Make a statement with a Flat Twist – 115 Ideas for 2020

Flat twist hairstyle looks incredibly beautiful on those with afro-textured hair. Instead of adorning traditional styles, you can try out this magical hairstyle for an eye-catching outlook. Apart from helping with protecting the hair, the twists also enhances hair growth. This style is ideal for those with short, medium and long hair. If you find it inspiring then this article provides you with a range of hairstyles that you can choose from.

Beautiful Flat Twist Hairstyle Ideas

This kind of hairstyle is on another level, the flat twist braids have come out so good and the styling is also on point. The aspect of color is another thing that makes the hairstyle stand out.

The use of patterns on hair makes the hairstyle to look so adorable. The flat braids below are well done and some nice colorful lace has been added to them which actually enhances the overall outlook. This is comfortable and worth trying out.

Such a sophisticated look and so amazing with the braids creating such a voluminous outlook. The flat twists are of good size and they kind of look glossy in a way. The style also looks ideal for someone with not very long hair.

The plainness of flat braids can be made to look much more elevated by adding some very nice beads to the hair. The one shown below looks so nice and this look for sure is one great one.

Simple braiding ideas

Flat braids like the ones shown below are a definite show stopper. They are well-coiffed and glossed up making them bring out a nice and very bold look. The short nature of the braids is another thing that makes them manageable.

Patterns with twists make flat twists appear not so flat as they may be assumed to be. The ones shown below are so amazingly done and will for sure turn heads. The styling used is another cool thing about the hairstyle that makes them look adorable.

So super and perfectly put together with the spacing between the braids making them pop. The styling of the hair is over the top and is so urban as well. This is so perfect for all ages and for those who decide to use their natural hair.

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The beauty of flat twists lies in the fact that you can make them as unique as you desire. The style is simple and also brings out a very bold look. This is easy to fix and take care of as well.

Simplicity is one thing that should be taken into consideration when working on braids. The flat twists shown below are good looking. The length is quite long and it has been fixed well so that a nice style is brought out as well.

The lines have been nicely done and they are bringing out a nice bold look together with the hair left undone. This is a good styling of hair and the best for kids with the loose hair bringing dimension to the style.

Amazing flat twists

Plaits together with flat twists are a go-to look. The braid cuffs used in the style below look magnificent and make the entire hairstyle stand out.  The loose twists is another magnificent thing about the style that makes it pop.

Alternated thick and thin plaits are so classy and when neatly done they come out with some great confidence boost to the one with them. The ones below are so beautiful and a definite try out for all. The added elements also add to the beauty and intricacy of the style.

Long medium-sized flat twists are so chic and an all-round look. It is perfect for all occasions and seasons. Styling this kind of hairstyle is so easy and it comes in so many ways. This is super brilliant and worth trying out.

Some added extensions that are of flat twists are so nice when added to the naturally done hair with just simple plaits. The one below looks so good and the color mix is also one that also adds contrast to the style.

A very simple look the style below is with the simple nature of the hairstyle making it stand out. The twists are so well done and they also ensure that the natural hair is well fixed in such a simple way.

This kind of flat twists ensures maximum protection of natural hair from any kind of damage or even loss. The hair is neat and the styling is so beautiful. This is super easy to maintain as well.

Classic flat twist hairstyle ideas

One could decide to plait their hair in nice neat twist lines and then undo some of it so that some nice curls are left hanging. This is just so beautiful with the aspect of color also adding to the beauty of the style.

Some nice curls can be done by just making your hair all tied up with rollers after it has been curled up. This is just so beautiful all together and the spacing also adds intricacy to the hairstyle.

Thin and long twists are gorgeous and worth trying out. The ones shown below are so beautiful and the nice color mix at the bottom adds some nice blend and contrast to the hair.

Such nice patterns and neat twists on hair look so good. These have been well done and are a definite head turn. The thick nature of the braids with the styling used makes the entire hairstyle stand out.

A very simple and chic look that will be comfortable with anyone. Colors used should also be coming out so nicely. The color used on the one below is one of a kind and in a way brings contrast to the hairstyle.

