75 Gemini Tattoos That Mark Strong Character

If you have lingered around Facebook or have read teen magazines, you have probably come across a daily horoscope advice. Horoscopes are fairly popular these days because people use them as guides to navigate through their own lives. One of the more common zodiac signs is the Gemini.

History of The Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs, also commonly known as horoscopes, are based on the constellations that are found along the sun’s path every year. This path is similar to a sphere that has constellations in it from which the zodiac signs are based.

It is said that the zodiac was first created by the Babylonians during the 1st century B.C. This became the basis for tracking certain annual events which is why the zodiac was once considered as a part of astrology and astronomy. The Babylonians claimed that it took 12 lunar cycles for the sun to complete its revolution and in those 12 lunar cycles, it would pass through 12 constellations.

After the Babylonians, the study of the zodiac was passed on to the Greeks. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and other Greek minds made use of this calendar to predict the weather. After the Greeks, the Romans got a hold of the zodiac and added more meaning to the signs. Instead of just predicting the weather, the Romans attached signs of war, harvest, and other major events. As time passed, the meaning of the zodiac became broad enough to encompass people’s characters.

The 12 zodiac signs are: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.

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The Twins of the Zodiac

Gemini, also commonly known as “The Twins”, is the third zodiac sign. It is the zodiac sign of people who were born from May 21 to June 21. People who were born during these dates are often characterized as being clever and easy to talk to because of their outgoing attitude.

Strengths of a Gemini

A Gemini has many strengths. In fact, it is one of the most amazing zodiac signs because their character will always stand out from the crowd. One of the more notable characteristics of a Gemini is their thirst for knowledge. Geminis are always eager to learn and to get into that pool of knowledge. In their attempts to learn, they become talkative and excited in social situations.

Another one of its strengths is their ability to get along with a lot of people. You can say that the Gemini is a very social being as compared to the other zodiac signs. Its personality is always vibrant and their eagerness to communicate reinforces their pleasing personality.

Weaknesses of a Gemini

But just like any pair of twins, there is a weakness to the energetic and talkative side of the Gemini. Because a Gemini is always eager to learn, this can also be a hindrance for them when it’s time to listen and keep quiet. Think of it as an over-achieving student. This student will have a hard time listening to its peers and mentors because they are always so excited.

Another weakness of the Gemini is their inability to focus on one thing. Whether it is their career goals or personal goals, a Gemini will struggle between concentrating on one and letting his or her other interests go. Because they will most likely want to do a lot of things all at once, they might end up not finishing anything or being an expert at something.

What You Should Consider When Getting a Tattoo

So the thought of getting a tattoo to show off your zodiac sign has caught your attention. Do you go to the nearest tattoo studio to get one right away? Of course not! The idea might be exciting, but if you aren’t prepared for it you might regret the experience. Before you jump into something as permanent as a Gemini tattoo, make sure that you consider a few things first.


  • How Much You Want It

The first thing you should think about is how much you want that tattoo. Why do you want it in the first place? Is it something you feel passionately about? Or is something that you just thought of out of the blue? If it’s the first one, then by all means, go ahead and get a tattoo. If it’s the second one, then you have to reconsider.

Although no one is stopping you from getting a tattoo even if it’s just on impulse, what you want to think about twice is your readiness to get something that will always be in your body even when you grow old. As a Gemini, it may be exciting to try a new experience; however, the permanence of a tattoo warrants a long decision-making process.


  • Your Pain Tolerance

If after you think about it and realize that you still want that tattoo, the next thing you should consider is your pain tolerance. Your pain tolerance will be another deciding factor because a tattoo is not painless. If you easily get hurt from needles or feel nauseated at the sight of them, then a tattoo might not be good for you.

The pain you will feel will also vary depending on where you plan to put your tattoo. Getting a tattoo on a muscular part of the body is less painful as compared to a tattoo on a sensitive area. Body parts that have a lot of bones and nerves are not ideal for those who have low pain tolerance.


  • Your Budget

Your budget will also play a part in getting a tattoo. For those who don’t have an issue with money, you don’t have to think too much about the budget (just make sure that the artist’s rate is fair), but for those who are on a tight budget should look for more affordable tattoo studios.

To help you bring down the cost of getting a tattoo, you can look for artists who are offering discounts so they can increase their portfolio. If you aren’t in a hurry to get a tattoo, then you can also save up for it first.


  • The Design

There are many designs that can depict Geminis. From twins to the actual constellation, you have a wide range of images to choose from. Although the character of a Gemini does not change over time, the image you will choose can add other characteristics to the tattoo.

When choosing a design, always consider the meaning you want to attach to it. Because even if you grow tired of your tattoo or you think that it does not look nice, a personalized meaning will help you appreciate it more.


  • Which Tattoo Artist to Get

Finally, you can now start choosing a tattoo artist. When choosing a tattoo artist, of course, you have to keep your budget in mind. You should also visit tattoo studios yourself so you can take a look at the tattoo designs they’ve made. It would help to get some recommendations from friends first so you can have a first-person review of the tattoo artist’s skills and gentleness of hand. You can also ask about the cleanliness of the tattoo studio.

Gemini Tattoo Meanings

A Gemini symbol can have a lot of meanings. When picking the design of your tattoo, it’s important to take a look at the symbolism of these images so you can pick the perfect symbol to mark experiences and character.

  1. Strength

Geminis are known to be strong and courageous because it is said that their force is equivalent to that of two people. Whether it is true or not, having two persons is always going to be stronger than one.

