111 Hair Styles for Gorgeous Red Hair

1. Curly red hair

This messy style of red curly hair achieves a look of a girl just out of bed. This alluring hairstyle attracts people around you and you can playfully give an expression of “I woke up like this”. This beautiful style oozed with relaxed lifestyle and a strikingly eye-catching red hair.


2. Go short 

Many say that it takes spunk to sport a short hair. Short hair is certainly practical and stylish, especially when you have red hair. Styled to have the tips of the hair caress the cheeks, this effortless beauty of hair absolutely will stay in trend for a very long time.


3. Careless bun

A long, gorgeous thick red hair with a messy style can be turned into a loose bun that is chic and relaxed. When you are out in the sun, you can pull your hair up and tie it carelessly on top of your head and achieve a carefree style hair.

4. Long bangs

Red hair styled with shoulder-length wavy curls looks great with a long bangs going to mid-cheek partially covering one eye. This amazing hair style provides you a look of having little secrets hidden inside, like a prized book waiting to be opened excitedly, filled with rich mysteries to be unfolded.

5. Inner curls

This attractive almost shoulder-length red hair has a style of its own. The red curls seem to come from the inner part of the hair going outwards, giving a look of awe and totally sparks interests. When paired with matching red eyebrows, you will achieve a look of utter uniqueness.

6. Flirty red hair

This extremely attractive red hair style looks carefree as the hair is separated in the middle of the forehead using only the fingers to achieve a natural look. This finger-combed hair flirts for you and has an air of complete self-confidence. This gives off an idea of innocence and mischief.

7. Messy look

Girls really like messy hair that looks natural. Contrary to beliefs, red messy hair is actually hard to achieve. It takes a whole new level of effort and patience to attain that desired look of bedroom red hair full of natural-looking slight waves and a partial side bangs to boost.

8. Partial bangs and partial curls

If you want to look unique and you are sure you can pull it off, go for partial bangs on your nice forehead and partial wavy curls. Uniqueness achieved with bangs that leaves part of your upper face uncovered and long red hair that is intentionally waved at the tips.

9. Full bangs

There is something really childlike about a woman with full bangs. Red hair that is grown long and left naturally straight looks beautiful when it frames your face with straight bangs almost reaching your tantalizing eyes. It conveys a personality of kindness, and an alluring temptation to bring out adventure.

10. Red with bangs

Bangs never go out of style! This wavy red hair looks so natural as the curly waves from the midsection to the end blends well with the first upper half of the hair. The wavy hair with attractive bangs provides you with an innocent look that is quite so alluring.

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11. Wavy roots

This amazing bra-length hair looks extremely gorgeous when slightly permed from the midsection to the tips. It provides a bouncy look on you that keeps the crowd totally captivated by the sheer beauty of your red hair which is half-straight from the roots to the midsection and half with curls.

12. Sleek red hair

Sleek red hair definitely looks good when you sport straight bangs that cut a little under your eyebrows. This style is great for highlighting the cheekbones, especially when your hair is pulled to the back of your ears. This is the way to go to make the face looks slimmer.

13. Reddish tips

Want to go for something very unique? Your long black hair can be styled for an uneven cut at the lower part and colored with reddish pink. You will unquestionably have a very engaging back with this exceptional red hair style. And the hair colors blend perfectly with each other.

14. Reddish pink hair

With hair that reaches your hips, you can definitely do anything to make it more eye-catching. With reddish pink hair with wavy curls from the shoulders to the tips, you will absolutely look amazingly gorgeous! Parade that beautiful very long hair and enjoy the unending attention you will be getting.

15. Striking red

If you have thick long hair, what better way to catch attention that to color it with a striking bold color of red? The appeal is made strong with the fascinating contrast of an inch of the roots left to its natural color and the red hair to the tips.

16. Mild curls

Subdued red hair is great with mild curls to the lower part of the long hair. This classy look gives an impression of a good traditional girl that is not inhibited to try something new. Whether you leave it flowing or tie it at the back, you’ll always look amazing.


17. Thick wavy hair

You can always have an artistic messy look with your long and thick red hair. By just finger-combing your hair, you can get a lazily messy hair style that creates too much volume on your hair. Huge chance is you will be stand-out in the crowd with your glorious mane.

18. Pronounced red tips

You can certainly do whatever you want if you have long thick hair. You obviously love red, so why not use different shades of red to color your hair? Appear to be unique and make a statement with a long red hair that is accentuated with brighter red hair tips.

19. Color combination

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving colors. You may shock the oldies and awe the young ones, but you will unquestionably look beautifully dazzling in a straight hair with the color red for the upper half, and a purple at the next half, and matched with pink highlights.

