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125 Platinum Blonde hair (Color Ideas with Pictures)

Your hair is your crowning glory, and you need to do everything you can to maintain your hair’s voluptuous nature and glamorous look. You may be in a time of your life where you are tired of your natural hair color and wants to try something new. There is definitely nothing wrong about changing your auburn hair or red hair into another color that is more fashionable and an eye-turner.

Okay, so you may be feeling guilty in changing the hair color that you have been blessed with, or you feel that you are betraying your mom because you want to end the commonality that you both have, but if you think about it, being scared of changing your hairstyle may extend more to who you are. You may be not only scared about your hair color, but it could also be a trait that you have, being scared of change in general. If you are terrified to go out of your comfort zone, then you will miss out on a lot of things in this world. The world is evolving, and so does people and technology. If you will not embrace that change is happening, you can get stuck in your own little world while all your friends and families are improving their life.

Now, going back to your hair color. Whatever your skin color is, you can never go wrong with platinum blonde hair. It is simply excruciatingly stunning and gorgeous! Movie stars, famous celebrities, beautiful women, popular girls, and just about everyone who has the confidence of iron can handle platinum blonde hair without any issues.

Having a platinum hair gives you the confidence to face whatever the world brings. That elegant hair color is simply the most beautiful hair color on earth. Eyes will definitely turn when you pass by, and you don’t even have to style it or use accessories to pull it up. Simply let it flow down your back, displaying its rich and vibrant platinum blonde magic.


Why you should choose platinum blonde hair

It’s cool

Cool girls have platinum blonde hair. They simply do. When you have platinum hair, people look at you wherever you go. You capture every attention of the crowd, and possibly capture numerous boys’ hearts. You will definitely look striking with your shiny platinum hair, and regardless if you let it flow or tie it up, you will look flawlessly beautiful.

It’s angelic

There is something really angelic about platinum blonde hair. When you have this hair color, people see you as a very good girl. No matter if you are inside a club banging your head to the loud rock ‘n roll music, people will see a halo around your head like an angel. Actually, you can get out of trouble if you know how to use your platinum mane to your advantage. People have soft spots for blondes, no matter how strong they think they are.

It’s sexy

Platinum blonde hair will provide you with a sexiness that is mixed with innocence. For decades and even centuries, blondes are always perceived as innocents and kind. Well, natural blondes are. But if you are born with a different hair color, then dyeing your hair into platinum blonde will definitely work in your advantage, especially when you have a guy you want to hook with, or a job you badly wanted. Whatever your needs may be, platinum blonde hair can help you achieve it.

Because you can!

You choose to have platinum blonde hair for the simple reason that you can. It’s your life, it’s your hair. You can do anything you want to do with your hair, and people around you can either accept it, or not. It’s as simple as that. Your boyfriend may not like your new hair color, but what happens to “I love you no matter what?” statement? Does it go down the drain because you decided to try something new? If your friends don’t like it, then can’t they just accept you now with your new hair color and be true friends in every way? If your family hates your new platinum blonde hair, then let their dislike simmer for a while and check on it later. Remember, it is your choice, not everyone else’s. Stand with your choice and be happy.

Problems with platinum blonde hair

Going platinum blonde is not without its problems, just like any other thing or color in this world. Knowing the potential problems before you go to the salon and turn your hair into a magical platinum blonde is best, so you can be prepared for what is about to happen.

Dark roots

After a few weeks, you will notice that you have dark roots growing on your head. That is certainly a common problem for platinum blonde hairs that were originally auburn or black, even dark blonde. Well, don’t get depressed hen this will happen. You simply call your hair stylist for an appointment, and get this problem fixed. However, if you are too busy and do not have time to spare for a remedy, then hold your head high, and just walk as if the dark roots are part of your hair style, and it is intended to be so. No one will be the wiser, if you can sport that high level of confidence and show them what you are made of.

“Dumb blonde”

Beauty has a price and being branded as dumb is one of them. There has been a famous tradition of a joke that says, “dumb blondes”, and blondes have carried that stigma for decades, even centuries. For some odd reason, blonde girls are thought of as not smart. Girls with platinum blonde hair are constantly underestimated in school, and when they happen to graduate college and start working, they always find that they need to work harder than the brunettes to prove their worth to their bosses and co-workers. However, you can always find ways to make this negativity go in your favor. Let the people think you are dumb, and surprise them when your intelligence is called for. Imagine then shock int heir faces as you slap your smart mind in their faces.


