255+ Matching Couple Tattoos That Mark Great Relationships

Love is always around the corner. Whether you’re married or you are with a partner, you will always find a lot of things that symbolize or remind you about love. One of the more permanent reminders of love are tattoos. couple tattoos          

What Are Tattoos?

A tattoo is a kind of body art where dyes are injected on the skin using needles. These needles are like pens that are used to draw and color the designs. A needle is used because, in order to make the tattoo permanent, the pigment should go deep into the layer of the skin.

A permanent tattoo is different from a henna tattoo because the latter is temporary. Henna tattoos also take its name from the henna plant which is where the dye is from. Henna tattoos only last for 2-4 weeks and their application on the skin does not hurt at all. 

Why Do People Get Tattoos? 

If a tattoo is permanent, then why do people, even couples, get a tattoo? Here are some of the reasons why.

Sentimental Reasons

The main reason for why a lot of people get tattoos is for sentimental reasons. This means that people get tattoos to mark certain life experiences or to have a symbol for their past. The fact that a tattoo is permanent reinforces the thought that the meaning behind the tattoo will always be a part of you.


Tattoos are perfect for reminding you of certain events and people. Some put Bible verses as their tattoos because it reminds them about God’s counsel while others tattoo the name of the person they love to remind them of their relationship. As a couple, it could be a great idea to have a tattoo that will remind you of each other.

Form Of Self-Expression

Tattoos are described as a form of body art. With that said, it is considered as a way for people to express themselves and their individualism. Since tattoos are highly personal, a lot of people attach meaning to their tattoos that make them stand out of the crowd. Almost every person has attached a meaning, whether deep or shallow, to their tattoos simply because they say something about themselves and their experiences.


Similar to those who get henna tattoos, one of the reasons why people get a tattoo is because their culture says so. There are cultures that practice doing tattoos as a symbol of their roots and their beliefs. It can also be a sign of patriotism and reverence for the gods that other people believe in. This is common among tribes and religious groups.

Moreover, there are subcultures that promote getting tattoos. Take, for example, rocker and punk subcultures where tattoos are a means of showing who they are.


You might be surprised, but getting a tattoo can be addicting to some people. Although people think that this is a form of masochism, people find the pain they feel in getting a tattoo is oddly satisfying. There are people who develop a fondness in getting tattoos because the pain helps them feel better or validated. For those who have gotten tattoos, the feeling of going through the pain and surviving it makes them feel a lot braver.

A Design Attracts Them

Lastly, the reason why people get a tattoo can be as simple as being attracted to a certain design. Since there are a lot of designs imaginable, it’s impossible to not fall for at least a single design that you are encouraged to get it inked to your body. It also seems fitting if you find a matching couple design that you and your partner will fall in love with. 

What Couples Should Consider When Getting Tattoos

It’s one thing to get a tattoo for yourself, but it is a whole different thing to get matching tattoos. If you plan on getting matching tattoos with your partner, here are a few things you should consider.

couple tattoos       

Your Willingness

Before anything else, both of you should be willing to get a tattoo. Unlike any other object or remembrance, a tattoo is very permanent that you cannot erase it. If you want to erase it, you have to go through expensive and painful methods that do not even guarantee a complete tattoo removal. So, before you get inked both of you should be 100% sure that you want to get matching tattoos that describe your relationship.

Each One’s Pain Tolerance

Pain tolerance is another thing. Apart from being sure you want to get a tattoo, both of you should be mindful of each other’s pain tolerance. Depending on where you decide to put your matching tattoo, your pain tolerance can either be low or high. There are also known areas in the body that are more painful to get a tattoo on than the others. If your partner is afraid of needles, then a tattoo might be too much for them to handle. But if both of you still insist on getting a tattoo, then it is recommended to put your first tattoo on a less painful area.

Your Budget

The next thing you have to consider is your budget. A tattoo is expensive. In fact, the more detailed, the more unique, and the more sensitive the placement is, the more expensive your tattoo will cost. Most tattoo artists charge an hourly rate so if you keep your design to a minimum, then you might save on your bill. You might also get a discount if both of you will get a tattoo.


The Design

So you’re sure you want a tattoo and you have a budget prepared for it. What now? One of the things you should think of now is the design. Apart from the convincing stage, choosing the design takes the longest time. This is because there are a lot of matching couple tattoo designs that could describe your relationship. When picking a design, it’s ideal to have the input of both of you.

