176 Prom Hairstyles to highlight your special night

1. Gorgeous curls

Make those gorgeous spiral curls stand out by letting your amazing curls freely fall at either side of your face, and create two playful small buns on top of your head. You will definitely look the teenager that you are, but at the same time ole enough to have fun.


2. Matching floral headpiece

Go to the prom with parts of your hair tied in a very loose bun at the center back of your head and match it with an elegant floral headpiece. Your prom date will definitely get hooked on your beauty on prom night, and will never leave your precious side.


3. Clean updo

Show off your amazing nape and fantastic earrings in an artistic bun, either braid your hair first or do some twist before pinning your red hair at the back. Leave some few stubborn strands to grace the side of your face, and keep your bangs to the side as well.


4. Messy updo

If you are wearing a dress that has an astounding design at the back, it is only right that you pin your hair to the back of your nape and make sure that your back is clearly visible. Master a messy bun with braided hair to compliment your attractive back.


5. Super straight blue hair

It’s your prom night. You have the right to wear your hair as you see fits. Dyeing your hair to the color blue will absolutely turn every attention to you. Just let it flow at your back, no need to tie it or style it, the color is quite enough.


6. Big curls and a braid

Give justice to your big curls for your prom and create a braid that runs to the center back of your head, and let your gorgeous big curls flow at your back. You will certainly stand out on your most awaited night, with your prom date oozing on your beauty.


7. Creative braid

Make your prom night special by creating a special fishtail braid that starts at the midsection going down to the middle of your back. Loosen up some curls in your ear and show your fellow prom guests how beautiful you are tonight, and have a great night of absolute fun.


8. Amazing loops

Prom night happens every year, but it will happen to you only once. Make the best out of it, wear the most beautiful dress that suits you, and create a unique set of loops of hair accentuated with exotic pearls. Create your magic moment and cherish the memory for life.


9. Messy twists

Show off your new magnificent necklace by creating twists of your curly hair and pin them together at the back of your head. Go for a messy look and wait for your prom date to see you and be totally enchanted by your beautiful hairdo, and mostly by you personally.


10. Wavy, long curly loops

If you are blessed with very long hair that reaches your hip, this hair design is for you. Make four simple fishtails and tie them together with a handful of hair from the outer layer of the mane. Create a loop-style hair, and the let the inner layer flow freely.


11. Flowery bun

You have waited for prom night for years, dreaming of who you will go with, what to wear, how to do your makeup, and what to do with your hair. Simply create an artistic bun that leaves the tips free in the outer side of the bun, creating a flower.


12. Show off your curls

There is something so angelic about creating a simple braid that goes on top of your head, with your big curls cascading through your shoulders, and two defined parted set of hair from the top of your forehead. This look is made perfect courtesy to your magical, blonde exotic hair.


13. Bushy blond curls

You are beautiful just the way you are. Your bushy blonde curly hair is eye-catching, and with a simple hairpiece to accentuate your gorgeous mane of hair, you can go to the prom looking like a fairy tale princess. You prom date will find it hard to divert his eyes.


14. Simple hairstyle

Prom night is the time to look your superior best, but sometimes simplicity provides the best that you are looking for. With your superb blonde big curls, you can simply tie a small amount of hair from the front to the side, and look as perfect as you are naturally.


15. Heart-shaped loops

Well, prom is definitely a romantic setting. What better way to highlight the theme of the night than to create a heart-shaped loop of a hairstyle, and go to the prom wearing what you feel. Romance and love is certainly everywhere during prom, and also a time to move on.


16. Side updo

Take advantage of your blonde hair and go to the prom with an elegant hairstyle. Gather your hair together at one side of your head, and create long side bangs that highlight the elegance of your style. Enjoy your special night like a grown-up and get ready for the world.


17. Myriads of color

This amazing braid and gathering of your hair will surely display the various colors of your hair. The different shades are revealed artistically, and you can enjoy your prom night knowing that you have brilliant hairstyle and attractive hues of color. Present yourself with confidence and youthful vigor in prom.