No end


When you have tasted the glamour of platinum blonde hair, you will never wish to go back to your original hair color. How could you? You have tasted heaven and reaped the benefits. There is absolutely nothing wrong about staying blonde for the rest of your life, but it is quite expensive to do so. And there are risks of hair damage of you will not properly take care of your hair. But, all your hard work will be worth it, especially when you are waking up everyday with your beautiful platinum glory.


No white walls


For obvious reasons, you cannot have your picture taken with a white wall on the background. Or else you’ll look like you have no hair at all. You always must be careful and look at the background before you indulge in a photograph session, for you to not appear hairless. Which is going to be very funny and frustrating. It can be quite depressing to always look for a darker background to compliment your blonde color, but the result will be something that you will be thankful for.


Fear of chlorine


If you love swimming, then you need to decide which is more important to you, swimming or platinum blonde hair. You can never have both. Platinum blonde hair’s greatest enemy is chlorine. Water in the pools have chlorine and be ready to envy your friends as they splash gleefully in the pool with their natural hair blowing in the air and getting wet in the pool. You can still go to the pool for a party or just to relax. You can wear your swimsuit or your sexy two pieces, but you cannot swim in the pool since your platinum hair will be ruined. However, if you are not ashamed to look weird and out of place, you can swim in the pool if you wear a swimming cap. That will do.


Refined makeup


Unless its Halloween, you don’t want to look like death and scare people around you. You need to always wear dark eyebrows, black eye-liner, and red lipstick so you will not be as white as snow and pale as paper. You need to constantly have color in your face when you have platinum blonde hair. Or else, you can give your old neighbors a heart attack when you come walking down the aisle with your bare face and white hair.


No more quick showers


One disadvantage of platinum hair is the time it takes to shower. You can no longer have a quick shower, since it takes a lot of time to condition your hair more than two times, and so you cannot afford to wake up late and risk getting late. You need to start readying for your appointment or work hours before the time intended, and spend more time showering your hair than you do when you put in makeup and eat combined. Says goodbye to quick showers and say hi to long, time-consuming shower.


Stains from the purple hair shampoo


When you have platinum blonde hair, you cannot just use any shampoo. You need to use the purple shampoo specifically designed for platinum dyed hair. This incredible-for your hair shampoo is an absolute nightmare for your bathtub. It stains your porcelain tub and eats more time in cleaning it up. And if you happen to lose track of time and found yourself in a hurry to finish up you bathe, you may leave some remnants of your purple shampoo in your hair, and just imagine how it would look. Rinsing properly is definitely the key to make sure that you will not look foolish after your bathe.  Also, purple shampoos are very expensive, and you cannot buy them in any drugstore. You need to order them and pay for outrageous cost of this necessary commodity.


Combing is a nightmare


Your platinum blonde hair looks exquisite in all its glory, but the truth is, it is extremely hard to comb. You would need to use a special comb that is designed for platinum dyed hair, and they don’t come cheap. Combing deserves a time allocation, simply because you do need the time.


Scalp oil


Wow, new close friend is the scalp oil. You don’t want to go bald, right? So, you absolutely do not have any other choice but to use scalp oil to save your hair. As frustrating and annoying as it is to used oil on your scalp, you need to make sure that your head will not suffer the consequences of your vanity.


Regular visit to the salon


Well, this is not really a huge problem if you have the time to constantly have a heart to talk with your hair stylist. But, if you have a hectic schedule and can barely get a time off, visiting your favorite salon for a touch-up with your platinum blonde hair may cause problems for you. But you cannot afford to keep your hair at a disarray, so better make time. You may need to sacrifice some personal time or even work time, but this is not something you want to put off for a long time.


No more “I woke up like this”


You can no longer brag about your “I woke up like this” look. When you wake up, you will look like a ghost, and so before you shock your housemates and neighbors, go put on a mascara and enhance your eyebrows. But, if you want an excuse to miss work and stay home, or simply looking for a way out because you have plans to go out with your friends, you can have a video call with your boss with your pale hair and pale face and your boss will order you to stay home and see a doctor.


