109 Homecoming Hairstyles For Your Next Exquisite Look

Stop where you are and check out these amazing homecoming hairstyles for you.

Homecoming is something that all of us are looking forward to each year. It’s the time when we get to see our dearest friends from school or the members of our family who have been away from home for a long time. Thus, is also the time when we also prepare for various homecoming hairstyles.

Such a special occasion is worth your time gearing up – from food, venue, games to program, and more. But what’s more exciting is a makeover, especially if you want to look great in front of your friends and family.

What’s important is a hairstyle that looks great on you and something that you are comfortable with. The famous celebrities and public figures are the best examples of great hairstyles that you can copy.

Style it. Own it.

Of course, it won’t be possible if you are not interested in having a makeover. Because no matter how awesome the hairstyle is, it won’t look good if you are not too keen on having a new one.

Haircolors are also a great companion and since it’s already summer, colorful ones are really gorgeous. Red, rose gold or auburn hair are definitely popular these days and you can always achieve them through a professional hairstylist.

On that note, it is important that you know the key factors on how to take care of your hair. Colors can damage your hair if you don’t pay attention to it.

Ensure that you are taking care of your hair on a regular basis to avoid damage and breakage.

Anyway, there are plenty of homecoming hairstyles out there that you can choose from, but picking the right one for you may not be easy. That’s why we have created this page so you don’t have to bother yourself checking the internet for hairstyles.

Here, you can find lots of amazing and beautiful homecoming hairstyles for women. Check these out.

Cornrows with zigzag

Cornrows or canerows are a traditional hairstyle of the Africans that has become a household name even to this date. This is one of the most famous hairstyles that you can try for your homecoming look.

Cornrows with alternating lines

If you want more skillful hairdo, this could work best, especially when you have thick, curly hair.

Choppy bob cut

For a super short bob, you can have choppy bangs and this is great for those who have straight hair.

Long Braids

If you have long hair, you can achieve this look with ease, especially when your hair texture is thick. It looks chic and elegant.

Medium-length straight hair

For some women, straight hair could be tedious, but for others, it’s very regal and amenable. You can always style this with any hair color too.

Stylish inverted braid with a bun

A bun is something that women love to wear even on regular days. But a very chic inverted braid with different designs that ended with a bun is one of the most gorgeous homecoming hairstyles that you can trust.

Inverted braid

An inverted braid has been paving its way to the limelight. A large main braid with mini braids is something that takes a lot of effort, but the result is worth it.

Inverted braid with braided side bangs

This is the side part of the inverted braid that’s shown in the photo above. It’s very stylish and is perfect for homecoming.

Colored braids

Braids are absolutely a cool hairstyle, especially when your hair is colored. Others though mix it with colored strings or ribbons to make it chicer and elegant.

Pixie cut

Some girls also love the pixie cut, especially when it’s summer and unable to handle the heat of the sun. It’s very effortless and doesn’t take too much time to set.

Braids and curls

Braids with curled ends would be really awesome for your next look. Even the young girls are actually loving it.

Braids with hair accessories

Here’s another look for braids, but with hair accessories this time.


If you like a more formal look for braids, here’s another style that is very easy to make and doesn’t take too much time.

Short braids

Don’t worry about not getting braids because you have short hair. You can actually have this hairstyle regardless of your hair length. Try this out as your homecoming look.

Braids with lines and patterns

For these different braid styles, you may need a professional braider to achieve these. But if you know someone who can do this, it would be awesome.

Side fringe

Hairstyles with side fringes are really famous these days and this could be your next makeover for your homecoming. Your friends will surely love it.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are perfect for those who have straight hair, and if it’s longer, it’s even better. It will be more awesome.

Straight and shiny

This is definitely perfect for those who have naturally straight hair. But for those who have curls, you can still achieve this. Just go to your professional hairstylist to gear you up for your homecoming look.

Short hair with tiny braids

Headband braids are popular among women these days, but tiny braids making them a headband is something that you may want to try next.

