225+ Neck Tattoos And Why They Deserve The Popularity

When it comes to getting a tattoo, a lot of people will recommend putting it on an area where it can be seen easily and where it can also be hidden just as easily. These placements would often be the arm, the leg, the back, and even the shoulders. However, a new trend is forming thanks to celebrities donning these placements. They’re the neck tattoos.

A Brief History On The Acceptance Of Tattoos

Neck tattoos were not very common a few years back. It is just only recently that neck tattoos, or tattoos in general, have become widely accepted in society.

For the longest time, tattoos were seen as a sign of a rebellious attitude. In other cultures, a tattoo shows that you are a part of a gang or a group of people who are most likely to commit a crime or to show bad behavior.

There is even a debate when it comes to Christians getting a tattoo. In this debate, conservative Christians would argue that the Bible prohibits anyone to make permanent marks on the body because the body is the home of the Lord. However, the opposite side would argue that a tattoo done in praise of God is not against the Bible. This is just one of the issues that revolve around getting a tattoo.

Another reason why tattoos received a lot of no’s from people is that they do not look professional. There are companies who have raised eyebrows on applicants who have visible tattoos (or tattoos even).

neck tattoos

What Are Neck Tattoos? 

Neck tattoos are simply tattoos placed on the area of the neck. This includes the area below the jaw, the area above the collarbone, and even the nape.

Unlike other placements, neck tattoos are different simply because the area is so sensitive. The skin here is thin and it can easily be stretched. It’s close to the bones which makes it even more painful and uncomfortable at the very least. But the good news is that tattoo artists have noticed that most people don’t end up crying when they get a neck tattoo. They’re sure that you will feel uneasy especially when it’s also the first time you’ll ever get a permanent tattoo, but don’t think that you will cry throughout the whole tattoo session.

When Did Neck Tattoos Start?

There is no exact timeframe as to when neck tattoos were created. It is even possible that ever since tattoos were used, people from ancient cultures already put tattoos on their neck.

Tattoo artist JonBoy of Bang Bang Tattoo claims that the first celebrity who has donned a neck tattoo was Sofia Richie. Richie asked JonBoy to put a tattoo with the design “clarity” in small fine letters on her neck just below her left ear. According to JonBoy, he even asked the young model if she was sure knowing that it’s more painful to have a tattoo on the neck. Apparently, Sofia Richie did not mind and proceeded with the appointment.

There are also several artists and celebrities who have neck tattoos. Some of these artists include Halsey, Hailey Baldwin, Maisie Williams, and even Kelly Clarkson.

Things You Need To Know About Getting A Neck Tattoo

Whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve been inked several times before, it’s still important to be reminded of things you should consider before getting a neck tattoo. Seek the answers to these questions to know if a neck tattoo is for you.

Why are you getting a tattoo?

One of the first things you should ask yourself is the reason why you want to get a tattoo. If this were anything temporary like a henna tattoo, then you don’t necessarily have to think hard and long about why you want it. However, a tattoo is permanent and if your reason for getting it is because it’s the trend today, then you might want to rethink this.

A permanent tattoo will stay on your neck whether or not it’s popular. Although there are cases where the tattoo in this area will fade because your skin will lose elasticity eventually, this isn’t something to look forward to.

Can you endure the pain?

As a lot of tattoo artists will tell you, getting a tattoo in this area is relatively more painful than getting a tattoo on your forearm. A good thing to note, though, is that everyone’s pain tolerances are different from each other. If you know that you have a high pain tolerance, then a neck tattoo will not hurt that much. But if you don’t then you might shed a tear or two during the appointment. This is something you should be ready for.

What about sagging skin?

One of the things that people forget when getting a neck tattoo is the sagging skin. As you grow older, you will notice that the skin loses its elasticity so your skin starts to sag. You often notice this on older people who have sagging skin in their arms and in their bellies. The same thing happens on your neck. The skin in this area will sag eventually which makes this area an iffy place if you want to get a tattoo. It’s also not recommended to put a tattoo on your neck if your design is meant to be aligned or geometrical.

Are you ready for it? 

It’s one thing to know your pain tolerance but it is another thing to be ready for your neck tattoo. For first-timers, getting a neck tattoo will make them very nervous. Don’t worry, this is normal because even those who have gotten tattoos before on other body parts can get really anxious on a neck tattoo. This is understandable because your neck area is fragile as compared to other muscular body parts.