Daily washing


As gorgeous as platinum blondes are, they are painstakingly easy to get dirty. You need to have a shower every day to clean up the mess, unlike those brunettes who can afford to not wash their hair for even a week! Of course, it is your choice not to wash your hair in a daily basis, but you will look dirty and that is not a great sight, especially when you work in an office.


Blonde hair ties


Platinum blonde hair does not go well with a face with no makeup, but that isn’t the case when it comes to hair ties. Black hair ties are an absolute “no no“ for blonde hair. You need to look for a blonde color hair tie, or something in that hue of color. Darker colors will not do. However, if you don’t want to follow the norm, then you definitely can choose any hair tie color as you want, and not care about how it looks, as long as you like it. It is your hair after all, and you are spending a lot of money for it.


“You’re too smart to be blonde”


As previously mentioned, people have a general idea that blondes are not smart. And if you show your skills and talent, people will be shocked that you have a brain in your platinum blonde head and will you a supposed to be compliment but insulting nevertheless phrase: “you’re too smart to be blonde”. Though they may mean it in a right way, but you will still get insulted by it, raging about the unfairness of things. You may think that the hair color does not categorize intelligence, since you probably know some brunettes who are not smart, and some blondes who are wise and smart.


Realities about platinum blonde hair


Okay, so you have learned a lot about platinum blonde hair. Before you pick up your phone and make an appointment with your trusted salon and schedule to change your hair color to platinum blonde, there are some realities that you need to be aware of first.


It’s a lifestyle


To have platinum blonde hair is addictive, as many bleached people have testified to eb true. It is a kind of a lifestyle that simply cannot get enough of, once you start having platinum blonde hair. Your life will be consumed by making sure that your dark roots will be tamed, you count the days when you re-touch the color, obsess yourself with keeping your precious hair glowing all the time. Since your platinum hair is highly striking and always puts you in the limelight, you need to regularly check your hair for any mishaps, need to see if it is clean all the time. Platinum blonde hair is exquisitely beautiful and chic, but it it’s not taken cared of properly, it can look trashy and cheap.


Very expensive shampoo and conditioner


Aside from using purple shampoo, you also need to allocate a lot of funds for a conditioner that is designed only for platinum blonde hair. So before you decide to have this lifestyle of hair, you need to be sure that you have the funds to maintain it. You will be looking at salon expenses, hair toning expenses, stylist’s tip, purple shampoo, scalp oil, and conditioner expenses. Remember, once you start bleaching your hair, you will have no desire to go back to your natural color. Make sure that you can afford this hair style before you completely commit to it.


Bleaching your hair into platinum blonde poses a lot of risks for damage, that is why hair stylists and hair specialists often provide advice to think this through a million times. But, if this is what you really want, there are ways to minimize the damage. Your hair stylist will advise you not to wash your hair days prior to your appointment, and there is a certain hydrating regeneration mask that you apply to your hair to prepare it for the big transformation day.


Highly time consuming


Oh yes. You need to clear your schedule because bleaching takes at least six hours for virgin hair, up to twelve hours for not so virgin hair. If you have not bleached your hair before or have not undergone any coloring or highlights, then you are lucky. You may have to spend only six hours in the hair salon. But, if you have gone this path in the past, you can stay for a long time, and can even reach twelve hours or more in the salon. There is even a possibility that for the first try, you will not achieve the ideal platinum blonde color that you wanted, since no two heads reacts in the same way with bleach. The process may need to be repeated again, and that could be frustrating, not to mention a waste of precious time.


Burning sensation


The road to beauty is somehow painful. While your hair is experiencing the transformation that you want, you will a burning sensation in your scalp. Depending on your pain tolerance, it could be painful or just discomforting. But don’t worry, the pain will subside once your hair will be rinsed off after a few hours.


No easy way back


You simply cannot just wake up one morning and say that you want your brunette hair back. It’s not that easy. It will take time and a lot of hair therapy to get back your original color. Note that your hair had undergone the bleaching and is now platinum blonde. Removing the new color may cause more damage to your hair. You can start dyeing your hair gradually to darker blonde, or you can cut your hair very short, and wait for your original hair to come alive. However, if you were once a brunette, having two colors in your hair may not look good, so it is recommended that you be smart about how to style your way to make it presentable. Or you can wear a wig.


Platinum blonde hair is glamorously beautiful. The following hair images can prove that.

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