Inverted braid with small side braids

Side braids are splendid with the addition of a big inverted braid in the middle. The top bun is also great as an accessory to this one of the coolest homecoming hairstyles.

Twisted lines and a ponytail

This is one of the rarest homecoming hairstyles that anyone will definitely want to try soon. We are definitely living for these twists that we see, especially that big twisted strand that’s part of the ponytail.

Senegalese twists

Senegalese twists are one of the best protective styles that women love to wear. Others even use different colored strings that would go along with each strand. Kanekalon braiding hair is used to create this look.

Red hair with side bangs

Hair colors always give vibrancy to whatever hairstyle you have. If you like it glowing for your homecoming, it’s awesome to get a red hair color.

Wedge cut with bangs

The wedge haircut these days is pretty famous among women. And the addition of bangs makes it even prettier! This is perfect for the homecoming event.

Silky red hair

For a funkier look on your homecoming, you can try getting red hair. But if you want it more unique, you can just do it in half and leave the rest of it in its natural or colored hair.

Curled hair with blunt bangs

Bangs are popular among women and even the blunt bangs can put life to your hair. This is going to be one of the beautiful homecoming hairstyles that you can try soon.

Silky ponytail with a twist

High ponytails are really gorgeous and are perfect for those with long hair. If you like it matchless, you can always get some strands, twist them together and tie them up with the ponytail. This would be really ideal for your homecoming soon.

Afro twist

For those with Afro-textured hair. this would be your next homecoming look. It’s pretty cute and unique.

Big hair homecoming hairstyles

Big hair is a statement. It doesn’t just catch attention, but it also gives an impact to your fashion. And if you want to be fiercer, you can get one of these homecoming hairstyles soon!

Curls and colors

Curly hair is gorgeous and if you add some colors to it, or even combine them, it would be amazing. Try this one soon!

Small Braids

For those who are keen on getting braids for the homecoming, you can copy this hairstyle.

Zigzag cornrows

You can either get the regular style for cornrows or be more stylish with these curving lines on your head for your next homecoming.

Curly braids

Braids are more stylish and prettier on curly hair. So, if you have curls and want to have braids, you can always opt for this gorgeous hairstyle. We are sure your friends are gonna love it!

Cornrows in half

This would be an awesome homecoming look if you are interested in getting braids.

Half-done cornrows with shiny straight hair

There are so many cornrows hairstyles that may suit your taste, but if you like it unique that would stand out, you can have this one.

A-line cut

An A-line haircut is perfect for those who have straight hair. If you are looking for gorgeous homecoming hairstyles, this might be the one. The addition of blue shade makes this lovelier!

Blow-dry hair in style

Your friends will be blown away with this hairstyle that is perfect for the homecoming event.

Braids and patterns

For a more intricate look, you can have braids with lines and patterns. You can always ask a friend who has magical hands to do this for you, or you go to a professional hair braider.

Shiny hair with ringlets

You all have the reason to attend the homecoming if you have this beautiful hairstyle to copy!

Thin braids

Don’t fret if you have thin hair and you want to have brads. You can always sport this hairstyle even with your thin hair. It’s cute and stylish!

Long and shiny

It’s always cool to see some shiny and long hair. It’s elegant and pretty too!

Curly pixie cut

Who says that women with curly hair can’t get a pixie haircut in style?

Pink is the new sexy

Pink hair couldn’t be more awesome. We are definitely living for it.

Different braids homecoming hairstyles

There are lots of braids hairstyles that women love and these can be your next homecoming makeover.

Halo braids

This is one of the most popular hairstyles these days and women are definitely in love with halo braids.

Chignon and half-tied

These are the perfect homecoming hairstyles!

Short hair with ringlets

Hair ringlets anyone?

Hair accessories

Your low hair bun can be more stylish with hair accessories.


Dreadlocks in style

For the rasta men and women at heart, this will be your ultimate homecoming hairstyle!


Curly Bun

You can also have this curly bun with a twist.

Fishtail and ringlets

These easy and pretty homecoming hairstyles are definitely worth it.

