How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Evening, dinner, candle lights, romantic music, and the cherished red box. Or maybe your girlfriend is dreaming about a different proposal? Men usually believe that every girl dreams about the standard proposal when her boyfriend is on his knee, holding an opened box with a ring inside. And, of course, with magic phrases about unearthly love for her and ask her to become a wife.

But is everything so simple? And does everyone dreams of such a banal proposal? After all, she is the one and the most beloved woman for you. Are you going to make her a proposal the same way as they do it in soap operas? Why don’t you try to be original? Remember, your proposal is very important to her. She should be delighted with your proposal, and, of course, she should say yes at the end.

Try to find inspiration in our list of proposal ideas. Maybe, you will find there the best way for you to propose, and all that you will need to do is to adapt it a little bit to suit your particular situation.

If your girlfriend is a very open person and likes to be in the center of attention, then you can safely make a proposal in public places, using quests and flash mobs. With a little help from a large group of friends and relatives, you will be able to do it.

  1. Invite your girlfriend to the cinema, and then, in the middle of the session, quietly leave the hall. But before you do this, make sure that you had talked to the administrator and he or she had agreed to interrupt the movie. At the same moment when he or she interrupts the movie, you should appear with a bouquet and a treasured box with the ring. Then ask her to be your wife in front of all those spectators.
  2. If you and your girlfriend like attending big sports events, then you may try to ask the administration during the break to show on the board the inscription, like “Name, last name, will you marry me?” Your task is to make your girlfriend see the phrase on the screen.
  3. If you are a guy with talents, then you can propose from the stage. You can sing, dance, read rap or poetry – just choose the right event and get ready. Talk to the administration when you are ready to make sure that they will allow you to do this.
  4. You may want to use a billboard to propose. This type of outdoor advertisement is perfect if your girlfriend loves attention. The most important is to choose her best photo (she must like herself on this photo).
  5. Invite a girl to a concert of her favorite band or singer. Ask the artist to help you propose to your girlfriend. Make sure that someone will deliver you flowers and the ring when the time comes. Then you just need to make a proposition in front of hundreds of people. Sounds easy, right?

If your girlfriend is more romantic and into classics, then you will have to go through all the romantic comedies and melodramas to find the best way to make her an offer. Plus, it will help you with planning your wedding.

  1. Invite your girlfriend to have dinner at a restaurant. Invite the violinist or ask the pianist to play her favorite melody. And then propose. Classic.
  2. If you want to propose during the sun or somewhere on the islands, make it in the evening on the beach. Make a heart from the candles and ask her the most important question, “Will you marry me?”
  3. Or you may plan a perfect weekend at a rented country house where you will propose under the moonlight and the stars. She will remember this cozy romantic proposal for the rest of her life.
  4. You can go on a romantic trip to one of the cities of love to make a proposal. For example, Paris or Venice. All that you will need there is to choose the best spot and the most suitable words.

The best place or time is not everything. Some things are way more important. You must love each other. Your everyday love is what matters. What is the point of having the best date or making the most glorious proposal if you don’t love each other? You should love every single moment when you are together.

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