94 Artistic Ghana Braids to Try This Season

If you love braids and like trying out new styles, then you must give Ghana braids a try. They are gorgeous styles that will have heads turning wherever you go. They are a practical style that can be left in your hair for a couple of months, protecting it from the environment as well as styling aids.

They are also known by other names such as invisible cornrows, Cherokee cornrows, banana braids and pencil cornrows. They are a gorgeous style that you won’t want to take out. These braids have always been popular and they are perfect for the fall season. You can put them in and then not worry about them for a few months. Take some time off from styling your hair and get a look that is more convenient. They are also great for kids because then you don’t have to worry about styling your child’s hair during the school year.

It’s a sassy style that is sure to put a smile on your face every time you look in the mirror. We have great options for you to choose from and you are sure to find something that you love. Check out these 94 Artistic Ghana Braids to Try This Season:

1. Goddess Styles

You are sure to feel like a goddess with an elegant style like this one.

2. A Closeup

The only downfall to the style is sitting in a chair for a few hours getting the style that you want. Depending on how small you want your braids and whether there is a special design to it, you could be sitting in the chair for up to 6 hours.

3. Short Styles

Ghana braids aren’t just for long hair, you can get them at any length.

4. Blonde Styles

Add some blonde to your look to have a style that really pops.

5. Side Styles

Your braids can be styled in many different ways. In this case, the braids are all pulled to one side.

6. Thin Styles

This style is likely to take a long time because of how thin the braids are.

7. Cool Designs

A bold look like this is exactly what you need for a night out on the town.

8. Tiny Braids

You are likely to be sitting a long time with braids as tiny as these ones.

9. Contrasting Colors

A cool style that has some amazing contrasting colors.

10. Cute Looks

How about this cute look for your child this Fall? She is sure to impress everyone.

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11. Creative Looks

A gorgeous look that is creative and eye-catching.

Tip: Taking care of your Ghana braids are very important because that is how you are able to keep them in for several months. Talk to your stylist about how to properly wash your braids. Another great idea is to sleep on a silk pillow to avoid having your braids become frizzy.

12. Little Twists

Talk about a cool look. These little twists are sure to catch the eye.

13. Bold Designs

These braids go from small to large in no time. We love them. It’s a unique style that everyone will be talking about. Try it for yourself this year.

14. Pretty Styles

This look pops because of the touch of blue in it. You don’t even need to color your hair. You can just have blue extensions fed into your hairstyle.

15. High Ponytail

This is the kind of style that will make you or your daughter feel like a fashionista.

16. Create A Design

The sky is the limit for the kinds of styles that you can create with braids. Be unique and try something different.

17. Long Styles

If you like to keep things casual and cool, then you can’t go wrong with a look like this one.

18. Matching Styles

Why not have the whole family get the same style and you can rock it out all season long.

19. Thicker Styles

One of the decisions you will have to make is the size of the braid you want. There will be a big difference in the way your style looks depending on if you chose large braids or small ones. So decide what kind of style you are looking for ahead of time.

20. Cool Designs

These spirals are another way you can embrace Ghana braids. They give you another option for style.

21. Side Styles

The braids in this style are swept off to the side in a gorgeous way.

22. Sweet Styles

This is a very simple style and it’s the kind that you can wear casually or to an event. If you like to keep things simple, then this is the look for you.

23. High Styles

A bold style like this is exactly what you are looking for this season.

24. Simple Parts

She chose a middle part for a style that is casual.

25. Bold Colors

The great thing about having multi-colored locks is that braids will show them off pretty well.

26. Fresh Styles

A great style like this is exactly the look that will make you or your child feel beautiful. It’s so glamorous.

27. Middle Part

Instead of just having a standard part down the middle, she chose to have a braid. It really makes the look stand out.

28. Bright Red

red is another color that is sure to show off your look in an amazing way.

29. Different Sizes

Who says that you have to choose between small and large braids? Why not have them both?

30. Glamorous Looks

A stunning style like this is sure to make you feel glamorous.

31. Straight Back

These styles are pulled straight back away from the face, so you don’t have to worry about hair in your face.

32. Cool Buns

Braids are always going to create rather large buns just because they are big designs.

33. Fun Styles

This is the kind of style that you can have fun with.

34. Different Directions

We have the braids moving in a few different directions with this hairstyle.

35. Stunning Styles

There are so many braids in this style; it’s endless. Be prepared to be sitting for a while to get this amazing style.

36. Cool and Casual

A simple style that you can wear anywhere.