If you know that you’re not ready to get a tattoo, then don’t push for it. When it comes to procedures like this, you have to be ready physically and mentally because it’s not going to be easy. If you are having second thoughts, then best pay attention to these second thoughts and calm yourself down before you actually go to your tattoo artist.

Do you have the budget for it?

Tattoos can be expensive. One of the things that affect the price of a tattoo is their placement. It’s more expensive to have tattoos in sensitive areas because the risk is higher and more expertise is needed from the tattoo artist. In fact, you need a tattoo artist who is well-experienced with neck tattoos before you hire them for yours. Naturally, their rate will be higher.

Nonetheless, you can argue that the price of a neck tattoo will not be too expensive given that most neck tattoos are small and simple.

What’s your design?

For neck tattoos, most tattoo artists will recommend getting a simple and small tattoo. This is because smaller tattoos will not make your neck look crowded. Imagine putting a large tattoo on your small neck. Once the tattoo is done, the artwork might not be seen in its best angle because it will look cramped in the small space of your neck. Celebrities who have neck tattoos often just get words in script or flowers with thin stems. If the tattoo you want is big, you don’t have to fit them all on your neck. You can make use of your collarbone area and your shoulder as an extension of your neck tattoo.

Who will make your tattoo?

It was mentioned a while back that you need an experienced tattoo artist for your neck tattoo. This is absolutely a must because there is a different way to put a tattoo on the neck. Unlike putting a tattoo on your leg, a tattoo on the neck requires a bit of stretching of the skin so that the finished tattoo looks good even when your neck isn’t stretched. The artist you should get must also be meticulous when it comes to the design because even the slightest mistake will turn your tattoo into a disaster.


What You Should Look For In A Tattoo Artist

If it were any simple tattoo placed on any part of the body, you can have a lot of choices when it comes to a tattoo artist. But this isn’t just anywhere on your body. This is your neck, which is possibly one of the more sensitive areas in your body. So, you have to pick the right and best tattoo artist that you can find. Here are characteristics you should look for.


The first characteristic you should always look for is the artist’s dexterity. Dexterity refers to the skill in doing things with their hands. In tattoos, this is often described as to how good and light his or her hands are in terms of making the tattoo. At the same time, neck tattoos aren’t just about the skill of putting the needle on the skin. Your tattoo artist should also be able to stretch your skin gently in this area so that the tattoo will not look crumpled.

Although you won’t know for sure how light a tattoo artist’s hands are until they actually work on you, you can get reviews from past customers. You can even ask people you know for recommendations on tattoo artists for neck tattoos.

Artistic Skill

Aside from dexterity, you want to have a tattoo artist that knows how to draw well. Since tattoos require a needle to be punctured on the skin, you need an artist to actually create your design using a needle. However, if you have a simple and popular design, then you don’t need to look for an artist that has the best artistic skill (although people will still recommend you to look for one).


In spite of talent being a must in the tattoo artist you will pick, it’s also important that they have enough experience in making tattoos. Making tattoos can be difficult especially when the design is difficult. There are tattoo artists whose skills improved because of the number of years they’ve been putting tattoos on clients so you shouldn’t think that experience is overrated.

To add to that, lightness of hand is not a gift for a lot of people. There are some who just learn how to put neck tattoos in a gentler manner because they got used to it over time. It doesn’t matter if they naturally have light hands. What matters is that they are gentle when it comes to making neck tattoos on their clients.


This may sound shocking to you, but a lot of people would agree that it’s best to have a charismatic tattoo artist. Think about it this way, you’re already anxious about getting a neck tattoo and the tattoo artist is always in a hurry or is so brisk that it has made you more uncomfortable. Surely, you’d lose some confidence even before the needle touches your skin.

So, if you find a tattoo artist who is charismatic as he is talented, then that would be a great pick. It’s even a lot better if you and your tattoo artist “click”.

Good Customer Reviews 

Aside from talent, experience, and charisma, it’s a must that the tattoo artist actually gets good reviews from clients. You’ll know a tattoo artist is good if a lot of people recommend him. Usually, tattoo artists get clients through referrals from their previous clients. If a close friend of yours recommended a tattoo artist to you, then he or she must be good. You can also search the internet for customer reviews of certain tattoo artists you are hearing about.

