225 Palm Tree Tattoo Designs That Remind You Of The Beach

A palm tree is a symbol for an island life. To those who love the sea the way Moana does, a palm tree can perfectly symbolize one’s fondness and drive to go back to the waters. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a palm tree tattoo will remind you of how simple and refreshing the beach can be. Read on to know more about how to get a palm tree tattoo and to look for more design inspirations.

What Does A Palm Tattoo Symbolize?

Depending on the design of the palm tree and the elements included in your tattoo, the meaning of a palm tree can vary. Nonetheless, the palm tree itself has a lot of different meanings like:

The Fondness for the Beach

This symbolism is obvious. In fact, a palm tree is so closely associated with the beach that not finding a palm tree on the beach is almost impossible. In spite of beaches having different kinds of trees, the palm tree stands out as one of the more notable trees because of its unique appearance and towering heights.

If you are always drawn to the beach, then what better way to represent that love if not with a palm tree tattoo? It will always remind you of beach volleyball, sipping cold drinks by the shore, surfing, the sun and the waves.



A lone palm tree can also signify isolation. Have you noticed island images wherein a lone palm tree stands on a small island? This is exactly the image that depicts being alone or being isolated from all the things that are happening around.

Some people take this image and use it to show that they are social outcasts. On the other hand, some people get a tattoo like this to show that they were alone during sad times. Somehow, these meanings implicitly give the palm tree an abandonment symbolism.


Unlike the symbolism above, a palm tree can also show the other side of being alone, which is independence. Palm trees standing alone and high atop an island are a good image of independence. If you want to show that you are independent and courageous even on your own, then a lone palm tree will help give that impression. Yes, there is a downside to being alone, but this does not mean that you cannot be victorious by yourself.


When you are at the beach, it is almost always makes you feel at peace. Just looking at the distant horizon where the sun is starting to set will already give you a sense of calmness and joy that only your inner self will feel. This feeling is best portrayed by a palm tree tattoo. Even more than a symbol to show other people, a palm tree tattoo is a good reminder of the peace you feel in the beach and looking at a tattoo like this will help you gain peace even with just the memory of the beach.

Your Sunny and Tropical Hometown

Lastly, a symbolism of a palm tree can be your sunny hometown. Say, for example, the State of California is often called the sunny state because of its tropical climate. If you are from California or other states that have sunny and warm climates, then a palm tree can best represent your state. It will remind you of the sun, warmth, and the outdoors.


For Christians, the palm tree symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This can be traced to Bible accounts that claim Jesus walked around palm fronds when he resurrected.


The Tree of Life

On the other hand, Egyptians and other countries in the Middle East look at the palm tree as a symbol for the Tree of Life. It is said that the Egyptian deities made use of the nectars from the palm tree to keep dead looking alive. Some accounts claim that these deities use the nectar to make the dead stay somewhat alive for eternity.

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Why Get A Palm Tree Tattoo?

There are many reasons why you may want a palm tree tattoo, and if you aren’t sure why you should get one, here are a few reasons to convince you.

  1. It is a unisex design

Whether you’re a male or a female, a palm tree tattoo will look great on anybody. Aside from being a neutral image, the meanings attached to it do not pertain to men or women specifically. If you want it to look more feminine or masculine, all you have to do is design it accordingly or add elements to emphasize a gender.

  1. It has a lot of meanings


Aside from being gender-neutral, a palm tree tattoo has a lot of positive meanings attached to it. This means that you can use the palm tree image to symbolize your own feelings, experiences, and even your sunny hometown.

  1. Can be designed in various ways


You probably know now that a lone palm tree on an island is not the only design out there. Although palm trees look the same, you can mix easily mix them up in different colors and elements that will make the tattoo more unique to you. Some even go as far as changing the height and width of the palm trees and add their own personal meaning to it.

Palm Tree Tattoo

  1. Can fit any area of the body

Not all tattoo designs are made for your ankle; at the same time, not all tattoo designs look well on your back. But the palm tree tattoo seems to be an exception to that. Because you can have a small palm tree that will only look cute, you can easily put it in hidden and narrow areas like your wrist or your ankle. If you want to have a bigger and taller palm tree, then you can easily place it on your rib cage or your back where there is a lot of space.

  1. It’s popular

What makes palm trees so popular is the association with the beach. A lot of people are drawn to the beach for various reasons and because of those reasons, they are inspired to get a palm tree tattoo. Another advantage to it being popular is the number of artists that can work on your design. Since more people are getting a palm tree tattoo, you won’t have a difficult time looking for an artist that can do your proposed design (they might even have proposed tree designs that you might get inspiration from).



Palm Tree Designs For Inspiration

When you think about palm tree tattoos, you are probably just thinking of one design – the basic palm tree that is all black, no backdrop, no artistic touch. However, there are many other things you can do with the palm tree tattoo which will make it more unique to you. Here’s a list of some design inspirations you can look at. You can also consult with a tattoo artist to help you create the tattoo design that speaks more about your personality and experiences.

Classic Palm Tree

To start, you can always stick to the basics which is the classic palm tree. The classic palm tree tattoo is just a black-colored palm tree that can either be detailed or just a block of color. This is the most common design of a palm tree because it’s simple and can be done by any artist. This design also works best for small spaces (like the ankles) since you don’t have to put too much detail. If you’re going for a simple tattoo that is affordable, then a classic palm tree will do.