37. Bright Styles

These multi-colored blonde strands are creating a style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

38. Cool New Looks

A great style like this is simple. You can add some thread to look to give it a little pop.

39. Sexy Looks

This sexy style has the hair going over the eye. It’s a simple style but a very sexy one.

40. Shaved Style

You can create this style by shaving underneath your hair and braiding the rest.

41. Stylish Designs

This gorgeous style is going to take a long time to create, but it will be so worth it.

42. Add Accessories

the gold accessories we see in this style really help to make a casual look really stand out.

43. Pretty and Stylish

This style is dramatic because it’s off to the side in an exaggerated way.

44. Cool Designing

Another great look that has different sizes of braids.

45. Tight Styles

There is not a lot of movement in this tight style.

46. Bold Buns

This partial updo looks amazing with all the small braids.

47. Simple Parts

Another great example of Ghana braids that you can wear as an everyday look.

48. Twisty Styles

These designs really catch the eye.

49. Cool Zig-Zags

If you are looking for a style that you can really show off, then this is the one for you.

50. Hot Colors

This gorgeous design has all the heat that you will need this season.

51. Bold and Bright

This is a great time to try out new colors and see how you like them.

52. Awesome Looks

We love this style and all the braids that come with it.

53. Professional Looks

If you want a style that you can take to the office with you, then this would be a great choice.

54. Bold Contrast

The contrast between the colors is what makes this whole style stand out.

55. Big Braids

We love how these large braids have been designed on the scalp.

56. Pretty Cute

Your daughter is sure to look adorable with a style like this one.

57. Bright Pink

We love the bright pink that really makes this style badass.

58. Men’s Styles

Ghana braids aren’t just for the ladies, men like to sport the braided look as well.

59. Unique Styles

What a gorgeous style. You are sure to love this look this season.

60. Golden Locks

It starts off dark but then turns into a golden ombre look.

61. High Styles

High ponytails are so popular right now and you can wear them anywhere.

62. White Hot

A cool look like this is exactly what you need to amp your style up.

63. Curly Styles

If you aren’t interested in braiding your whole head, then this might be the look for you. Just the scalp is braided and the rest has loose curls.

64. Sweet and Stylish

Your child is going to feel stylish this school year with a look like this one.

65. Casual and Fun

Another great example of a casual style that you can embrace.

66. Cool and Small

You will end up with a lot of braids when they start off this small.

67. Fun Looks

A short look that is sure to put a smile on your daughter’s face.

68. Fun Colors

This is a great time to experiment with fashion shades.

69. Cool and Stylish

A long look that is created with just a few braids.

70. Golden Styles

These golden colors are truly inspiring, we love them!

71. Bold Shades

There are a few different shades here and they all go beautifully together.

72. Large Spirals

Braids come in many shapes and styles and these spirals will give you a completely different look.

73. Fresh Looks

A brand new style is exactly what you need for Fall.

74. Goddess Designs

This is a sexy and stylish look that is going to have heads turning wherever you go. If you want to feel like a goddess at your next event, this hairstyle would be a great start.

75. Simply Stylish

Another simple look that you can rock out every day.

76. Simple and Sweet

This great look is one for the books.

77. Expert Precision

It’s always best to go to a professional stylist for these looks because they know how to create them easily.

78. Fashion Icon

You are sure to blow away the crowd with a hairstyle like this one.

79. Pretty and Cool

Another great style that has simple accessories to make it stand out.

80. Side Styling

Create an eye-catching style by sweeping the braids off to the side.

81. Bold Looks

Another great style that is sure to make you happy.

82. Cool Twists

These twists add a very dramatic look to your style.

83. Long and Cool

This is a style that you can wear all season long and not get bored of it.

84. Cool and Creative

Find a style that speaks to your personality and then create it. We love this gorgeous style.

85. Medium Length

This is like a shoulder length bob but with Ghana braids.

86. Cool Blondes

This is a great style that you can wear to an event or just out for coffee with your friends.

87. Perfect Braids

Going to a professional ensures that you get braids as perfect as these.

88. Double Buns

Steal the show with this double bun style because it’s so dramatic.

89. Glamor Braids

You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with a fun style like this one.

90. Large and In Charge

These braids are very large which makes the whole look appear more dramatic and bold.

91. Cross Over

These braids are pulled from one side of the head to the other.

92. Princess Styles

Another great look that is simple and sweet.

93. Cool Styling

It will be fun to decide on a style that is just perfect for you.

94. Bold Designing

This partial style is one that is pretty and can be styled in many different ways.

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