18. Simply beautiful

Pull one side of your hair and clip it in the midsection, allowing your exquisite earring to stand out, while your other ear is covered with flowing hair. This beautiful illusion shows off one attractive shoulder and shields the other, providing a mix look of utter innocence and clean seduction.


19. Extremely defined curls

You don’t have to add hair ornaments or style your hair excessively to look beautiful in your prom night. Go with your endearing blonde hair that received extremely defined curls from the nape downwards. Have great fun with your prom date and friends, and seize the night to be treasured.


20. Flower for the hair

It is such an elegant look to have a single white flower in your hair that is gathered into rings of bun, making your face and neck clear from any strand of hair. The flower refines your feminine side, and will definitely make you look serenely classy and extremely pretty.


21. Rings of hair

You can achieve a unique look for your hair by sporting a hairstyle that involves beautiful sets of ring-like hairs with a single flower as natural ornament to the hair style. This is also a perfect time to show the different hues of color you have for your amazing hair.


22. Snake bun

A snake bun is created by pulling together portions of the hair and twists them into and across each other to create a single bun with numerous individual batches of hair. This hairstyle is perfect for your prom night, as this will ensure that your hair will not be messy.


23. Messy loops and braids

Well, if you want your friends to remember your prom night with you having an unruly hairstyle, then this is the way to go. You can either create a messy braid with no direction and end it with a low ponytail, or create more than two messy fishtails and loops.


24.  Elegant well–kept braid

If you have a prom dress that clearly shows off your shoulder, then compliment it with a well-kept braid that is put together on your head without a single strand free at the nape or in your face. Don your most expensive earrings and necklace and make a beautiful difference.


25. Loose bun

Prom is the time when you get to show off your true beauty. Crete a braid and an updo the gathers your hair at the back of your head, and let a handful of hair shape your face at the front. Enhance your simple classic look with a red flower.


26. Frame your face

With your main hair secured at the back, pull out a handful of hair from the upper part of your forehead, divide the hair equally in two, and let the two sides frame your beautiful face. The loose strands and flower conveys pure innocence and a comprehension of gradual maturity.


27. Carefree strands

Create a dramatic look by orchestrating a couple of strands of hair to grace your ears going to your back. With your bare back, the strands can generate an illusion of pure innocence and easy flirtation. The complete look tells your prom date that you are a proper teenage lady.


28. Messy curly look

Your unruly blonde hair can do wonders for you during your enchanted prom night. Create a single braid from the front side of your hair then circle it at the back. Pin hairs and allow the rest of the hair to fall freely on the sides and at the back.


29. Set of fishtails

Create a set of fishtails at the back of your head and use a hair accessory to put them in one place. The fishtail set will form layers that end at the base of the nape. This hairstyle provides a classic traditional look that never fades, even for the young.


30. Simple low bun

Traditional bun will never go out of style. For your prom night, match that exquisite backless dress with a simple low bun and let some hair loose at the front to accentuate the face. The simplicity of your hairstyle enhances the elegance of your personality, and compliments your prom dress.


31. Starry hair accessory

Stars will surely shine so bright during your prom night. Create a simple gathering of your hair using an impressive hair accessory with the highlights of stars. Your prom happens only once in your life, and you need to make the most of it and have silly fun to reminisce.


32. Lower part of curls

With your long hair, you can go to the prom night wearing your hair loose. Your vibrant hair deserves a proper perm for the lower part to achieve big wavy curls that will be perfect for your exceptional prom experience. Prep your glorious hair the right way and have fun.


33. Straight blonde hair

Well, prom is a time for dreams to come true, and sad reminder that you are about to step into the next level. Make the moment count and go to the prom as yourself. You are special in your own way, and go to prom with hair blonde hair loose.


34. Loops and more

If you are blessed with amazingly long wavy blonde hair, flaunt it during prom in the best way possible. Create a crown made of loops and let your curly hair stream through your back like a magnificent waterfall. Look like a beautiful princess in your blonde locks and party away.


35. Super big curls

Make a statement in your prom night and have a low ponytail with big curls of hair that favors to flow in one side of your back, going to the front of your body. Have a side bangs that reaches your chin and style it to have long extended curl.


