115 Trending Green Hair For Men And Women

When it comes to hair colors, no one can actually say no and green hair is something that we don’t see often. This hairstyle is very magical and its versatility is one for the books.

Yes, it’s definitely a feat to see someone with green hair because why not? With its surefire hue that is pleasing to the eye, it’s like a dream come true.

For most girls, hair colors are to give enough life and fun to whatever they do in their lives. Although the green hue or any bright hair colors are not allowed in some offices, there are still a lot of ways to achieve this. Even men are loving this color and that’s what we are bringing you in this collection.

In a different dimension, this gorgeous hair color is like making your dreams into reality. It’s absolutely stunning and we are excited to show you hundreds of our prepared photos for your hair ideas.

If men are into the infamous high fade hairstyles, women are also fond of different hair colors – green hair is one of our top choices.

With a wide array of the same hair color, the selection is not easy, especially when you see that everything is just perfect. Don’t fret though.

For your hair texture and length, we got you covered. This collection is especially for you because we don’t want you to keep scorching the internet looking for a perfect hairstyle for you.

Let’s check these dazzling green hair for men and women below.

Colorful balayage highlights

The balayage highlights have made this green hair an extra feat. So if you are into colorful highlights, be sure to check this out.

Neon green beach waves

You can be really funky with this gorgeous neon green hairstyle that is beyond perfect to wear this summer.

Undercut emo look

For the emo girls, you can match your emo make-up with this fierce undercut and an emerald green color.


Heightened green

For your shoulder-length hair, you can style your look with this accentuating green shade without the need to color your entire locks It looks really funky too.

Flashy bob cut

For a gaudier look, try this flamboyant shade of green that you can be rocking anywhere you like.

Blue and neon green combo

The hair color combination these days have been really popular, especially among young women. It’s not just pretty but it’s very stylish too. So, if you are adventurous enough, you can try this blue and green color blend.

Puffy top

You can color your entire hair with green and show off the top of your hair for a puffier look. Match it with a colorful bandana and you’re ready for summer.

Faux neon green

If you are not too keen on getting your entire hair colored, you can always wear a wig whether you like it straight or curly.

Dark roots

You can either color your entire hair with green or leave the dark roots with its natural color for a more unique look.

Curly Wig

Match your neon green sleeveless with the same colored curly bob. This shade is ideal for women with brown skin although this is not always the case.

Blunt Bangs

Your full bangs can be this gorgeous with the green shade.

Short blue and green hues

Here’s another blue and green combo that perfectly defines summer.

Messy curls

Big hair really counts and with these hair color, it can’t be any prettier.

Subtle waves

A soft touch of waves match with balayage highlights make this hairstyle chicer.

Blue-green highlights

A-line cut is pretty famous too and the colorful blue-green highlights are terrific.

Dark green and side bangs

If you don’t want a bright hair color, but still wants to rock the shade, you can get this dark green color with your side fringes.

Friendship hair goals

For you and your best friend, you can have either the same hairstyle or the same hair color.

Highlighted full bangs

For a funkier look, you can get those blunt bangs colored with lighter green to be the focal point of your hairstyle.

Messy waves

Short, messy waves are actually great for the green shade – it’s the truth!

Faded highlights

You can also opt for faded green highlights to match with a faded golden brown hair color.

Dark roots and lime green

Dark roots are unbelievably pretty when paired with lime green.

Light green and soft waves

Here’s another subtle waves hairstyle that you would love to pair with your planned light green dye.

Teal on a bob cut

This looks really promising with its impeccable teal hue that we all love, especially on a bob cut.

Full bangs and curly green ends

For those that have curly hair, you can try coloring your hair on ends with any shade of green and match it with your sexy blunt bangs.

Emerald green fringe

You can also try this color only on your side fringes. It’s unique and funky.

Green balayage

Overall, this would be your verdant hair color. Its balayage highlights were done perfectly.

Super lush

Whether you want it temporary or permanent, this is an extremely lush hairstyle that you can proudly don anytime and anywhere.

Colorful undercut

We all can agree that this is one of the most unique hair colors that we have seen so far with its colorful undercut. The light blue and lime green combo is gorgeous we can never say no to this.

Big hair

The combination of blue and green colors is undeniably gorgeous. Of course, the big hair gets a really great match from this.

Mint green

Mint green is one of the prettiest pastel colors that look great, especially during summer. You can either make this as highlights or the full color.

Wedge cut with lemon green

Wedge cut is always pretty on girls, but it can be more gorgeous and striking with lemon green color.

Green on short hair

We are definitely loving the short hair with this color.

Shaggy hair

Shag cut is already artistic, but it can be more creative-looking when you take the strength to get the green shade.

Green wavy wig

For those that don’t have the courage to dye their hair green, this is your ultimate faux green hairstyle. The waves are just so pretty we can’t take our eyes off them.

Multi-color highlights

We could say that this is officially one of the best hairstyles with green highlights on this list. You may have a hard time achieving this look by yourself. But a professional hair colorist can do wonders for this unique color combo.