Your Relationship’s Stability

Lastly, you ought to check on your relationship’s stability. A tattoo is permanent and if you plan on putting a non-generic couples tattoo and your relationship is unstable, then you might end up regretting getting a tattoo. If you think that getting a couple’s tattoo is an appealing idea despite your rocky relationship, then you might want to stick to a design that is generic or does not have your partner’s personal information (like name and birthdate). 

Matching Couple Tattoos For People In Love

Whether you’re in a relationship or whether you’re very close to a sibling or a best friend, matching tattoos are always going to be a great idea. Here are some tattoo ideas you can use.

Lock And Key

Lock and key tattoos are a classic for people in relationships. Although they aren’t exactly “matching”, lock and key designs perfectly depict a lot of couples. These two items symbolize unlocking each other’s inner selves and being able to trust the other of their secrets. Other symbolisms include being able to complete each other because one is never complete nor useful without the other.


Sun And Moon

Like the lock and key tattoo, the sun and moon is a design used even before modern times. The sun and the moon are two very different cosmic bodies but both are important for man. When it comes to their meanings, the sun often symbolizes power, vigor, and excitement whereas the moon often symbolizes tranquility, stability, and fertility. Most of the time, the moon is associated with women because the moon’s cycle resembles the woman’s fertility cycle.

King And Queen

Another his and hers tattoo is the king and queen. King and queen tattoos are very popular among young and old couples. However, even if they are popular, you can always add elements that will make your tattoo more unique and personal. One of the things you can do is by putting a quote underneath the king and queen crowns. You can also choose to have each other’s names inked.


Heartbeat Line

Moving on to actual matching tattoos, a heartbeat line is a more unique choice for getting the same tattoos. Heartbeat lines symbolize the importance of living in general. Putting it into a loving relationship’s context, a heartbeat line can show the importance of having each other in their lives. You can also put a twist in this design by mimicking the style of a heartbeat line to write the name of your partner.

Connecting Sentences 

Not exactly a matching tattoo, but connecting sentences is another design idea perfect for couples. Because you are working on sentences and phrases, there are so many words to choose from. Remember that the essence of connecting sentences is that the half of the phrase or sentence should be found in the same area on your partner’s body.

Wedding Rings

There is no other couple tattoo that says more about commitment and love than a wedding ring tattoo. Although this design is not recommended to replace actual wedding rings, these are still a good remembrance of a lifelong commitment. Aside from the literal sense that tattoos last a lifetime, wedding ring tattoos also symbolize strength and endurance especially through sickness and in health. It is the perfect image of two people deciding to be together no matter what.

Puzzle Pieces

You can probably infer what a puzzle piece tattoo symbolizes. However, in terms of couples, puzzle pieces shouldn’t be matching as partners should be able to complement and complete each other and not just be very similar to each other. Depending on the design of the puzzle pieces, it can mean a lot of things to different people. One meaning often used is “things falling into place”. This is often true for people who have gone through a lot of troubles in love. A puzzle piece symbolizes that understanding that everything was meant to happen and your partner is the missing puzzle piece.


Common Placements For Couple Tattoos

Although you are free to put your tattoo wherever you want, couple tattoos don’t work like that especially when you want to show them off or when they are connecting tattoos. Here are some common placements you can consider for your couple tattoos.


The shoulder is often considered as a place where women put their tattoos. Although there is some truth in this (in the same way that arm tattoos are considered manlier), it still depends on the tattoo design. The shoulder is great for tattoos that are compact or medium in size.

Below The Collarbone

Tattoos that are small are perfect for the area below the collarbone. Not only are they subtle, but they aren’t also a common place to put a tattoo on. Ideal tattoo designs on this area would be quotes and horizontal designs. This is because your collarbone is horizontal so it only gives the right perspective to your tattoo.

Above The Elbow

This hidden area is a great place if you want to keep your couple tattoo low-key. If you wear long sleeves a lot, you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing your tattoo. And even if you don’t wear long sleeves, not a lot of people will notice a tattoo just above your elbow. This area may sound feminine to you, but this tucked away area is perfect for small matching tattoos that aren’t meant for everyone’s eyes.couple tattoos


Unlike the previous body parts, the forearm is probably the most obvious area where you can put your matching tattoos. You don’t even have to have matching tattoos to consider putting a tattoo here because the space is big enough to have even large tats.

Inner Wrist

The inner wrist is one of the more sensitive areas for you to put a tattoo. This is because it has a lot of nerves underneath it and the skin is close to the bone. When the skin is close to the bone, you will feel a mild discomfort at the very least. It’s almost as if you feel the buzzing sound of the needle on your bones.


