105 Dandy Headband Braid Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Whether it’s summer or not, you can’t say no to these gorgeous headband braids.

Call it exaggerated, but headband braid hairstyles are beyond elegance that all of us love. Although there are so many kinds of braids out there, this hairstyle can definitely take us to the next level.

As famous as many other hairstyles, the headband braids can compete with pretty and artistic cornrows or Ghana braids. It has been a household name among young women who would want to complete their look with a mesmerizing hairstyle.

Of course, we all want to look great all the time, and with that being said, we also want stunning and world class hairstyles. Women, most of all, are pretty careful when it comes to hairstyles because it affects how we see the world in our own perspective.

The headband braids are definitely among the most popular hairstyles not only for young girls but also for the grown-ups who love exploring different types of hairstyles. Yes, we are going to take you to the next dimension with these beautiful headband braid hairstyles that you will surely love.

This is so versatile, edgy, and promote comfort and elegance among women. Regardless of the occasion, you can always wear this hairstyle effortlessly and it’s very easy to do too.

So, let’s get started.

Low bun knots

Headband braids on blonde hair with low bun knots are completely a top-notch style on this list.

Stylish rolled braid

Some headband braids are done at least until almost down the nape, but this one is rolled towards the back of the head. And yes, it’s very cute and stylish!

Headband braids with flowery design and fishtail

Creating another magnificent summer look with this blonde hair is terrific. We love how the fishtail complements with the headband braids and the rose design in the middle.

Half-tied headband braid hairstyles

While others would want to tuck the braid just below the ears, the half-tied braid is pretty chic-looking too.

Beautiful updo

If you want an updo, it would be best to have this beautiful updo.

Easy and medium braid

This would be an awesome hairstyle if you have a scheduled meet-up with your friends.

Modish tiny braids

These trendy tiny braids are created with remarkable fashion that can go with any outfit.

Lose big braid

Whether you like smaller or bigger, any headband braid hairstyles will tremendously create dazzling fashion.

Barbie hair

If you’ve seen Barbie sporting a headband braid with the same color as this one below, you definitely have a remarkable fashion sense.

Loose Braid

A loose braid is perfect for those who have naturally straight hair.

High bun braid

This required long hair to get done as the entire braid gets on top to create a gorgeous bun, styled with a flower hair accessory.

Two lovely headband braids

The usual headband braid is single, but this one is taken to another level with double braids down the nape creating the low bun.

Unique ladder braid

Here’s another unique headband braid that kids will surely love to wear even on regular days. The pattern used is like a ladder that ends until the ear level.


Single headband braid hairstyles with side fringes

This is certainly perfect this summer with side fringes that create a super cool and gorgeous look.

Tidy medium braid

A neat braid can be your ultimate inspiration for your planned makeover this summer.

Cute Goddess braids with choppy bangs

If you like a more unique and summery look, you can leave your bangs to hang loose while your braid is tied to the remaining hair at the back.

Highlighted braid

When you are out and about, you can try this superb braid with its two-tone hair color blends perfect on sunny days.

Three-strand braids

Yes, we are looking at a beautiful twist of headband braids that can jazz things up this summer.

Rounded braid for formal occasions

For a more formal look, you can try this hairstyle with the braid neatly done around the head. We also love the braided bun that’s pinned at the back with cute hair accessories.

Bold Braids

Starting from cute and subtle braids, you can incorporate them with a jumbo braid that looks pretty cool for thicker hair.

Elegant braid for straight hair

This is another look for formal events that you can try with or without any hair accessories.

Flashy red double braids

We have another favorite on this list. This red hair matches well with the double-strand braids creating a beautiful knot at the end.

Creative three-strand braids

If you are looking for more creative headband braid hairstyles, you can trust this three-strand braids with tiny French braids hanging around. It’s very unique and stylish.

Braided Bob hair

You don’t have to have long hair to wear this simple braid that allows face-framing in an effortless manner. This is great for all hair types at any length.

Easy French braid

For a simpler but elegant look, you can create this French braid band that you can simply tuck behind the ear. Kids love this too!

Decorated braids

For formal occasions like weddings, you can always trust this accessorized braid that creates a formal look. It’s pretty and trendy.

One-sided band

Here’s a simple braid that you can proudly don even on regular days.

Neat braid on wavy hair

Long and beachy waves can be this pretty with a neat headband braid.

Fulani-inspired braid

The Fulani braids are done with beads and other hair cuffs. It’s where this hairstyle got its inspiration from. It’s very creative and stylish.

Accessorized double braided band

Creating simple French braids for this look would be really pretty with the two ends of the strands pulled together using a sparkly hair accessory.

Black Braid

There is nothing more elegant than having black hair with a beautiful headband braid.

Hippie braid

Your braid doesn’t have to unify with your strands. If you are a hippie child, you can pull that braid into your forehead and rock the hairstyle with matching oversized sunglasses.

Interlocking braids

This is one of the best headband braid hairstyles that we have seen so far on this list that is very stylish. The interlocking braids are pulled together with colorful highlights or extensions. It looks really cool.

Simple and cute braid

Braids are perfect for all ages. Even kids love them.

Four-strand braid with a ribbon

This is something really fabulous with a four-strand braid that matches well with a pretty oversized ribbon. It’s definitely perfect this summer!

