111 Extraordinary High Fade Hairstyles For Men

These high fade hairstyles will be the ultimate haircut for men.

With so many hairstyles out there that men can opt for, we are definitely living for the high fade hairstyles. It’s not just a prim and proper haircut, but it’s very stylish too.

Also known as high skin fade, the sides and back of your hair are cut in the shortest style. It is also in different contrast to unify the skin and to put emphasis on the hairstyle.

It slowly lessens from the top of the hairstyle down to the nape and temples to give a more detailed look. This hairstyle offers a sharp, but natural fit makeover if you are looking for a clean cut this summer.

You can always choose whether or not you want your hair at the top long or short. But the sleek and tight style that always makes a statement shouldn’t come in late.

So, whether you are going on a trip with your family or friends and wants to get a new haircut, the high fade hairstyles might be the ultimate feat.

Check out these amazing photos below and pick anything that you like for your next makeover!

Comb over hair

This generally perfect for most men, but this is normally done on balding men who would want to lessen the part of their hair that’s going bald.

Cross sign

Anything can be done on high fade hairstyles, including the cross sign.

Comb over with slice marks

With the diversity of hairstyles, you can have lines or slice marks on your head as many as you like.

Temple fade

Any classic haircut can be more dramatic with temple fade cut that puts more emphasis on your temples.

The crew cut

Some of these photos are your best inspiration if you plan on getting the crew cut that accentuates the length of your hair on top. It looks amazing with these different hairstyles that you may want to try out soon. Don’t fret about the idea that you may not look good because the crew cut is just perfect for any face shape. This is very timeless that anyone would still love to wear even after so many years.

Short comb over

If you have short hair on the top, you too can have a comb-over hairstyle like this one.


There are a few different styles of undercut nowadays that most professional hairstylists have tried. But if you are into a modest cut, you can try these too.

Mohawk hairstyle

The Mohawk hairstyle has been such as a trend for years that so many men would never want to switch to another cut. Others even want their long hair at the top stand out from the others. It’s very stylish!

Brushed up

While others want the mohawk hairstyle, some want sleek high fade hairstyles like this that generously requires hair wax to achieve. But it’s definitely well-groomed!


Patterns, lines, and symbols are paving their way to all hairstyles. Men can’t deny that.

Fierce high fade hairstyles for men that are perfect this summer

Now that we have introduced you some of the different high fade hairstyles for men that you may always opt for the next time that you need a new haircut, we will be adding more to it.

We have a wide array of this hairstyle prepared for you so don’t have to go elsewhere. The high fade hairstyles have different variations that most men love.

It is very popular around the world that it doesn’t really matter the ethnicity or the age. Back in the day, there were so many famous celebrities and public figures who wore this hairstyle.

Now, even the regular men, young men, especially the famous stars are sporting this hairstyle with superb fashion. Soldiers, hipsters, and many other men wear different types of high fade hairstyles.

Apart from the hairstyles mentioned above, there are also other types of high fade cut that we would like you to know. We understand that not every one of us is keen on this haircut, but we are here to introduce these to you.

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Different forms of high fade hairstyles for men

  • High Fade
  • Scissor fade
  • Taper fade
  • Skin fade
  • Classic fade haircut
  • Drop fade
  • Low fade haircut
  • Shadow Fade
  • Temple fade
  • Mid-fade cut

Your choice of these types of high fade haircut depends on how comfortable you are wearing it. So, no matter your age or race, your comfort comes first.

If you like a fresh haircut now, you are definitely on the right page as we still have a lot of inspiration for you. Keep checking these beautiful photos so you can get an idea on what to pick for your next new haircut.

The remarkable diversity of the high fade hairstyles

Just like many other hairstyles, high fade is incredibly diverse with its different types that men admire. Since there have been a lot of types of this haircut evolved, men became more interested in sporting this hairstyle.

In all continents, this has been incredibly popular among youngsters that many of them have tried different ways of wearing it. Because regardless of how they wear this haircut, high fade is still unbelievably attractive and famous.

We carefully curated hundreds of striking high fade hairstyles and put them all together on this page for your ease. So, keep scrolling below for we still have a lot of handsome hairstyles that can be your inspiration.

More gorgeous types of high fade hairstyles that men love to wear

  • Low Key Faux with Angular Fringe
  • Textured High Faded French Crop
  • Classic Laid Top with Shaved Neckline
  • Short Fade
  • Textured Angular Fringe
  • Designer High Fade with Textures
  • Fancy High Fade with Shaved Temple
  • Designer High Fade with Textures
  • Short Line Up
  • Contrasty Sharp Sudden Side Shave with Flat Front

While we are used to the idea that men don’t actually care how their hair would look like, the thing is, they do. They just don’t say or ask.

Yes, girls. Hairstyles are not just about us. It’s also about men and they do have things that they also consider when it comes to their hairstyles.