36. Crown of fishtail

You are a princess and you deserve a crown. Create a crown made of a fishtail and let your waves of curls cascade as carefree as they can be at your back. Your blonde hair will definitely win a lot of points for beauty, especially from your eager prom date.


37. Semi-ponytail of curls

You can never go wrong with a ponytail, even for a semi-ponytail. Gather a huge part of your hair into a ponytail and let the curls flow from the top of the ponytail to the tips. Leave wavy hair to frame your face from the sides, resulting in beautiful blend.


38. Braids and curls

Your gorgeous blonde hair with hair highlights is great for your prom night. Braid the front of your hair and turn into a circle of crown, and let the remaining hair fall graciously from the side and the back. Your amazing curls are defined perfectly in this hairstyle for prom.


39. Unruly fishtail

Messy is the new hair fashion, as many hair stylists often say. For your prom, create a chaotic fishtail and collect all your hair together in one place at the top of the nape, then tie them. Let some strands fall off the widely loose bun, and be perfectly messy.


40. Attractive braid

Braids are really a thing when it comes to prom. Have a braid that goes around your head and decorate it with a floral headpiece. Let your hair loose and enhance your hairstyle by creating big curls that lower part of your hair. With your blonde hair, you’ll look incredible.


41. Classic knot

Prom is your special night, and of course you need to make it all about you. You have no doubt worried about how you would look, maybe even engaged in a fast diet just to lose some pounds. However, a classic look never fails to make any teenage girl beautiful.


42. Fishtail ponytail

Create an elegant fishtail from both sides of your blonde head and tie them together in a ponytail at the back of your head. Let the remaining hair flow at the sides and at the back, with prominent curls visible from the midsection, towards the tips of the beautiful hair.


43. Curly lower partBlonde hair is quite exquisite, especially when the hair is long, and styled with big adorable curls at the lower part. You will get a classic look if you take a portion of your hair from the front and pinned in midsection, while the rest of the hair falls amiably.


44. Chaotic ponytail

You have undoubtedly gorgeous curly long hair. For your prom moment, create a chaotic ponytail with a couple of loose strands falling at the sides and at the back. Your artistically orchestrated messy ponytail will look astounding on you, as it gives an impression of a stunning, exquisitely untamed beauty.


45. Simple, perfect braid

Using the front portion of your hair, create two opposite braids from the front going to the center of the back of the head, then intertwine the two braids into one, continuing until you reach the tips. Below the ‘Y” symbol braid streams the remaining wavy hair with wonderful curls.


46. Blow-dried look

In attending your only prom, you can style your hair with a simple technique of blow-drying. Create wonderful curls of hair from the top of your nape to the tips of your attractive hair, and complete your simple yet elegant look with intensive blow-drying from the inside to the outside.


47. Refined curls

Proms are typically filled with more than blondes than redheads or black-haired girls. If you happen to have black hair, then you will definitely stand out in the whole crowd, especially when you sport your hair with striking wavy curls from the midsection to the ends of the black hair.


48. Long wavy hair with curls

Get ready to be wowed by your own dazzling black hair when you attend your prom. Your natural looking black hair looks pretty good with amazing curls ate the lower part of your mane of hair. Your attentive handsome prom date will definitely stay close to you all night long.


49. Partial fishtail

Create wonderful memories of your prom with a partial fishtail that you bound together at the back of your head. The messy curls will find their own way to escape your loose hairstyles, and those loose strands will add simple elegance to your overall hairdo, which is perfect for prom.


50. Intertwined braid

Be the talk of the prom with this simple yet seemingly impossible to create intertwined braid that starts off from both sides of the head to the middle, with the ends nowhere to be found. Be mesmerized at what you can do, and make you prom extra special with this.


51. Braid then make a bun

Split your hair in the middle and create two identical braids going from the front backwards, then use the remaining hair from the braid to make a circle bun. This hairstyle will make you look like a girl with a custom tiara and a head of a scepter like royalty.


52. Unique ponytail

Create a unique ponytail with two big loops and let your hair cascade downwards in its curly form.