Simple braid with flower accessory

For the soon-to-be brides, you can get this simple braid that’s pulled with an easy bun accessorized with flowers or leaves. This is ideal for the girls marrying outdoors.

Three-strand braid with a double fishtail

Girls have been jumping on board sporting this three-strand braid that connects with a double fishtail. Secure this with bobby pins and you are ready for your holidays.

Messy braided beach waves

This hairstyle is more perfect on textured hair. You don’t even have to worry about some strand falling out because the messier it gets, the prettier it can be.

Messy half-tied braid

Your braid can always get lost with this messy and pretty hairstyle that becomes chicer with flowery accessories.

Curvy French braid

If you are into stylish braids, you can try this French braid hairstyle with the braid paving its way downward with a curve pattern.

Fishtail updo

Here’s an elegant fishtail updo that you could try no matter the style that you would want it to wear.

Easy braid

For little girls who can’t stay a little longer for a neat braid finish, this simple and easy hairstyle can do better.

Trendy French braids

The good thing about headband braid hairstyles is that you can wear them comfortably without hassle. And if you like it more fashionable and chicer, these braids can break walls.

Elegant big braid

It can be messy or neat, a big braid can be a dream come true.

Elegant braid on dark roots

With your dark root, you can have this braid that’s simply tucked behind the ears for a more effective look.

Chic braid

For a more graceful look, you can also try this stylish braid when you are out and about.

French braid with a high ponytail

Here’s another pleasing to the eye braid that pulled upward to create a gorgeous high ponytail.

Casual and cute braid

This is perfect for girls who have thin hair. It’s very cute and ideal for little girls.

Curly braid

Curly hair can’t just get any prettier and bigger. But the addition of different types of headband braid hairstyles would do it better.

Colored braid

Anything colorful is already gorgeous, but with a cute braid, you are bringing this to the next level. It’s just so trendy we can’t get enough of this.

Noble big braid

This reminds us of the queens back in the day wearing oversized braids. It’s simple but regal.

Elegant and easy braid

As pretty as any other types of headband braids, this can go well with any occasion. Pair it with stylish earrings for a chicer look.

Two large braids

Women with thick hair are perfect for these large braids.

Messy braid and a bun

If you want the messy hairstyle to be the focal point of your look, you can have both the braid and bun together with side fringe.

Waterfall Braid

It may look complicated to do, but the waterfall braid is easy to make and it’s very neat too.

Subtle French braid

Creating a braid with a subtle finish is something that we all want for our every day look.

Thin and large braids

When you play with different types of headband braid hairstyles, you can do both thin and large braids for a more unique look. Try to keep the rest of your hair tidy if you want these braids to be the focal point.

Bigger waterfall braid

A waterfall braid doesn’t have to be thin all the time. It can be a bigger size to but ensure that it’s tidy to look in the front.

Two-tone triple strands

Three-strand braids can be this gorgeous with your two-tone hair color.

Chignon ponytail

A simple thin braid would be really gorgeous when it’s pulled back to create a middle ponytail in chignon style.

Auburn braid

Auburn hair is a surefire champ when colors are involved and the addition of a cute braid is dazzling.

Cute heart-shaped braids

We are sure that little girls love heart-shaped braids, but the grown-ups will look great with this too.

Elegant three-strand braids

Whether it’s sunny or not, these interlocking three-strand braids are so pretty we can’t refuse.

Banded braids

Without the need to do a bun or a ponytail, you can band these two braids together in the middle and secure it with bobby pins. For a more stylish look, you can add flowery hair accessories.

Stylish pyramid braids

Create three interlocking braids starting from the top securing them with elastic. Then make two full braids on each side for unique and stylish pyramid braids.

Interlocking French and three-strand braids

This is another stylish hairstyle that we surely love – perfect for any formal events.

Braided wavy ends

For a bigger-looking hair, you can create a braid on wavy hair.

Thin braid with a ribbon

Put a hair decorative on the other side and let the bun from the back be messy for a chicer look.

Retro Updo

For the brides or wedding entourage, a retro headband braid is perfect.

Cute gold braids

You can create a subtle touch of simple braid and a fishtail on this golden brown hair.

Two thin Dutch braids with a flower hair clip

If you are into braids, these two Dutch braids will serve you best with a flower accessory.

Low Dutch braids

For this look, you will need to have long hair to make it more effective.

Intertwined thin braids

This is one gorgeous style for braids that we have on this list and we are so delighted about this.

Classic braids

Classic and common headband braid hairstyles are always pretty with ribbons or any hair accessories.

Goddess Braids

Because this looks like a formal hairstyle with flowers on it, you can shake them off and just go with these cute braids for a more casual look.

Tiny individual braids

These cute individual braids are so cute for little girls.

Connected small braids

You can have those small braids intertwine with each other if you’re looking for a stylish hairstyle.

Simple and subtle braid

There’s nothing simpler and easier with this hairstyle.

Classic braid with double band

We would love to have this even on a trip to the beach.

Cute thin braids

Even when you’re only going to the grocery, this would be just perfect.

Sparkly braid with a messy bun

Instead of a casual braid, try these cute and sparkling hair accessories with a high messy bun.

Bo Derek-inspired braids

Here’s a Bo Derek-inspired hairstyle that we all love.

Messy and curly braid

For your curly hair, the messier it gets, the prettier it can be.

X braids

You can be more stylish with these X braids secured with elastic.

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