20. Loose red waves

Your amazing short hair can be styled with a loose wavy red hair that has different hues of red. This hair style looks carefree and attractive, especially when the sun hits the hair and the various shades of red is highlighted clearly by light. Awesome style for an awesome lady.

21. Bangs with big curls

Those big loose curls certainly look fantastic with full bangs reaching the eyes. Bang always have the tendency to make women look younger than their actual age, so if you want to always look young and fresh, sport a nice conservative bangs with your long red hair of wonderful curls.

22. Frame the face

Women with long straight hair are pretty much beautiful in appearance. When the lone straight hair is colored by red and styled to frame the face, you will look elegant and classy. The long red hair will define the features of your attractive face and gives it more captivating allure.

23. Uneven cut

Thin hair can look sassy when you cut it at the shoulders and have bangs. It will specially look good if the hair cut is styled to look uneven and unruly. Your straight red hair with bangs will frame the top and sides of your face, giving you youthful glow.

24. Eye-catching waves

Let’s face it, men’s eyes are often dragged to the women’s bosoms. If you have been blessed with rich mountains, the best way to compliment them is to have bra-length red hair that looks naturally wavy from the shoulders to the ends, and let your gracious hair fall in front.

25. Shiny bright straight hair

Bright red hair is extremely noticeable and beautiful to look at. Beyond-shoulder length red hair looks amazing when it is not only vibrantly bright red in color, but also if it’s shiny and smooth.  No matter how the wind blows, you’ll always have a mane of hair that falls back.

26. Girlish look

Nothing say “younger looking” than a bangs that is deliberately cut unevenly to achieve a younger looking face. With a shoulder-length red hair and unique bangs, you will positively shave years off your life with your new look. Go chic and feel young with this startling hair style and color.

27. Partial perm

Your glorious red hair will look absolutely stunning in a partial perm that gives off the look of a blow-dried hair at all times. The remarkable loose curls that falls smoothly at your back conveys a colorful, enjoyable lifestyle, friendliness, and goodness that when combined, result into a wonderful lady.

28. Relaxed waves

A woman’s hair is her temple. Not all women can handle red hair, but a strong and confident lady can. Sporting a relaxed wavy red hair is beautiful in nature and with a touch of class that never goes out of style. Look gorgeously beautiful in this classic hair style.

29. Short, chic hair

Thin hairs have limited styles that will suit the head, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be stylish and chic. It is recommended to have short hair when the hair is not thick in nature, and styling it straight with an arresting red color is definitely a great option.

30. Tied back red hair

Whether you are in the office working or in the outdoors having fun, you can always loosely tie your long red hair at your nape for a serene, classic look. Even without a hair tie, you can tie your tie together using your fingers and still manage to look great.

31. Vibrantly full red hair

To have a thick, long hair is a blessing. Your luscious red mane of hair is your crown of glory. You can style your hair to appear natural and wavy, and let it fall in front of you like a wild sea of red that cannot be tamed by anyone.

32. Loose waves of red

Hundreds, if not thousands of hair styles are available to choose from. Apparently, loose waves are one of the favorites among girls. With short red hair, the natural looking loose waves looks good on different shapes of the face, and gives an impression of innocence and vulnerability that attracts attention.


33. Red wavy hair

Long loose wavy red hair is charming to look at in every angle. With or without bangs, long red hair separated at the side of the head to favor the fall at the other side is eye-catching, especially when it is animated with a bright color in the red family.



Immaculately cut and tailored short hair with the hues of red and orange for the hair color is extremely attractive and entrancing. The perfectly designed and cut bangs complete the look of controlled beauty with matching intelligence. This hair style conveys both proper and bold personalities that wonderfully clashes together.



This hair style is all about framing the face using a shoulder length hair. The bangs are artistically cut and waved to accentuate the forehead and the brows, and the hairs on the either side of the face are loosely framing the face. More attractive-looking with the use of highlights.


36. Incomplete dreadlocks

Dreadlocks hair style in not going out of style, ever! There is always something sexy about women with dreadlocks, especially when colored in arresting red. Be bold and style your long red hair with dreadlocks but leave a portion of your hair at the front to be free and curly.


37. “just out of bed” look

A messy “just out of bed” look is quite a practical hairstyle. Wherever you are, you can just finger-combed your hair and your messy loose curls will not fall into place, but will stubbornly provide thick volume to your hair. You will always have a beautifully cluttered look on you.


38. Red hair, blond tips

Never be afraid to try something new. Go wild with a long hair that is red in color but is loosely curled at the lower part, and strangely colored blonde at the last two inches of the hair’s end. Add some hair highlights, and you get to have rebellious appearance.


39. Brush up

Wavy hair from roots to tips will become more defined in red hair color. When our hair touches your shoulders, it becomes curlier and when you brush it up to fall in the sides, you have a classic look that expresses maturity and professionalism, and a smart and wise mind.