Prom is about coming out with your best self. Pull your hair up and put on some hair accessories to accentuate the beauty of your hair, and to give focus on your neckline and dress.

53. Pull your hair up


54. Loose twists


55. Fishtail and flower


56. curly bun



57. Curls and flower


58. Curls and little flowers

59. Braided updo

This braided updo hairstyle is romantic in setting and definitely embraces the mood for your prom night. This is going to be a very special date for you and your man, so wear this romantic updo with confidence and dance the night away with memorable moments that you’ll treasure forever.

60. Circling braid


Your hair is your precious asset, and you have to flaunt it and be proud of it. Especially in prom

61. Let it flow


62. Flowing ponytail


63. Loop ponytail


64. Partial braid


65. Braid and lowered bun


66. Impartial braid


67. Curly pony


No matter what kind of hairstyle you will choose for your hair for prom, make the best out of it, have the confidence to pull it off, and shock everyone you know with how beautiful you can be with any hairstyle.

68. Big bun of curls


69. Mini and large fishtails


70. Classic look with hair accessory

71. Hair updo and side bangs


72. Gathered curls


73. Flowing blonde curls


74. Braid and collect


75. Loose curly ponytail


76. Flowers attraction and fishtail


77. Brains and highlight


78. Classical twists


79. Pull curls up


80. Loose braids and curly lower hair


81. Twist and lower pony


82. Braids and more


83. Let it down


84. Loosely pull up


85. Loose pull


Black is a beautiful color for such amazing hair.

86. Fishtail to the center back


87. Low braid


Light and dark blonde hair 

88. Braid and fishtail combined


89. Fishtail and loose curly bun


No matter what the color of your hair is, you will look exceptionally amazing with a special hairstyle on your prom night.

90. Naturally plain


91. Classic updo


92. Bunny ponytail


93. One-sided braid


94. Curly updo and side bangs


95. Two intersecting braids


96. Braids and loops


97. Blonde braids and big loops


98. Straight and neat


99. Huge braids


100. Fishtails and flowery bun


101. Sideways fishtail


102. Keep it simple


103. Simply blonde


104. Long and very curly


105. Two loops and hair accessories


106. Intersecting braids and a cute hairband


107. Crown braids


108. Fishtails in a bun


109. Keep it classic

110. Simple pony and curls


111. Messy fishtails


112. Hair brooch


113. Flowery hair


114. Simple ponytail and flowers


115. Loose side-fishtails and flowers


116. Low braids


117. Sleek and shiny


118. Curvaceous braids


119. Simply short curly ponytail


120. Refreshing curls


121. Straight and curls


123. Huge curls updo


124. Updo and side hair


125. Brush up and gather to the side


126. Two looping buns

127. Pink and blonde braid


128. Braid and locked pony


129. Loose side-ways braid


130. Artistic braids


131. Braided bun


132. Half-straight, half-curls


133. Multiple braids


134. Amazing braids and loops


135. Braids, pony and bun


136. Curls and more


137. Simple and natural


138. Partial fishtail


139. Extra shiny


140. Loose pony twists


141. Pinned updo


142. Simple tiara


143. Complicated twists


144. Simple loose braided bun


145. Huge gathering


146. Divided into the braids


147. Intertwined loose braids


148. Distinct color


149. Large hair brooch


150. Curly bun with pin


151. Simple updo


152. Huge bun


153. Loose pinned waves


154. Beautiful flowing blonde hair


155. Simple and pretty


156. Inside twists


157. Wavy ponytail


158. Strawberry red hair


159. Braided and collected


160. Highlighted loops


161. Waterfall style


162. Cascading blonde


163. Braids and loose pony


164. Classic updo


165. Intertwined braids and gorgeous curls


166. Messy gathering of curls


167. Two combined braids


168. Huge middle fishtail


169. Spiral curves


170. Seductive hair sides


171. Simple brush-up and curls


172. Intersecting messy braids


173. Simple flowing of hair


174. Looping updo


175. Circling braids and bun


176. Braids and chaotic curls

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