Green hues dip dye

While a rose gold hair is already gorgeous and head-turner, coloring your ends with green shades would be cooler.

Dark roots and teal dip

Straight hair gets even prettier with teal highlights with full color on ends.

Green hair for men

Don’t think that you are not allowed to color your hair green if you are a man. The thing is, it’s just so cool you’ll be the center of attention on this one.

Lemon green and teal combo

Combining the lemon green and teal hues are just so pretty.

Side-fringed bob hair

Your short locks will be everyone’s dream come true with these different green shades with a pretty side fringe. Get those oversized sunglasses on!

Faded balayage

You can have faded green hues with highlights that gradually complements with your short bob for a summery look.

Black and green combo

The elegance of black hair has been proven many times, but its elegance can be more visible with the combination of green shades. Try those flower accessories to look cuter and chicer.

Dark and light green

Yes, both can do great on your medium-length hair.

Lemon and faded green shades

Stylish and pretty at the same time, the bob cut is absolutely gorgeous with different green hues that we all love to wear.

Soft mint waves

A subtle finish of beach waves with mint green color is clearly dazzling.

Short mint green hairstyle

Short hairstyles have different ways to wear and it can look more promising with this ming green shade.

Emerald green on dark ends

With your dark ends, the emerald green is the answer.

Tricolor craze

We are certain you can’t refuse to get these pink, blonde, and neon green colors. You’re ready for a summer look.

Shaved head

For girls with a shaved head, the green color can make it more meaningful.

Messy side fringe

You can match your mint green shade with messy and choppy side bangs in style.

Soft locks

With a subtle finish, you’ll have a super cool hairstyle this summer.

Caesar cut for men

For men with the infamous Caesar cut, you can have both blue and green colors to make your hairstyle more unique.

Messy Bun

Whether you want your messy bun or your baseline hair to be the focal point, both are magical.

Teal highlights

Making the teal color as highlights, that’s totally a feat.

Undercut with blunt bangs

Yes, we are definitely living for this one.

High fade with side bangs

The high fade hairstyle is very famous among men of all ages. But if you are more stylish, this could be the one.

Beach waves

The beachy waves are so pretty with ash blonde roots and green colors.

Big waves

Yes, we definitely need big waves and gorgeous hair color.

Shoulder-length waves

Here’s another summer ready hair.

Bob cut with choppy bangs

With a touch of pretty choppy bangs, you can be this stylish too.

Green full bangs

Green straight locks with blunt bangs can be your next hairstyle.

Highlighted halo braids

Halo braids are stunning, especially with green highlights.

Lime green and curtain fringes

Curtain fringes are indeed popular among women. It’s prettier with this lime green hair color.

Bright green

Bright green colors are not just for women, men or even the little boys can have them too.

Straight locks with faded green shade

We are so into this faded green hue on straight hair with dark roots.

Summer Hues

Everyone will fall in love with this green shade this summer.

Classy green shade on dark hair

It’s true that green and dark hair is a head-turner.

Rocker green shades with side bangs

You can be a rockstar with this hairstyle!

Textured waves with green highlights

To solidify your waves, you can add more highlights like this one.

Green Updo

For comb-over hair, the green shade would be awesome on the top.

K-Pop look

We are sure that all K-Pop fans are loving this golden brown and green hues combo. It’s very chic and trendy.

Two-tone pixie cut

No one would ever refuse for a pixie cut with two-tone green hues.

Short soft waves

For short hair with soft waves, this would be a perfect shade.

Multi-shaded choppy hair

Here’s one more emo look for the emo girls.

Dark green highlights

It’s an edgy and bold hairstyle for the girls we all admire.

Olive and mint green combo

It’s beautifully styled that brings vibrancy to your chosen hairstyle.

Edgy pastel hair

This is a very fashion-forward style that you can be rocking even on regular days.

Dyed dreadlocks

For the hippie girls, dyed dreadlocks are very revolutionary!

Pyramid undercut

You can style your green hair with a messy bun or a ponytail to show off its shade and the unique undercut style.

Messy locks

Getting a messier hairstyle is definitely a feat these days. We do love these faded green shades that complement well with the cluttered hair.

Pop rocking hair

This is indeed bringing us to the holistic future with its sparkling bright green colors.

Pastel balayage

For short hair, the balayage highlights using pastel green hues are a fresh start for the summer season.

Ash blue-green ombre

The dark base color gives more emphasis on the blue and green ombre.

Lime green dip dye

The blue highlights will be more stylish with a soft lime green dip dye.

Purple, blue, and green balayage on dark brown hair

With this multidimensional colors, the dark brown roots are highlighted with gorgeous shades melted into one lovely highlight.

Forest green on long locks

These extra long locks are just so pretty we feel like the shade is bringing us into the woods.

Sparky neon green

With a popping neon green hair with short full bangs, you can be a shining rockstar.

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