53 Gorgeous Long Layered Hairstyles

Long layered hairstyles are timeless and always trendy. Layers can give thick and unmanageable hair some movement, but can also make thin or fine hair look like it has more volume. This makes these gorgeous hairstyles a favorite among all hair types!

Layers are a great way to update your hairstyle without actually losing any of the length. It’s a versatile look that can suit hair being up or down, curly or straight, and stops your hair from looking straggly or unkempt. This simple style typically flatters most face shapes as well so it really is a look that can suit everyone.

We’ve gathered 53 of our favorite long layered looks to inspire you.

1. Long and Straight Ginger Hair

Layers give your hair so much movement and energy making long and straight hair look really trendy.

2. Dark Wavy Tousled Look

In this style you can see how the layers really bring out the different shades of brown and red in the hair. This is a great hairdo for showing off the different colors of your hair.

3. Long Blonde Straightened Hair

The layers in the hair have been straightened and it gives this style a really sleek and smooth look that would go well in a professional setting or even a party.

4. Gorgeous Loose Blonde Curls

Layers make loose curls look really good as it gives the hair volume and bounce, the layers stop the curls from looking bottom heavy and give the curls movement.

5. Highlighted Curls

These curls are quite tight, and the highlights that are running through the hair give this style depth. This would be a great, simple look for a wedding that would show off the layers and colors in your hair.

6. Ombre Straight Layers

This style is a popular look at the moment, the layers and the ombre from brown to blond work well in giving the hair a natural sunkissed look with lots of depth.

7. Messy Layers

This is a style that is purposely messy, perfect for days out where you don’t want to be worrying about your hair. It has a lot of volume to it and is low effort!

8. Extra Long Sleek Style

This is a style for really long hair, long straight layers give it a really silky, glossy look that’s perfect for the office.

9. Loose Tumbling Curls

These curls have a lot of movement to them, and flow really well. It’s a perfect style for any occasion.

10. Straight and Glossy

This is a look that is easy to do, simple and effective. Straight hair is a great way to show off the layers and it works for any color or length.

11. Elegant Curls

Long, flowing curls always appear very elegant and this style has lots of bounce and volume to it, perfect for a special occasion!

12. Long Ombre Style

This is a timeless hairstyle, with flicked out ends to give it a boost and the very trendy ombre coloring through it.

13. Sexy Dark Locks

A bit of a cheeky photo, this style is long, sexy, and tousled to appear like a low effort look.

14. Tight Princess Curls

This curly style is perfect for girls wanting to feel like a princess for the day, it’s a perfect look with lots of shine so the hair looks healthy.

15. Edgy Side Fringe

A side fringe is a great way to shake layered hair up a bit, and give your face some shape while you’re at it.

16. Classic Curls

A very classic look for long hair, this style is great for framing your face and bringing out the different length and colors.

17. Straight and Silky

The difference in lengths and color is much sharper in this style, it’s a more bold coloring for those of us who are more daring.

18. Innocent Blond Curls

This look comes across very sweet and innocent, a very cute and simple way to wear your hair.

19. Heavy Fringe Style

A fringe is a great way to shape your face and bring out your eyes, this look is very flattering for longer faces, and gives thick hair a lot of bounce and volume while reducing the weight of it.

20. Shiny Curls

This look is simple but glamorous, perfect for a girl who wants to look great without having to spend hours curling their hair.

21. Bright Blond Waves

There’s a lot of bounce to the chic and trendy style.

22. Tousled Brown Style

This hair is tousled with gentle waves running through it. The curls give the hair a lot of volume, hopefully you will like it as much as the model does!

23. Flowing Waves

This is a great style for long and thick hair that might not hold a curl as well, it adds depth to the hair and creates an elegant look.

24. Long and Graceful

These curls are beautiful and give the hair a sleek, cute style, they look very elegant and sophisticated.

25. Straight and Spiky

Flicking out the ends of the hair in this way creates a trendy, edgy look for girls with straight hair.

26. Long Thick Hair

This is a look that suits thick hair and frames round faces well, the ends curving into the middle gives the look texture, a great simple look for day-to-day life!

27. Thick Beautiful Curls

The below picture is a great example of how curls can add flexibility, and movement to long hair. There’s a lot of bounce to this style it reallty brings out the difference in colors.

28. Choppy Layers

This cut is choppy which adds a lot of texture to the hair, it’s good for looking tousled and like a bedhead. The style has a bit of edge that is sure to make any girl stand out from the crowd.

27. Face-Framing Curls

These curls frame the models face beautifully, the color and layers give a soft and gentle look, and is a very chic and cute style.