The upper front part does look so classy with the voluminous aspect of the hairstyle also bringing dimension to the style. The twists are much thicker than the rest and the flat twists at the back also adds style to the design.

Cute flat twist ideas

This is one simple look with very neatly done plain flat twists that have some nice pattern on them. They are so nice and a definite try out for all. The spacing between the braids looks cute.

If you are considering something that’s simple yet with a sophisticated outlook then the style below is it. The alternated thick and thin styles are looking so good with the loose layers of the hair making it stand out.

For those with short hair, looking good is also possible for them. With flat twists such as the ones shown below, you can short hair into something that’s so magnificent. These have been well done and their glossy appearance makes them look even so much more over the top.

The flat twists shown below are so beautiful with the voluminous upper part adding dimension to the style. This awesome look is so comfortable and the top of the hair has been properly styled and has come out so nice.

Styling is a very great way to make your flat twists look much better. The one below is of such a kind and it is just so simple yet bold at the same time.

A very good way to tame down voluminous hair is this way. This is super nice and the patterns on it look so chic with the spacing also adding dimension to the hairstyle.

For thin and nice flat twists, this kind of look is one of a kind. It does ensure that the twists appear sleek and amazing as well. This style is super comfortable and does not need much effort in taking care of it.

Stunning flat twist hairstyle ideas

Some authenticity has been brought out here. This kind of look has a lot going on with it with the aspect of intricacy clearly brought out. It looks so chic and will for sure look good on anyone.

When styling natural hair, try going for a style that also resonates with your facial structure. These are very nice thin plaits that have come out so neat. They are good and appealing with the fluffed up part at the back adding dimension to the style.

An amazing look that is so urban and definitely stands out in a very nice way. This is so super and easy to take care of as well.

Great color use and the overall look is also so nice. The hair fold has been done so nicely and the thick braids that have been well twisted bring out such a voluminous outlook.

One thing that makes twists to be unique is the range of ideas that one can consider incorporating.  The flat twists at the sides are so perfect and the upper part has some that are loose which make a good contrast.

Adorable flat twist hairstyle ideas

These twists are flat and amazing as well. Their glossy appearance makes them so sleek and worth trying out. If you are considering a simple yet classy style then this is worth trying out.

From the voluminous nature of the upper twists to the sie braids, everything about the hairstyle looks magnificent. The upper part has some nice thin curls and they are randomly styled so they do look good.

This is one age-defying look that reflects so beautifully on the wearer. The flat twists below are looking so nice and they have great styling as well. This is a simple look and one that is also comfortable as well.

The addition of accessories is something that’s encouraged when adorning twists. This look is great especially for children though it can work for adults as well. The hair is in thick twists and it has been well laid and it just looks wow.

So sleek and classy is the best description for the style below. The look below is one of a kind with the thick flat twists neatly done. The styling of the hair, in general, is also so nice.

Flat twists come in very many ways with the ones below looking quite unique. The one below is of such a great and enthusiastic look. The color used in the style blend quite well and makes it look much more amazing.

Such a good way to do your children’s hair and leave them feeling beautiful and comfortable with their looks as well. The dark color reflects well on the kid’s complexion and makes the hairstyle stand out.

Beautiful flat twist ideas

Before you consider wearing flat twists, it’s advisable that you take time and ascertain if your hair type can handle it. This kind of hairstyle is easy to deal with and easy to manage. This is so over the top with the color blend also adding intricacy to the style.

Super chic and so over the top. This look is one of a kind and the color mix makes it appear vibrant and shiny.

So comfortable and a very nice look this is with the twists neatly done and arranged. These are super nice and worth trying out.

Uneven flat twists that are voluminous looks cute and adds dimension to the hairstyle. The one below is a good example with the glossy aspect also elevating the look.

Some nicely braided lines with some hair left curled on the upper part looks so amazing. This style is worth trying out if you have the hair to go with it.

A very simple yet over the top look. This is one nice one that can be rocked by people of all ages. It is super comfortable and a definite go-to look.