Reasonable Rates

This may not be a characteristic of the artist, but you should also look at the rates of the artist. It doesn’t matter if you have a budget or not. What matters is that you are sure you will be getting what you are paying for. There are tattoo artists who charge an hourly rate for complicated designs and the finished product ends up badly. You don’t want to be one of those people who experiences that. To avoid this, take the time to visit the tattoo artist’s parlor and look at the designs they have made. You may also consult your design and ask for their advice on whether it’s a good neck tattoo or not.


And finally, you might be interested only in tattoo artists near you. This is a good thing if you live away from the central business districts where everything else is expensive. If money is not an issue for you, then you are free to choose any artist regardless of the rate. However, keep in mind that just because a tattoo artist charges high or his studio is in the city, it already means that they are good tattoo artists.


Neck Tattoo Designs For Women

There are a lot of tattoos to choose from and to be honest, not all of them will fit well on the neck. So, if you’re looking for some design inspirations, here are 5 ideas you can consider.


Whether it’s a small ribbon or a large ribbon resembling a necklace, it will definitely look good on your neck. A ribbon is perfect for your neck especially when it’s placed at the nape. One unique design is having a large ribbon at your nape where the ribbon’s frills extend to your back. This tattoo design proves that just because your neck is small, it doesn’t mean you only get to choose small designs.

A Single Rose

It was mentioned a while ago that tattoo artists suggest choosing a simple and small design for your neck. Although the ribbon tattoo shows that a neck tattoo will still look good even if the design is big, there’s still some truth in small and simple neck tattoo designs.

One of those designs would be a single rose with a thin petal. Depending on the kind of rose you want, your design might vary a little but you get the idea. A single rose will look good on any part of your neck. It also brings with it a strong message in spite of being small.


A Wreath Of Flowers

If you want something more extravagant and detailed than a single rose, you can always choose to have a wreath of flowers placed on your neck. You’d think that a wreath of flowers is too much, but remember that it all comes down to the size of the design when it comes to neck tattoos.

Having a wreath of flowers resembling a necklace is too much, so you might want to stick to a design that is 1-2 inches wide only. You can choose the kind of flowers you want and place them evenly on a wreath (most people prefer a C-shaped wreath).


A Soaring Bird

Soaring birds are a common tattoo design found on shoulders, backs, and arms. This is because soaring birds symbolize a lot of good things and this doesn’t just apply to women although women are the more common patrons of this design.

Depending on the bird, the symbolism might change, but in general, birds symbolize freedom and life. Flying birds look more alive than stagnant ones and this gives a more dynamic feel to your tattoo.


Finally, word tattoos will never go out of style especially for women. Like Sofia Richie, a lot of women find using one-word designs very appealing and tattoo artists will agree to that. Most of the time, women choose strong words that describe themselves like strong, light, brave, etc.


Neck Tattoo Designs For Men

It’s not just women who can put tattoos on their neck. There are even a lot of tattoo designs for men thinking of trying out a new placement for their tattoo.


Instead of having butterflies or birds, most men prefer to just have wings tattooed on their bodies. Compared to doves and pigeons, wings give a manlier appearance. There are also guys who choose to have owls or eagles in place of smaller birds and tiny insects.

The Sun

The sun is a popular tattoo for the neck. This is because the sun symbolizes power and strength. Although the sun symbolizes gender-neutral characteristics, women mostly take the moon image. This tattoo design is best placed at the lower part of the nape.

A Cross

A simple cross is a common tattoo among both men and women. However, there are far more designs for crosses especially when you want to add elements. Since this design can be scaled to a bigger size (especially when depicting a scene), some men place their tattoos on one side of the neck and it reaches down to their shoulders.


It was mentioned a while ago that women prefer to have one-word characteristics as tattoos on their neck. The same goes for men except that they prefer to have phrases. Some prefer to have the Latin translation while others put Bible verses.


If you think that women are the only ones who want flowers for their neck tattoos, you’re wrong. Flowers can be designed to have sharper edges and darker colors which can match any man. Because of that, you will be able to see guys having flower wreaths or single flowers on their neck.

Now that you know more about neck tattoos than the average person, you can decide whether or not you still want to get one. Neck tattoos can be painful especially when you have a low pain tolerance level, but it will definitely be worth it. You will stand out from the crowd and it’s better to be one of the few people who have a neck tattoo now before getting one when everyone is already getting it.

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