28. Silky Brown Curls

This image is a perfect example of how much a simple change to color and style can lift up hair, giving it more texture and silky smooth curls. The highlights make the hair appear lighter and there is more flexibility to the style.

29. Simple Side Parting Style

This is an easy style with a side parting and no fringe, it means the upkeep is easy on a daily basis while keeping you looking trendy, the layers really frame the face and the color is perfect for people with brown eyes.

30. Wide Curls

These styles with straight hair around the face and curls afterwards are very popular, they frame the face well and give the style lots of movement.

31. Chic Straight Style

Straight hair looks great with layers, this style cascades down the back and the color gives the hair some depth, perfect for girls with thinner hair.


32. Before and after – dark red curls and layers

This is another example of how much a long layered hairstyle can lift the hair, the color and curls work together to add movement and bounce to the style. The color is slightly edgy but still remains professional, perfect for a bold office worker who wants to stand out from the crowd.

33. Classic Layers

This is a timeless layered look, the first layer frames the face well and the rest adds body to the hair. The difference in colors from blonde to brunette lifts the look too.

34. Wide Waves

This is another style perfect for a professional look, simple to do but looks great and will be sure to make anyone look twice.

35. Caramel Colored Curls

These loose curls make the hair flow well down the back, giving a flexible style. It’s perfect for girls with thicker hair.

36. Tight Dark Curls

These curls are a bit tighter than in the previous photo, which gives the hair more bounce and volume but they work well at bringing out the darker tones of color in the hair too.

37. Slight Ombre 

This is a very brown ombre style where only the ends are blond, it adds a lot of texture to the hair and the layering at the edge works for girls with thinner hair who want to look like they have thick hair.

38. Long Flowing Waves

This beautiful style is straightforward and easy, just adding a simple wave to the hair has brought out the different brunette colors through it, and given the layers some depth.

39. Elegant Layered Curls

These curls are very wide, framing the face with the use of a side fringe, and showing off all the stunning colors that run through the hair. It’s a graceful style suitable for any occasion.

40. Straight with tight curls

This hair is quite refined, straight down the face with very tight curls around the shoulders and back. It’s a great way to show off the different highlights, while adding bounce and volume. Perfect for a special event or party!

41. Chic Layers

The layers here are all different lengths, some designed to frame the face around the shoulders and the others add depth to the hair the longer it gets. It’s a great way to thin out thick hair and lose some weight without getting rid of the length.

42. Long Shiny Curls

This just shows how changing the color to be more natural and adding glossy and silky curls can make your hair look much healthier. This style is beautiful and elegant, perfect for long hair.

43. Sweet Waves

These waves give an air of innocence and look easy to do at home, the blonde and brunette works well together to add texture and bring out the different highlights.

44. Pretty in Purple

This style has a lot of layers to it, the purple gives it a bold edge that would make anyone stand out. The layers bounce and have a lot of movement, it’s perfect for a girl with thick hair who isn’t afraid to try bolder colors.

45. Long Sleek Black Hair

This smooth and shiny style adds texture at the bottom with the curled edges of the hair, but still keeps its length and thickness.

46. Highlighted Hair

One of the great things about this style is the color, the highlights mean almost every strand of hair looks different and shines in the light. The curls are simple, loose and easy. This style is perfect for the girl on the go who wants to look good without a lot of effort.

47. Long Rolling Waves

These sleek waves roll through the hair perfectly giving an elegant look that brings out the different shades of brown and blond.

48. Sexy Loose Curls

This is a classic curly hairstyle, the curls flow right down the back giving volume and bounce to the style. It’s a great option for girls with thick hair who want to show it off.

49. Long and Chic

This is a simply style that is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and is straightforward. A tousled look with simple waves.

50. Tight Princess Curls

This style is loose around the face with tight curls rolling down the back, it’s great when you want a fresh look that will make your hair bounce and shows off all the dark colors.

51. Platinum Layers

This style with the platinum blonde looks great with the layers, it really brings out the colors and helps to frame the face well. Perfect for a girl who isn’t afraid to make a statement with her hair.

52. Wide Flowing Waves

This hairstyle is all about framing the face with the small waves while showing off the length and color, the curls get tighter towards the bottom which gives the style lots of flexibility and movement while keeping it loose around the face.

53. Messy Curls

Finally, we have a look with messy curls. Messy curls are easy to do as you don’t need to make sure the curls are symmetrical and match, you can add some wave to the hair and be on your way. Perfect for a girl who wants to look good on the move.

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