The use of braid cuffs has a way of adding magnificence to a design. These are so neat and nicely done with the flat twists adding dimension to the hairstyle.

An amazing and simple look from flat twists. These are neat and so comfortable as well. They are easy to take care of in general they do look good.

Colorful flat twist hairstyles

Different colors make the hair pop even more and the one below make the hair even more outstanding. It is so bold and so nicely done that it becomes so chic.

Simple and classy are the best words to describe the style below. The braid cuffs make the hair to be on another whole new level. This is super easy to take care of and worth trying out.

Authentic and sophisticated styles are just worth every effort. The one below looks amazing with the use of color making it stand out. There are many things going on with it and it looks so awesome.

Big and thick flat twists are so nice and worth the effort. The one below is so sophisticated in a way and so unique as well with the aspect of color also adding to the style’s intricacy.

A person with voluminous hair could do their hair in the manner shown below. The layered outlook looks amazing with the braid cuffs adding style to the design.

Such a simple and easy way of managing the kid’s hair. The twists can be easily done and that makes the hairstyle ideal.

Classic braiding ideas

One could do their hair as shown below and add an extension at the end to make it more pretty. The ends of the extension could have some nice curls to make the hair have some nice touch and style.

The neat plaits have been well held together by a nice bun that has some very nice twists to it. These are chic and with adds such a nice curly touch to the hairstyle.

Twists on natural hair look so good with the greying hair adding that aspect of color to the style.  The ones shown below are twists that are quite thick and they do look so good.

One could add some color to their hair and make it look great. The one below has some short twists that have been well styled as well and they are shiny so they look so amazing.

An elegant style that suits a range of hairstyles. This is just so over the top and a fun look to go for.

Flat twists made by natural hair not only amazing but also reflects well on the wearer. They do protect the hair from any damage and hair loss that may occur as a result of loosely left hair. The style below is sleek and also very comfortable.

Styling is very important for any hairstyle. The one below is unique and it does come out in a very great way. This is super cool and can work for anyone who would love to try it.

Adorable flat twist ideas

A very nice way to do your natural hair. This is laid back nicely and it’s simple yet nicely done.

Elegant and chic are the best description for the style below. This look is a great one and it is for sure comfortable. The upper styling adds some pop to the hairstyle and it generally looks awesome.

The twists below are so chic and they are also simple to care of. If you want something that’s comfortable and easy to maintain then the style below is ideal.

Such long and curled flat twists are a go-to look for those with such dense hair. The curly and voluminous nature of the hair are key elements that make the hairstyle stand out.

Simple plaits are super easy to take care of. The ones below are a good example. They are light and do not really need much care. Styling them is also not so necessary though when done they do look nice.

Flat twists have an advantage in that they can be redone once they get old. This is so beautiful and so low-cost maintenance.

Patterns and twists all at the same place are a definite go-to hair look. The one below will be loved mostly by the children. It is super comfortable and so sleek with the aspect of color making the design stand out.

Voluminous flat twist hairstyles

Natural voluminous flat twist like the one below that is made of hair looks so bold and wow. This is so amazing.

Styles are so many and the one below is so feminine and it does look so nice. The plaits are well done and the buns have been well out together as well.

Flat twists can be made to look so sophisticated by just putting some effort into the styling. The ones below for sure look great and are for sure long-lasting.

For small children that have hair that needs to be taken care of, flat twists are the way to go with no doubt. They are easy to do and they are also comfortable as well. A child would definitely rock this kind of look.

Flat twists are so loved because they will look good no matter the styling used. The one below is a simple one yet it has come out so great.

A flat twist that has an increasing thickness all the way to the back looks so nice. The one below is  so simply beautiful and it is just lovely.

These are very clean and well-coiffed plaits that have been nicely done. This is just so beautiful and a definite try out for all.

Cute flat twist hairstyles

Easy and simple plain lines are nice. When some nice flat twists are added to the endings of the lines like in the one shown below then they look even much better. These are superb.

This kind of hairstyle will mainly look good on women who are much older. It is simple and so easy to take care of as well.