Coconut Tree


The next one is the coconut tree. The coconut tree is a kind of palm tree (you will notice how similar they look) where the design has coconuts growing. Since coconut trees and palm trees are often interchangeable when it comes to tattoo design, what you can do is to have a coconut tree drawn wherein its parts are not connected (like a deconstructed coconut tree). In this way, you can emphasize the difference between the two trees.

A Lone Palm Tree on an Island

You have probably seen this or read it in the other parts of this piece. The lone palm tree on an island design is another common image of the palm tree. The basic elements of this design is the palm tree and the island which is usually just a semi-circle where the palm tree is placed. This tattoo design symbolizes being alone or being independent. Some people like putting backdrops to it like a sunset or a flock of birds to make the scene more dramatic.

Palm Tree with a Sunset Background

If you don’t want to focus on the individualism symbol of the palm tree, you can focus on the calmness it brings. For those who love the beach, getting a tattoo that has a palm tree with a sunset view is a great reminder of the shore and the sea. This kind of tattoo is best placed in wide areas of the body, like the hip or the shoulder although designing it with narrow dimensions also works. To emphasize the scenery you are trying to portray, this tattoo design should have different colors.

Palm tree with a decorative trunk


To add more detail to your palm tree tattoo, you can choose to decorate the trunk. You can be creative with this part and mix some elements that have meaning to you. Take, for example, you want to portray strength in adversity. You can design the palm tree trunk to have diamonds on it or a line of diamonds can be aligned to form a trunk. You can also have a quote lined up to form the trunk. When it comes to this one, your creativity is the limit.

Palm tree with waves

To emphasize your love for the seas and water activities, you can have a palm tree with a background of the sea. Depending on the kind of waves you draw, it can either show calmness, repetition, or even strength. A palm tree with a huge wave can mean that you have withstood hardships on your own. On the other hand, smaller waves can depict repetition, routine, and even peace.

Two palm trees together

Enough with the lone palm trees because you can also have a pair of palm trees as a tattoo. Two palm trees joined together symbolize a healthy relationship. Some would go as far as “growing old together in paradise” especially when the design has a sunset and a flock of birds.


Palm trees with a hammock

If you’ve been to the beach, you have probably seen a hammock tied to two palm trees. This image depicts rest and peace since there’s no denying that laying down on a hammock is very relaxing after a stressful day.


Where To Put Your Palm Tree Tattoo

One of the best attributes of the palm tree tattoo is that you can put it anywhere in the body. Since it looks beautiful whether it’s big or small, you can put it in the tiniest areas of your body or in larger parts.

Back of the Ear

The back of the ear is a great place for tattoos that you want to keep hidden. Although a tattoo is often used as a form of body art and a way to express yourself, for some people, a tattoo can mean their very personal experiences that they don’t wish to reveal. Hence, the back of your ear is a great hiding spot for your palm tree tattoo.


If you plan on having small- to medium-sized tattoos, you can put them on your shoulder where they will have enough exposure. However, some would feel that a tattoo on the shoulder is more feminine than masculine. Nonetheless, this area is a great spot for those who don’t want to show off their tattoo all the time.

Below the Collarbone

This tattoo location works for both males and females. For men, a tattoo below the collarbone will help emphasize the chest. For females, it adds a subtle sexiness because the collarbone is often a place where only half of the tattoo will be seen. If you don’t want to show your tattoo, this area can easily be covered because you can always wear a high-neck shirt, a collared shirt or a scarf.


Like the back of the ear, the ribcage is often a great hiding spot for your tattoo. However, it is also one of the best places to put a palm tree design especially if you plan on wearing bikinis. A palm tree tattoo on the ribcage adds character to your beach outfit.



Regardless of your tattoo design, the forearm is generally a great place for any tattoo. It is spacious enough to put any tall and narrow design. It is also a good place for quotes and sayings.



Inner Wrist


For palm tree tattoos that are small and compact, you can choose to have it on your inner wrist because it is accessible enough for the tattoo artist. Most girls choose to have their palm tree tattoos in this place because it gives a certain cuteness to the tattoo. However, if your pain tolerance level is low, then this isn’t a good choice because it is more painful to have a tattoo here than on muscular areas of the body.


The hip is an ideal choice to put a palm tree tattoo for girls who love wearing bikinis. A palm tree located near your hip bone just above the bikini line adds sexiness to the outfit. It also gives the impression of an “island girl”.


For large palm tree tattoo designs, the leg is a spacious area where you can be creative and have more elements in your tattoo. Although you can also just choose to have a lone palm tree on your lower leg, you can also have more elements like the sea, the sun, and some birds.


Last, but not the least, is your ankle. Your ankle only has a small space for a tattoo, so it’s best you choose a smaller version of a palm tree. However, you can always utilize your foot if you want to have a longer palm tree.

Take note that various parts of the body have different pain tolerance levels. If you easily feel pain and you don’t feel comfortable experiencing pricking needles into your body, then you might want to consider putting your tattoo in more muscular areas. In this way, the pain is less as compared to more sensitive areas where there are a lot of bones and nerve endings.

A palm tree tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos that make you feel like you want to go to the beach. Aside from reminding you of relaxing waves and soft sands, it can also have deep meanings attached to it. Design it with other elements and it can be an eye-catching mark on your skin.

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