Another hidden tattoo spot is the ankle. If you’re planning of getting small matching tattoos, then the ankle is a perfect spot. When you place a tattoo here, it acts as an added accessory to your foot. It’s also one of the subtler body parts where you can put tiny tattoos.


Preparing For Your Tattoo Appointment

So you’re ready to get that tattoo and you’re just waiting for your appointment. Even though you are sure you will get hurt or be in discomfort at the very least, you can lessen this by making sure you prepare well. Here are six things you should do to make your first tattoo appointment more comfortable.

No Alcohol

When your tattoo appointment is near, it’s time to avoid any form of blood thinner like alcohol. Blood thinners will make your skin bleed more easily and this will not be good for you. When your skin bleeds easily, there are higher chances to get an infection and the worst case is you might have to postpone your appointment.

Avoid Damages To The Skin

Even if a lot of people decide to get permanent tattoos while on the beach, it will be best to avoid getting one when your skin is soaked in tanning lotion or saltwater and it has been exposed to the sun for a long time. The last thing you want to have is a reaction with the tanning lotion and the dye. It will also be difficult for you when your sun-bathed skin starts to peel around the area of your new tattoo.

Eat A Full Breakfast

On the day of your appointment, don’t forget to eat a full breakfast. Now you don’t have to stuff yourself until you are on the brink of vomiting, but you have to eat something that will keep you from being hungry during the whole tattoo appointment. This will keep you from being nauseous and weak. Besides, the last thing you want to think about is your rumbling stomach when you’re already in discomfort.

Stay Hydrated

Aside from eating a full breakfast, it’s helpful to stay hydrated before and even during the tattoo session. Having the right amount of water in your body does wonders especially if you’re in for a lot of discomfort. At the same time, don’t forget to bring your own water jug when you go to your tattoo appointment. This will help you calm down as more oxygen is supplied to your body.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

One of the most forgotten tips to make your first tattoo session more comfortable is wearing the right clothes. The ideal outfit for people getting a tattoo is a set of comfy clothes that are light and airy. It will also help that your tattoo artist can get easy access to the area where you want to get a tattoo. So, if you are getting a tattoo on the arm, wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops.

Bring Distractions

Even though you will be going with your significant other, it doesn’t hurt to bring additional things to keep you distracted. Depending on the size and design of your tattoo, it can range from an hour to four hours, so you might want to bring a book or earphones with you. This will also help your tattoo artist focus on the tattoo itself than you moving around all the time. 

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Taking Care Of Your New Tattoo 

Once you get a tattoo, it’s so easy to get excited (and you should be!) about your couple’s tattoo. However, in order to get the most out of your tattoo, make sure that you focus on two things during the first week of your tattoo. Those are preventing infection and keeping the quality of your tattoo. Here are tips so you can do these things.

Tip #1: Don’t scratch it. 

By now, you are probably itching to touch your tattoo. But don’t do that just yet or else you’ll ruin the tattoo and you will increase the chances of it getting infected. Most of the time, fresh tattoos get bruises and wounds but that is normal because your skin is adjusting to the pain of the needle. If you see a wound right after the appointment, you better tell the tattoo artist about it so they can put a bandage on.

Tip #2: Moisturize twice a day.

To keep your tattoo intact and to prevent your skin from drying, make sure to moisturize frequently. During the first day, your tattoo artist will most likely put petroleum jelly or moisturizing lotion over your tattoo to relieve you of the pain.

Tip #3: Avoid swimming.

It’s a given that water has a lot of bacteria. Whether you are in a swimming pool, the sea, or even a bathtub, bacteria is easily transmitted when it is on water. For the first two weeks of your tattoo, make sure that you don’t soak the tattoo for long periods of time.

Tip #4: Avoid sunbathing.

Aside from swimming, you should also avoid sunbathing. Although sunbathing is relatively safer in terms of getting infection, the sun’s UV rays can have an effect on the quality of your tattoo. For one, the UV rays cause the ink to lighten. In effect, the tattoo might look like the color has faded. Some ink colors can also change hues which will ruin your tattoo. So if you can help it, avoid staying under the sun excessively.

By now, you already have a comprehensive guide in picking matching tattoos with your partner. No matter how big or small the tattoo is, it’s important to not forget why you’re getting it and the meaning you’ve attached to the tattoo. In this way, you’ll always be reminded of your love for your other half.

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