40. Slight red curls

With a lighter shade of red for your long hair, you can never go wrong with a style of slight curls to crown your beautiful head. You will look messy and refined at the same time, and good thing is you don’t need comb to keep your hair in place.


41. Heart-shaped curls

Vibrant red hair shining so bright will definitely look gorgeously beautiful in heart-shaped big wavy curls that gradually turn curlier as it nears the tips. This heart-shape hairstyle frames the face like no other, giving an appearance of a pretty heart face that is full of innocence and downright attractiveness.


42. Big wavy curls

A natural wavy hair that is accentuated with big wavy curls at the lower half of the long hair is looking fantastic from the front view, and more so from the back view. A matching light red hair color completes the tantalizing look you want to achieve for your appearance.


43. Natural-looking wavy hair

You can achieve a look that is both reserved and adventurous. With red long hair, you can style it with a wavy hairstyle that looks natural and inviting. It is sexy to watch a woman with flowing wavy hair that is vulnerable to be tamed, and proper to be respected.


44. Sleek short hair

If you have a red chin-level hair, style it to be straight with a side bangs reaching you cheek with uneven ends. Your red short hair will frame your face perfectly, giving a tempting illusion to your captivated audience that your bangs needed to be caressed to free your eye.


45. Semi-curls

If you want to perm your hair but don’t want the very curly hairstyle, you can opt to have a semi-curl of red hair from the roots of your hair to the end. This will give you an attractive curly red hair without the ringlets, but with the natural look.


46. Colorful wavy hair

You ever wondered how your hair would look like with a rainbow of color? Guess no more. Indulge in an incredible experience of having a long hair with a touch of red and other hues of red with bluest highlights. Complete the look with wavy curls and become exceptionally beautiful.


47. Red braids

Style your long, straight hair with wonderful braids on each side of your head and experience a fresh new look. For a dramatic look, only color more than half of your hair with red and leave the first parts to its natural color. This is truly amazing to look at.


48. Super messy reds

You can take advantage of your long thick hair by sporting a style that makes you look like you have just been pleasurable harassed. With a superior messy hairstyle of a wavy hair, your red stunning hair can make you look desirable and positively helpless and needs to be cuddled.


49. Innocent looking red hair

To have a young, innocent, angelic look that borders with flirtation and mischief, have your red hair grow to reach your thighs or indulge in hair extension, and split in the middle. Make a loose ponytail from each side of your head and let your waves and curls fall innocently.


50. Classic look

This classic look is famous in the alien movies, with short red hair heavily blow-dried to perfectly frame the face. The bangs that fall through half of the forehead deserve a second, concentrated look, and the whole picture conveys a young girl who is in the serious side of things.


51. Loose braids

Beautiful hair does not always have to be meticulously arranged or braided. You can still look alluringly pretty with your loose braids tied with hair ties, and plenty of untamed strands of hair falling freely from all sides of your head. This gives a vulnerable look and desirability is high.


52. Straight layered red hair

If you are going for a serious look but wants a touch of easy going personality to mix, your red hair can help you with that. Cut your hair in a layer falling just beyond your shoulders let your straight hair fall at the sides of your face for framing.


53. Straight hair

Natural looking straight red hair is gorgeous with a full volume finish. This effortless beautiful red hair gives you an elegant look from the roots to the tips, especially when you add eye-catching highlights on your hair. It is definitely mind-blowing when your hair speaks incredible volume of red hair.


54. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are very attractive, but it is even more stunning when the hair is colored red! Red dreadlocks are carried with high self-confidence, and it takes a long process to maintain, but it is definitely worth it. Work with your hair to give you the look you are aspiring for.


55. Bright red short hair

Don’t be scared to color your hair bright red. The stunning color give life and energy to your short straight hair, and with your white complexion, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Get ready to have your admirers grow in numbers and your subtle rejection speeches always handy.


56. Normal long hair

You are not in any pressure to have a unique style for your red hair. You can simply have your hair normally long and straight, falling freely at your back and at the front of your shoulders. Simple never goes out of style anyway, so why not stay charmingly simple?


57. Elegant straight red hair

A beautifully styled straight red hair accentuated with an charming side bangs is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a hair style that gives you elegance. The shoulder-length hair is designed to fall naturally on the shoulders and have a nice sway at the hair’s tips.


58. Full waves

Full wavy hair is classic in nature, and when you decide to color your gorgeous hair with red, you can enjoy waves of fantastic red hair flowing untamed in your face. With the full volume, you can achieve a messy wavy hair, and reap the delicious benefits through incoming suitors.


59. Prim red

Red is a beautiful color and definitely eye-catching when used to color your hair. If you have a hairstyle that allows your hair to cling to your head and face, you can style it with a layered cut in the bottom and let your hair freely loose down your neck.


