117 Dainty Individual Braids For A Summery Look

Creating summery hair ideas means beautiful individual braids.

Individual braids are amongst the most beautiful hairstyles that men and women love. The creative appearance makes it more dramatic and soulful that we absolutely can’t refuse.

It’s summertime and we are certain that everyone has been planning on getting fresh hairstyles that would fit the weather. While there are so many protective styles out there that you can try, the selection is tough.

Just like the cornrow braids, individual braids are tremendously popular among women and even men. This is worn not only for fashion but also to keep the hair protected from any weather, especially too much heat from the sun.

While others use synthetic braiding hair to make the hairstyle sharper, some women who were blessed with thick hair don’t actually need it. They would just use their natural hair to achieve this look and we are indeed living for it.

Your hair growth becomes healthier with this protective style as you can avoid pulling it tight or even yanking. This will prevent damage or breakage since your ends are tucked away carefully.

We have just said hello to summer and it means that we are going to have a confusion between saving for a vacation or spend on a new hairstyle. I would say that doing both is totally fine, especially that a summer hairstyle is indeed a feat.

But yes, picking a hairstyle that looks great on you isn’t easy. That is why we have compiled the best individual braids thus far in one dedicated page to make your day better.

Check out these different braid hairstyles that you may want to consider for your next summer makeover.

Long and black individual braids

Whether you like it big or small braids, long and black is simply elegant with individual braids.


Braiding close to the scalp is way pretty plus styling it with lines or patterns is beyond unique.

Side part braids

To keep the side part of your voluminous, you can always take sides – left or right. It’s very stylish too.

One-sided with flowers

This is one pretty styling for these braids giving the one-sided hairstyle more emphasis. The addition of a flower accessory is even better.

Full cornrows

Here’s another pretty styling for the cornrows, but it’s done on the entire head, and not just on top.

Alternating small and medium cornrows

If you want more unique and chicer cornrows, you can have this alternating cornrows with the small braids in between.

Layered braids

Braids have a lot of stying that you can have and they’re all great. But here’s a very unique style that you can try. A few braids from the top are ceased in the middle part and another line is started down to the nape.

Tied braids with elastic hair accessories

Some women want stylish braids where they add elastic hair ties that would complement braids styling. You can use colored rubber bands on this one too.

Black individual braids with silver cuffs

Cuffs are also famous on dreadlocks where they are put for a more stylish look. Some put silver or gold to make it more trendy and pretty.

Neat and tied braids

Here’s another alternating braids hairstyle, but they are neatly tied this time.

Divided braids with rubber bands

Colorful rubber bands are used to make the braids look more vivid and stylish.

Braids low bun

Low buns are absolutely popular and it looks great on braids too.

Triangle style

Some professional hair braiders often love styling the braids that make them stylish and more unique. This triangle style is one of the best!

Voluminous one-sided braids

To keep your braids look volumized and neat, you can ask your hairstylist to keep the braid strands only on the side part.

Curly hair meets braids

This is one of the chicest braid hairstyles we’ve seen thus far where the braids ended close to the ends of the hair. The curly hair makes it amazing!


Highlighted braids

If you want to keep your braids colorful with highlights, don’t lose the highlights or use a synthetic extension that can go with them.

Alternating braids with different lines

Small, medium, or large – whatever you like, it would still look great on this hairstyle.

Senegalese twist

This rope-like hairstyle won’t just protect your hair, but it will make you feel more comfortable with braids that you want this summer.

Silky braids

If you have naturally shiny hair, it’s awesome, but you can also use synthetic extensions to make it look more stunning and silky.

Senegalese twist with gold highlights

Regardless of the color that you like for the highlights, it will still look gorgeous on this hairstyle.


You can try different ways on how to wear this protective style and the half-tied hairstyle looks promising.

Middle part with colored yarns

One thing that we like the most with braids is the diversity of styling that most women definitely admire. This style, with a single small braid in the middle, is absolutely stunning with colorful yarns or elastic rubber bands.

Box Braids

These braids are famous throughout Africa and later on made way in all continents. Also called boxy, these are done into square division.

Jumbo braids with highlights

If you have naturally thick hair, you’re luckier because you can always have jumbo braids anytime you like. But you may also use hair extensions to achieve this look.

Ghana braids

The Ghana braids or banana cornrows have many ways to style, and this one right here is very stylish. It’s very intricate and flexible to wear.

One-sided braid strands

Medium size braids in one side look stunning with long and black hair.

Braids space bun

Space buns can look more awesome with braids matched with hair accessories.

Nigerian braids

There are a lot of ways to wear the Nigerian braids, but if you can do it this way, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

African braids with color

Braids styling is aggressive and solid, which aims a sharper look. A simple African braid hairstyle can be prettier with hair colors.

Long and one-sided

Long braids are certainly attractive, especially when they are done with one side getting most of the strands.

