking to add A simple look this year, then this is the look for you.

66. Amazing Styles

The sides are short and simple and the top allows you to really show off your amazing personality.

67. Cool Stylings

This one isn’t too short and we happen to like the clean lines that it has.

68. Children’s Styles

Who says that kids can’t be just as stylish as their parents. This is a look that your kid is going to love all year long.

69. Fresh Designs

Just when you thought that short and long hair don’t go together. This long style still has a fade on the side.

70. Edgy Layers

Another edgy style that you are going to rock out all year long.

71. Curly Mohawk

It’s a short and curly style but one that still embraces the mohawk style.

72. Sleek and Stylish

A fun and stylish look that will have you wanting to go to the clubs all the time.

73. Bold Flips

This is the kind of look that demands attention and you are sure to get it wherever you go.

74. Clean and Faded

We get to see the before and after of a fade in this photo.

75. Straight Lines

A gorgeous line like this is exactly what you need to brighten up your day. It’s truly a badass style.

76. Diamond Designs

This cool shave has a diamond design in the back. Try it out and be the cool guy this year.

77. Amazing Parts

If you are looking to try the shaved part this year, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

78. Represent Something

The sky is the limit to what you can get shaved into your hairstyle.

79. Creative Designs

As we can see here, you can create a really fresh and cool look with just the right amount of inspiration.

80. Cool and Edgy

A great style like this is one that you will want to show off.

81. Clean and Bold

This style is both clean and professional.

82. Round Styles

A great look like this is truly special.

83. Detailed Fade

This fade is amazing and unique. It’s so polished that we want to stare at it all day.

84. Cool and Shaven

We love styles like this, they really stand out in the crowd.

85. Polished and Cool

You are going to feel cool and collected with a style like this one.

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