A mix of color is very nice for flat twists, it makes them have a very bold pop to them and they no longer become so plain. This is more so necessary for those braids that do not have sophisticated patterns or styles on them.

A very simple look this is with the spacing adding dimension to the hairstyle. The twists are well done in a neat way and the pattern makes them even much better and so over the top. This is just so super amazing.

Whether simply laid down or left to fluff up and out, flat twists are always looking so good. These shown are a great way to do your hair and look good. They can be okay for either formal meetings or even just for any occasion.

Some very simple and nice flat twists can be made from just coiling up natural hair. The one below is of such an example and it does look great. This is so easy to take care of and it does look great.

Stunning flat twist ideas

Loose flat twists that are done and left to flow all the way to the back are so gorgeous. They are just so simple and some addition of hair beads have made the look even much more elated. This is just super nice and worth trying out.

Medium length flat twists are so gorgeous and worth trying out. The one below is of such a kind and its styling is also a great one. The voluminous layers look adorable and add dimension to the hairstyle.

Nice flat twists that have some good styling added to them look so good. The bun is slight of a different color and it makes the whole look pop so nicely.

Hair accessories on nicely done with the hair looking so great. The flat twists shown below have that and they do look good with the addition of beads. The styling enhances that voluminous outlook and facial expression.

Well done and so comfortable as well. This look is one of a kind with the hair at the front not so thick yet it has been made to look perfect.

Patterns and sophisticated styles with flat twists are such a great statement. The one below is well done and the top thick part has been well put together in such a magnificent way.

Curly hairstyle ideas

One’s natural hair could be used to make some nice flat twists like in the one shown below. They have been well laid down and they do look beautiful. The styling is simple and one may not need so much effort to adorn them.

Neatly done plaited flat twists that are so beautiful. The one below looks simple with the spacing between feed-in braids making the style pop. They are simple and they for sure look so good.

A nice thick flat twist at the front makes a very nice bold statement. This is well put together and it has been made in such a layered way which is cute.  The frontal area is slightly elevated and that makes the entire hairstyle to look great.

Even with natural hair only, the flat twists below have come out amazing. They are neat and well-coiffed with the layering also adding a nice contrast.

Styling of flat twists is not at all so hard as it depends on the texture of the hair and what one finds to be appealing. The ones below are so gorgeous with the texture also very comfortable. This is one great look and is so perfect for all.

Classic hairstyle ideas

Scattery and fluffy flat twists are such a bold and sleek look. The one below is of such a kind and it is well held together. The voluminous nature of the hair is one thing that makes the hairstyle stand out in a magnificent way.

So chic with a nice touch of color. This is also with perfect length and the flat twists are nicely done as well.

Flat twists can be made to look voluminous and the huge bulk of twists when well-styled will produce a very good style. The style below is just magnificent with the curly layers framing the face so beautifully.

Such flat twists made from natural hair are so spacious and they do boost one’s confidence in a great way. They are easy to maintain and are with no doubt a definite try out for all.

The plaits are plain and they look so nice. The flat twists are neat and they are glossy which makes them so catchy and overly good. If you have some long glossy hair then this is a style that’s worth trying out.

Such a lovely style this is with the colors brightening the overall outlook. The hair at the back has been left to rest and the front is well done with nice patterns of flat twists.

Amazing flat twist hairstyle ideas

For those with voluminous hair, flat twists could really work for them when done only at the front of their hair. The texture of the hair and length are key things that should be looked into.

Thick and medium-length flat twists are a definite go-to look for anyone. The ones below look amazing and the added glam hair accessories are so over the top.

Thick flat twists look good and they are most preferred for those with dense and too much hair on their heads. These have come out great with the styling also looking great.

Crocheted twists are the bomb and will always look great. The ones below are glossy and the length is also so appealing which makes them worth trying out. The shiny accessories also add contrast to the style.

These flat twists are a definite go-to look and worth trying out. The short ends of the nice plain twists are nice and they crowd the head in such an appealing way.

Flat twists are so chic and the one shown below is one of a kind. The colors are of different types and they do blend so nicely. Some nice lace has been added to the twist and it looks even better.

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