Simple individual braids

This will be the best example of easy and simple braids that don’t require too much of your effort. However, it still looks remarkable and very trendy too.

Easy triangle braids

Here’s a different take of the box braids that’s easy to do, but definitely stunning. Instead of square hair division, the sectioning is going to be a triangle.

Goddess Braids

The goddess braids are paving their way back this year with the variety of styling that we surely love. It has a different take from the goddess braids with its versatility and uniqueness.

High ponytail

Just like the dreadlocks, braids are really dainty and gorgeous when you style them using the high ponytail.

Easy individual braids

Box braids are really pretty to wear. They’re edgy and effortless that can be worn in any style.

Middle part box braids

These are prettier than ever and super famous among women.

Bob box braids

Short hair becomes more elegant and trendy with box braids that are styled in many ways.

Accentuated braids

Individual braids are one of the hairstyles that can keep your hair protected and looking-trendy at the same time. The addition of colored extensions or hair accessories would be cooler.

Black half-tied braids

Black braids are regal and you can style them in any way you like that makes you comfortable.

Big twists

These are bigger Senegalese twists with incomparable elegance.

Red box braids

Barbadian singer Rihanna recently switched her looks to flashy red box braids like this one that her fans envy, We are absolutely living for it!

One-sided box braids

Brown hair is perfect for getting braids too and with the one-sided hairstyle, it becomes dandier and more refined.

Red synthetic accessories

For a gaudier look, you can either get red highlights or use red synthetic braid extensions.

Faux crochet braids

These are similar to synthetic dreadlocks that look gorgeous with its burgundy color. You may these too!

Faux burgundy and gold braids

If you like thicker and flashier braids, there are plenty of synthetic hair extensions out there that you can get.

Black braids with cuff

Gold cuffs are too gorgeous on black braids we can’t handle it!

Inverted braids

The typical braids are done from the top of the head down to the nape. But with inverted braids, these are made starting from the nape until the ends of the hair.

Feed-in middle part braids

These are famous these days with different hair accessories or colorful hair extensions.

Long and black box braids

Whatever styling you would want for your braids, you can assure its elegance and comfort.

Silky one-sided braids

There is nothing more elegant than having shiny braids!

Red triangle braids

Your red hair couldn’t be any better with triangle braids that can be styled in the chicest way.

Feed in braids

One of the things that we love about braids is the variety of styling that you can surely have.

Ponytail cornrows

With so many pretty hairstyles for cornrows, this one is on our top list.

Tidy feed in braids

These beautiful individual braids are neatly done and you can never say no for sure!

Top half-bun twists

Taking your twists to the next level is something that we all want this summer.

Chic Nigerian braids

When all else fails, these stylish Nigerian braids will be your savior. It’s very trendy and painstakingly done.

Simple box braids

The austerity of these braids and clear – elegance and style would just do it.

Stylish Nigerian braids

Whether you want the ponytail or not, you can’t refuse to have these very trendy and chicest Nigerian braids.

Box braids with blonde extensions

The box braids with colorful extensions are very feminine and stylish.

Trendy triangle braids

These triangle braids would do great this summer.

Jumbo triangle braids with elastic tie

No matter the size of the braids, you’d still gonna rock them in style.

Neatly tied Nigerian braids

We are saying yes to this Nigerian braids hairstyle.

Four individual braids with cuffs

With these four thick braids with silver cuffs, you can stand out from the others.

Feed in cornrows

You can either have these braids tied, or let them loose.

Black angled triangle braids

These braids can be your daily look.

Jumbo goddess braids

You can also add some hair accessories like colored elastic ties for a flashier look.

Wide triangle braids

Whether your hair color is permanent or temporary, these bigger triangle braids are perfect this summer.

Individual braids with dainty hair accessories

Among the hair accessories, this could be the top one on this list.

Fulani braids

The Fulani braids are inspired by the Fulani Muslim ethnic group in Africa. These are normally done with beads or cuffs.

Fulani braids updo

If you want a stylish updo, you can try this one out.

Cool bob braids

Your short locks can be this cool with braids.

Neat individual braids

Here’s one hairstyle that is very seamless.

How to care for your braids

A complete installation of your braids doesn’t just end there. Although braids are very low maintenance, you still need to make an extra effort to care for them so that you can have healthy hair.

These are the few tips for you to enjoy your braids for a few months.

  • Moist your scalp regularly. You can apply a leave-in conditioner at least twice or thrice a week.
  • Keep your braids protected. To keep your edges smooth, use a satin or silk pillow or wrap it using a scarf.
  • Wash your braids carefully. It is very important that you wash your braids to avoid any build-ups. But don’t overdo it. You can wash them at least once a week or use dry shampoo.
  • Go easy on products with strong chemicals. Yes, we understand that you want to style your braids using hair products. But you need to choose carefully because too much can be bad too.
  • Dry your braids before styling. If you style your hair while it’s wet, there is a good chance that it might get dandruff, bad smell, or any bacteria.

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