This includes taking care of their hair in all aspects and while it doesn’t sound important to us, for men, it is very important too.

We have also gathered some great information on how to take care of your hair because we know that you need these too.

How to care for your hair

  • Keep it natural. Yes, hair colors, hair straightening, perming or any other hair treatments are definitely fine. But try not to overdo it because it can always cause damage or breakage.
  • Avoid too much heat. It’s okay to use hair dryers sometimes, but try to cut it down. If need be, use a non-heat tool to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Get a trim regularly. Old sayings suggest that trimming your hair once a month can make it even prettier. It’s true.
  • Limit the washing. When you over wash your hair, you tend to let your hair’s natural oil washed down the drain.
  • Say no to chlorine. Swimming pools have chlorine to keep them clean and fresh, but it’s not healthy for your hair. If you need to swim, apply a conditioner before dipping in the pool or wear a swimming cap.
  • Yes on clarifying shampoos. The hair products that you used will build up that will cause dryness and dullness. To solve this, use a clarifying shampoo to wash it out and keep it clean. It will also keep your scalp healthy and fresh.
  • Cut down the tight hats or ponytails. Sometimes, too much tightness can cause damage and breakage that will lead to traction alopecia; a condition that causes permanent hair loss.
  • Use minimal hair products. We understand that styling your hair is needed, especially when you have to go out every day. But these hair products have chemicals that will damage your hair eventually.
  • Be gentle. It’s the most vulnerable time when your hair is wet. So, avoid rubbing it. Pat dry gentry instead.

Care for your hair if you want it to grow faster

Our hair grows at an average of 0.01 inch each day and if it’s healthier, it’s going to be more than that. It means that your hair will grow more than 0.50 inches every month.

There is still no exact way or proof that supplements and products can make your hair grow faster. Although they sound promising, we still can’t assure if they work better than the natural way of growing your hair.

On the plus side, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to have healthy hair and to grow it faster. A healthy diet can absolutely help like eating foods rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Additionally, consuming foods that are rich in biotin plays a vital role in having healthy hair and growing it quicker. Also, minerals like iron and zinc can help as well as vegetables and meat.

If you want to keep your hair look sharp, ensure that you use the right hair products. As we have mentioned earlier, minimize the use of shampoo and take more on the conditioner.

Whether you shampoo or not, it is important to apply conditioner when you wash it to keep it moisturized. Too much shampooing will deprive your scalp of producing a natural oil that keeps the hair healthy and strong.


More attractive high fade hairstyles that you can try this summer

When talking about hairstyles for men, there are a lot of varieties that you can always count on. But when the high fade hairstyles started to bloom, it seems that it’s going to last a lifetime.

With the being said, we have gathered more hairstyles that will serve as your inspiration in the event that you are planning on getting a fresh haircut.

Here are some of the hair ideas that you can consider with style and ease.

  • Textured pomp
  • Long crop with a fringe
  • Modern pompadour
  • Messy swept back
  • High fade quiff
  • Textured crop
  • Flat top
  • Top fade curls
  • Quiff and spike
  • Angled crop fade
  • Line up fade
  • Side part
  • Short hair pomp
  • Disconnected cut
  • Slash pomp fade
  • Buzzcut fade
  • Caesar cut
  • Short and spiky
  • Pompadour fade
  • Medium and messy cut
  • Medium and curly
  • Burst fade
  • Line up and slit
  • Thin brush-up
  • High fade Afro
  • Sharp and shaved front
  • Textured designer high fade
  • Classic fringe
  • Shaved temple fade
  • Textured French Crop
  • Low key fringe
  • Classic top fade

Be comfortable

Whatever the hairstyle that’s right for you, own it. Men’s fashion is timeless and there is no other way to keep it on top but to be passionate about it.

While there are plenty of ways on how to wear the high fade hairstyles, comfort counts and that’s our goal. Keeping you at ease and glad about our content is something that we would want to bring for a lifetime.

That is why we want to give you more fresh information about this sleek hairstyle that all men love. Because we are certain this will go on forever.

For that, the remaining photos below are posted to ensure that you still get the best out of this article. We are certain though that the entire page will provide you more exciting and fun knowledge about any hairstyle that you want.

The high fade hairstyles are amazing and men can always get the haircut that they would want to wear with this hairstyle. It’s beneficial that you know what’s best for you because it’s your fashion that affects your life.

Your appearance is important and your feelings must be considered too. Often times, you might be feeling blue, but there’s no other best way to be glad and in high spirit than getting a new haircut.

Your hairstylist can do wonders with his magical hands and ensure to visit the barbershop anytime you are comfortable.

Remember to feel great about yourself, first and foremost, and the rest will follow.


We will be adding more awesome hairstyles that will surely fit your lifestyle and your needs. Stay tuned.

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