Half-tied low ponytail

You’re going to love this too!

All tied hair

This could be another beautiful option from the photo above.

Low twists

These tied twists look really gorgeous!

Fishtail and twists

This is just so cute we can’t resist it.

Fly away

Here’s another inspiration for those who have straight and short hair.

Halo braid in a bun

This angelic hairstyle is amazing as always!

Curled ends

A curling iron can simply achieve this look.

Top knot bun

A silky top knot bun is one of the easiest homecoming hairstyles that you can try.

Purple and pink combination

This becomes prettier with tiny curls.

Purple and blue temptation

Yes, this is definitely tempting!

Blue and blonde

You don’t have to feel blue with this pretty hair color!

Chignon twists

This is also perfect for homecoming events. Pretty!

Blonde highlights

This is very famous among young women. Why not try this one too?

Half twists

We are sure that twists are certainly lovely!

Curls with side bangs

Side fringes create a fiercer look to your curly hair.

One-sided braid

Wavy hair with one-sided braid is awesome too!

Losen halo braid with twists

This is a very effortless yet elegant hairstyle to try.

One-sided halo braid and loose hair

The hair color is effective for this look!

Half-tied braid

You can also try this one out. It’s very easy to do.

Twisted Bun

A low twisted bun is simply amazing.

Dark roots

Your blonde hair with gorgeous dark roots is enough for the homecoming.

Blonde, blue, and purple

Your homecoming couldn’t be more colorful!

One-sided fishtail

Fishtails are always gorgeous!

Braid with hair accessories

Braids can be chicer with hair embellishments!

Half-bun braid

Making a braid to a bun is unique and stylish.

Long, straight hair

Long and straight hair can be timid, but most of the time, it’s also arresting.

Small half-tied braid

You can make it simple as this!

Blonde braid

Blonde with highlights can be more beautiful with a loosen halo braid.

Beach waves

Blonde beachy waves are terrific.

Curls on ends

This is also very popular among girls. It’s trendy and pretty!

Big braid

A bigger braid with a cute bun below it is all we want.

Headband Braid

This is pretty simple but elegant.

Twists and braids

The combination of braids and twists are a perfect hairstyle for you.

Twists with side fringe

This is just so cute!

Triple halo braid

One braid is awesome enough. But a triple is regal!

Half-tied braid underneath

To pin the ends of the braid underneath a few strands of your hair is very unique and chic!

Messy at the back

For a more effortless look, you can also try this one. It’s cute!

Braid in a messy bun

A messy bun becomes prettier with a braid.

Messy small knots

Small and messy knots can be really gorgeous for your homecoming event.

Long curls

Long and curly hair is perfect too!

Big halo braid

A bigger halo braid with black hair is considerably beautiful.

Half-tied chignon

Your curls would be more beautiful with this half-tied chignon.

Beautiful homecoming hairstyles like twists and braids

This is definitely friendship goals!


When you think that shaving your head isn’t pretty, think again.

Knots and twists

For this hairstyle, you will have to curl the ends of your hair to achieve this look.

Half-tied in a braid

Your half-tied hair will never go boring.

Black curls

Yes, black women are beyond gorgeous!

Flower accessories

Whatever your hairstyle is, it will be more interesting if you include flower accessories. They are so lovely!

Black hair and curls

Side fringes add more elegance to black hair!

Ash blonde with curls

This is one of the most wonderful colors that you may want to try.

Tiny curls with hair accessories

Afro-textured hair is truly heaven sent!

Bulky top

Side braid with top knots and a bulky hair at the top center is something really magnificent.

Half-tied blonde

If you like it simple and easy, a half-tied hair would do it.

Half-tied with big twists

The unique hair color combination is just amazing!

Tied braids and knots

Here are another unique and stylish braids that you can try with knots.

Braids invasion

Braids are just the best when it comes to hairstyles. These are really cute!

Messy ringlets on blonde

This is one of our favorite homecoming hairstyles!

Silky blonde with highlights

One can well imagine how pretty you can be with these big waves on your homecoming!

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