125 Mom Tattoos: Tattoos For Commemorating Motherhood!

Motherhood isn’t easy. In fact, it’s the only job that is 24/7. Whether you have one, two, or a lot of kids, it doesn’t get any easier over time. Add to that the problems you’ll get from generation gaps, puberty, and peer pressure that your children will inevitably feel at some point.

So to mark being a mom, why not get a tattoo for it?

Why People Get Inked

Now you might be one of those people who put a stigma on having a tattoo. Well, don’t worry, because you are not the only one. In fact, back then a lot of people claimed that having a tattoo will damage the career paths of professionals because those who had tattoos were linked to having bad behavior and addiction.

However, all these changed after a few years. Today, kids as young as 16 get inked with their parents’ consent. Some even go to different states where minors getting inked are allowed. So if children can do it, why can’t you? Here are a few things that might convince you.

mom tattoos

  1. They are great reminders


No, they aren’t supposed to be reminders of your kids’ schedules. They can be reminders of who you are as a person, what you really want, and who you want to be. What’s great about tattoos is that just because you are a mom, there are certain designs that are limited to you. This isn’t the case and you can design whatever tattoo that makes you feel important and loved.

  1. They show self-love

As a mom, a lot of things will happen that will make you forget that you matter. At the same time, when you have kids, most of your waking (and sleeping) hours will be dedicated to them and to keeping the household intact. This does not only apply to stay-at-home moms because even moms who work have a duty to their family. So, to give yourself some self-love, you can design your own tattoo and get it done. Besides, tattoos have always been a way of expressing yourself and your individuality should not stop when you become a mother.


  1. They are unique

Speaking of individuality, tattoos are a great way to show your personality. You can create a design that will say something about you or will mark an important event in your life. Some moms like getting inked after they give birth to their children. It’s a great way to show dedication to your family.

But if you want the tattoo to be about you, then you are free to think about a design that talks about you and your experiences. You can even have it designed by a tattoo artist himself if you want it to be more detailed.

  1. You deserve it

If by now you are convinced to getting a tattoo but somehow have a bit of hesitation running around in your mind, then you should know that if a tattoo is what you really want, then you should go get one. You are working 24/7 with your kids and you also act as a role model to your family. Not only that, but you also have to make an adult decision for the well-being of the whole so you might as well gift yourself something that will make you feel good in the long run.

mom tattoos

What To Consider When Getting A Tattoo


As a mom, you have to realize that there is more to consider when getting a tattoo as compared to when you were a teenager. Here are some of the things you should put considerable time thinking of before designing your own tattoo.

  1. Family concerns

There are a lot of implications when getting a tattoo. As a mom, your parents might not agree with it while your kids might start getting inked once you get one for yourself. Although you can ignore what your parents will tell you (because you are already an adult in your own right), you can’t simply brush off what your children will think and feel.

Young children are curious to try new things. If you plan on getting a tattoo, make sure to explain to them what a tattoo is, never forgetting to emphasize its permanence. You might have some reservations about minors getting inked so it’s best that you discuss this with your children. In doing so, keep an open mind and make sure they understand the gravity of getting a tattoo.

  1. Permanence

Tattoos are permanent. Once you get inked, there is no turning back. There could be treatments that can remove a tattoo, but they are expensive and painful. What’s worse is that after all the pain and money you spend, there isn’t even a guarantee of the tattoo being removed completely. That is a pretty big price to pay.

So before getting a tattoo, think hard and well about this. Don’t get a tattoo when you’re stressed, happy, or in the mood. There should be a lot of thinking involved when getting a tattoo because like it or not, it will also be there until the end. If you aren’t sure if you can commit to it, try using temporary tattoos like henna so you can get a feel of it.

  1. Cost


You also have to consider the cost. A lot of factors are involved when determining the cost of a tattoo. These factors are the design, ink, professional fee, and size. Usually, tattoo artists give an hourly rate on creating tattoos. On average, the price of getting a tattoo starts at $100. Anything lower than that you should consider as questionable.

  1. Design


Another thing you have to think long and hard about is the design. As an individual, there shouldn’t be so many limits to what tattoo art are you going to have. However, you have to be mindful of what it is. More so, you have to think about what it means to you.


When thinking of a design, you should also think about the meaning. Some people want to start with the meaning first then think of the design after. No matter what you do, don’t forget to create the harmony between the image and the meaning you want to attach to it.

  1. Location

Now, think about where you will put the tattoo. Depending on your design, certain areas of the body will seem better to highlight the tattoo. On the other hand, there are people who prefer to keep their tattoos hidden just for their loved ones to see.

Common places for tattoos are arms, shoulders, ankles, wrists, and even hips. These common placements will be discussed later on.

  1. Tattoo Artist

Lastly, you have to choose your artist well. Even if your design is “simple”, you have to be careful who you ask to do it for hygienic and safety purposes. Again, getting a tattoo is no joke and you have to find the perfect tattoo studio and artist that will meet your standards.


Start by asking recommendations from friends and family who have gotten a tattoo. It’s a lot better to go to a place a close friend of yours know so you can ask them more about their tattoo experience. You also have to visit the tattoo studio itself to get a feel of the place. Check for cleanliness and ambiance because you want to be comfortable when you get your tattoo appointment.

mom tattoos

Tattoo Ideas For Moms

Your children’s’ names

One of the best tattoo ideas for moms is her children’s names. When you get a tattoo that has your children’s names on it, it shows how dedicated you are to them. The fact that tattoos are permanent also show that you will commit to them even when you are old.