  1. Fertility and Family

On a more literal sense, a Gemini tattoo can symbolize fertility or the want of having babies like twins. It can also show that you want a twin or another half of a set of twins.

People who are close to their twins choose to have matching Gemini tattoos or half of the Gemini symbol to show that twins complement each other. It can also show two different sides to a coin or two different personalities.

  1. Dual Personality

If you don’t have a twin, a Gemini symbol can also symbolize having a dual personality. Take, for example, you are kind yet when circumstances require it, you can also be as ruthless as others. Depending on your traits, you can add elements to the tattoo that will make your two personalities more evident.

  1. Belief in Gods

A Gemini tattoo can also signify belief in gods or the universe. The zodiac sign takes its roots from constellations, so having the constellation of the Gemini can show that you are a lover of astronomy or you believe in the gods that reside outside Earth.

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Different Gemini Designs For Your Tattoo

The Gemini Symbol

The traditional Gemini symbol looks like the Roman numeral “II”. It has two vertical lines with two horizontal lines on either end of those vertical parallel signs. This is a classic symbol to show off your zodiac sign because a lot of people will recognize it. It is also best when you plan on getting a smaller tattoo that is simple. Most people prefer to put this tattoo design on their ankle, back of the ear, or at the inner side of the wrist.

Two Humans Facing Each Other

Since the Gemini is often associated with Twins, you can make a play on this concept by having two people on your tattoo. These two people can either be facing each other (which is the most popular one) and forming a full circle.

Other depictions of twins are silhouettes of two people holding each other yin & yang, or any two portraits that are identical.

The Gemini Constellation

Another design inspiration for your Gemini zodiac sign is the constellation itself. The constellation looks like a “c” but the curve is more horizontal than curved. For those who aren’t familiar with constellations, having a constellation as a tattoo will definitely draw their attention and ask what that tattoo means. The trick here is to get a tattoo that is not explicit and closely associated to its meaning.

Gemini Knots

Gemini knots are simply knots that mimic the shape of a human being. These knots can be an all-black design and can easily fit small areas of the body. Some people would have these knots hold hands or copy other poses.

Castor and Pollux

In Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux are known as “The Twins”. The story of The Twins is a unique one because unlike any traditional set of twins, one (Castor) was a son of a mortal while the other was a son of a god (Pollux). Having these Twins inked on you can be a way of going back in history.

The Moon and the Stars

Since Gemini is a constellation, you can also take inspiration from the night sky. Some people create a landscape design while others prefer to have a circle that encloses the sky and the constellation Gemini. When choosing this kind of design, it is always better to have different colors of ink, specifically dark blue, so that it adds more beauty to your Gemini tattoo.

Placements For Your Gemini Tattoo

Gemini tattoos can range from small to large sizes. Depending on the size and style of your design, there are many areas on your body where you can choose to have them inked.

For Small-sized Gemini Designs:

Back of the Ear

The back of the ear is a great place to have hidden tattoos for girls. A simple Gemini twin design or constellation is perfect for the limited space in this area.


Like the back of the ear, the ankle only has a limited space. However, a tattoo in the ankle is a good replacement for ankle bracelets. Having a tattoo in this part will add a more sophisticated touch to your feet especially when you wear heels.


The wrist is a great place to hide small tattoos. Although it might be a little painful because of the nerves, a tattoo tucked away in your inner wrist adds more sophistication to the tattoo itself. It also doubles as a hand accessory.

For Medium-sized Gemini Tattoo Designs:


The shoulder can be a wide space for medium-sized Gemini tattoos. If the tattoo is at least two inches in length or width, then it will perfectly fit on your shoulder area. It’s also an easy place to have a tattoo.


The forearm is one of the most common areas where people get tattoos. Aside from it being big enough to accommodate a lot of designs, it also has a lot of muscle that will make the pain feel more tolerable. It’s also a place for tattoos that you want to easily show off.

For Large-sized Gemini Tattoo Designs:


The back is probably the largest area where you can put your tattoo. This is ideal only if you have a big tattoo and you want to place it in the middle. You can also put the tattoo on the side or just above your hips.



Although it is somewhat hidden, the ribcage is a wide canvas for tattoos that are big. If your design is more vertical than horizontal, then it will look good at the side of your ribs.

A Few Things To Know

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment even for those who already have tattoos. Aside from the initial things to consider, you have to take into account how you take care of your tattoo afterwards.

  1. Permanence

If your main problem is the permanence of the tattoo, then you have to really reconsider not getting one. Tattoos are permanent and even if some doctors claim that they can remove it, you would have to go through expensive and painful means just to take it out. And even when you get through these treatments, there is no guarantee that the tattoo will be gone.

  1. Aftercare

A tattoo is not low-maintenance in the beginning. Once the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist will put moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly over the tattoo to lessen the pain. You should be careful not to touch or scratch it to prevent infection.

  1. Tattoo Artist

Lastly, the artist you will get also plays a huge role in the result of your tattoo. It’s always best to meet the tattoo artist beforehand and ask them if they can do the design you want. It’s okay to come off as annoying because you just want to make sure that the design looks exactly as how you pictured it. It will also help you get a glimpse of his or her studio and find out yourself if it is a place that you will feel comfortable spending hours in.

Geminis are known for being excited and outgoing when it comes to learning. But it also goes without saying that with that excitement comes the tendency to go into things that can be too big a commitment – like tattoos. After reading this, hopefully, you have learned to think twice about getting inked to show off your zodiac sign.

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