You can do a lot of designs with your kids’ names. You can add it to a heart, a symbol, or simply put their names using a nice font. Even if it’s simple, having your kids’ names as a tattoo says a lot of things about you as a mom.

Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol shows an undying love that stands the test of time. An infinity has no beginning or end and as a mom, you want to show your kids that you will love them forever. Aside from the undying love and support this tattoo shows, an infinity tattoo also says that even in death, a mother’s love will not pass away. Heavy as it may sound, a lot of people mark themselves to show how important their love is for their mom.

Mother and child outline

The mother and child outline is usually in black and is one of the simplest motherly tattoo inspirations. Since it is just an outline, there are very few details to it which makes it a lot simpler for the artist. However, to add your own touch, you can design what kind of pose the mother and the child are doing. Most poses have a mom hugging a child during birth. This is a good symbol of the mom’s sacrifice to bring the baby to life and her risking her life for their baby to live.


Mother-daughter tattoos

You can also have matching tattoos with your kids. There are a lot of mother and daughter relationships that are strong and to mark that relationship, these people get matching tattoos. Depending on your preferences, you can get the same tattoo or a tattoo that completes the other. For matching tattoos, you can get quotes or the same symbols. For partner tattoos, you can get a lock-and-key tattoo, a quote where half of it is on your daughter while the half is on you.


Angel’s wings

Are you familiar with the saying that when a child dies at birth, they become angels? If you have heard of it, you can make use of angel wings to remember the child that you once lost. For moms, although this memory is bittersweet, it is always nice to remember that your child used to exist and is now an angel. This may or may not be true but it has always comforted a lot of mothers.



There is no doubt that hearts are one of the most common tattoo symbols. This is because the heart is the most popular symbol of love. To make this common tattoo uncommon, add a little personal touch by adding a name, another symbol, or you can deepen its meaning by adding a design that is very personal to you.



Last but not the least are quotes. Unlike other shapes and objects, quotes are very straightforward. They serve as reminders for people who want to be reminded of events or sayings. They also serve as guidelines to how they should live their lives. Quotes are famous among people who have idols and mantras to live by. As a mom, you can make use of the first word of your child, or your philosophy as a mother. You can even use the teachings your mom used to teach you when you were a kid. A Bible verse is also a good idea. You can even get a Latin translation for it.

There are more design inspirations for mothers who wish to have a unique tattoo on their bodies. You can always search the Internet or consult with your preferred tattoo artist so they can give suggestions on tattoo designs. It would also help to look at their tattoo catalog.


Common Placements for Tattoos

Like what was said earlier, knowing where to put your tattoo is equally important to your tattoo design. Here are a few places you can put on your design. Depending on the size of your tattoo, you can put it in areas with limited spaces or large areas (like your back). Take into account that the pain varies per area of your body. The bonier the area, the more painful the tattoo will be but if you have a high pain tolerance, then this you will be alright.


  • Wrist
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Nape
  • Back
  • Waist
  • Ankle

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Tips for Taking Care Of Your Tattoo

The aftercare guidelines vary depending on your tattoo artist, but here are the general rules you have to follow in order to avoid infection and to keep the quality of your tattoo. Your goal in this aftercare procedure is to avoid infection at any cost because this might give grave complications.

Step 1: Cover your tattoo with a thin layer of moisture.

This first step is almost always done in the tattoo parlor. Tattoo artists put a thin layer of moisture after the tattoo is done. It can be petroleum jelly too since this product is known for relieving pain and rashes.

If you will notice, right after the tattoo session the skin might look reddish even if there is no bleeding. This is a natural reaction because getting a tattoo can be painful for people with a low tolerance level. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about if you find your skin pinkish. The thin layer of moisture is supposed to help you soothe your skin after the tattoo session.

Step 2: Cover it with a bandage.

Sometimes, your tattoo artist will cover the tattoo with a bandage. This happens when you are wearing tight clothing and the cloth could scratch the tattoo. Even if you are excited to show off your new ink, you should first protect it from bacteria. A bandage is a must to protect you and your skin.

Step 3: Wash it gently.

After four hours, you can now remove the tattoo and wash it gently. Use lukewarm water in washing away the lotion but be careful not to scrub it. Also, use a fragrance-free soap that has a rich lather because you shouldn’t rub the actual soap bar to your skin. This might irritate the tattoo and your skin. Then, rinse off all the soap and pat it dry with a clean towel. No need to wipe the towel, just pat it dry and leave it alone for a few seconds.

Step 4: Apply moisture again.

When it’s dry enough, you should apply moisturizing lotion. Like the soap, it should be fragrance-free to avoid any allergic reaction to the lotion. You can do this more than once a day. Just make sure to keep your tattooed area moisturized.

Step 5: Repeat for two weeks.

To continuously relieve your skin and to keep your new tattoo in the best condition, repeat steps 3 and 4 for one to two weeks. This will help keep infection out of the way and it will also keep your skin in good condition. From time to time, you should also tap it dry whenever there is sweat accumulating in the tattooed area.

A Few Reminders

Now that you have your tattoo, you should focus more on taking care of it. Some people get addicted to tattoos that they end up getting inked all over their body. While you are free to do so, make sure that the tattoo studio you are going to is hygienic and has a great reputation. Also, don’t forget to explain to your children the purpose of getting a tattoo and why they should always be careful and serious when getting one.

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