60. Frontal fly-away red hair

You can dress anything when you have a gorgeous red hair with side bangs. Create your style, come alive, and have a stunning frontal fly-away red hair that looks to be blow-dried thoroughly to give an impression of a fascinating hair volume that highlights the head and frames the face.


61. Simple waves of red

You can always find beauty in simplicity. Style your hair to have a shoulder length with red wavy curls from the midsection down to the tips. Create a split of hair in the far side of your head, allowing the other side to have abundant amount of hair that flows.


62. Light red ponytail

Whether you have long or short hair, you can tie your light red hair into a ponytail and leave several strands to grace the front of your ears for a dramatic look. This simple style is quite practical especially when you are in a rush or going out for fun.


63. Simply long red hair

Even if there is no distinct hairstyle to your long hair, simple having a charming red hair creates a positive attractiveness in you that no other hair color can achieve. Simple long red hair can never go wrong especially when you let your hair flow in side of your face.


64. Unadorned waves

Your beloved normal wavy red hair can be enhanced to look more incredible if you allow the lower part of your long hair to have heavier waves that does not translate into curls. The humble beauty of this simple hairstyle proves to be temptingly seductive in a very subtle way.


65. Fiery red curls

Well, ringlets of curls can go a long way. The fiery red color of your hair is definitely not an easy accomplishment to come to. It takes a whole lot of strong personality to carry such magnificent red locks, but you can certainly handle it with your stubborn red hair.


66. Gradual red

Experimenting with your hair is never a bad thing when you care to use hair treatments. Your wavy curly hair can improve in beauty if you color your red in layers of red, from the root to the tips, using gradual increase in hues of color from light to bright.


67. Thick straight red hair

To be born and blessed with a thick hair is something to celebrate about. You can have straight black hair full of volume to grace your head through your back, and have red hair color perform its magic on your brilliant mane of hair. You’ll look absolutely beautiful in red.


68. Big waves of red

Exploit your red hip-long hair with a style that shows off your big waves that easily falls in your torso. Very long hair is exquisite, but to have it colored in red is even more so. Dive into your artistic self and express how proud you are of your hair.


69. Evenly cut red hair

Nothing says pointblank simple except a long hair that is evenly cut straight at the bottom and allowed to freely cascade through your face. Your red hair is a statement enough of your attractive personality and the utter simplicity of your hairstyle just add more appeal to your whole being.


70. Bright red mane of hair

Bright red long hair always catches the attention of the crowd wherever you will go. Unless you don’t crave for attention, better let your hair loose and show off how bright your red hair is and how much volume it has. You’ll definitely catch a lot of courtesy and admiration.


71. Striking pale red

To have an arresting hair, you don’t have to opt for the brightest colors of red. You can choose pale red color with hair highlights, and enjoy the refined seduction that your long mane of hair is making. And add some curls to the lower part of your long hair.


72. Amazing hair volume

Short red hair is quite attractive and it takes guts to handle it. Make sure that your beautiful short, straight red hair has plenty of volume that clearly insinuates a hair that is full of vigor and beauty. Pamper yourself to a trip to the salon and work that hair.


73. Feisty red hair

When you have a hair that is colored red with highlights in the a different hue of red, you are no doubt an eye-catcher and a topic of awe and inspiration for you are able to sport a feisty red hair in full confidence. Let them talk. Brandish your hair.


74. Reddish blonde long hair

Can’t make a decision between blonde and red for your amazing long straight hair? No need to choose. You can combine red and blonde and create an astounding blend of color that you can be proud of. Always be yourself and be true to what you want in this life.

75. Messy waves of light red

Messy hair is always in trend especially for women who want to achieve a daring look. Style your precious hair with messy waves from roots to the ends, and create a light red hair for the upper parts of your hair, and a slightly bright red color nearing the ends.


76.  Simply bright red

To have a natural looking wavy hair is such a blessing. Choose to have a bright red hair color to be applied to your wave of hair and transform into an exotic beauty of red hair that will make boys blush and men to rush to your side with appreciation.


77. Red wet look

For reasons unknown, long wet hair look is very sexy. It probably is because of the idea that a girl just came out of the shower. Achieve that remarkable wet look that males desire and top it up with light red hair color, and they’ll go crazy for your charms.


78. Stand-out curls

Well, if attention is what you crave, then you will definitely have can’t enough of it when you sport this amazingly huge-looking set of red ringlets forest of curled hair! This red hair style takes a lot of guts to wear, buy if you can handle it, go flaunt it.


79. Prominent big curls

To have a long hair is a leverage that you can use to style your hair the way you want to. Stunning dark red hair is great together with hair highlights. Have your hairstylist create big curls on the lower part of your hair while the upper portion remains straight.


80. Red bordering on pink hair

Long straight hair is quite fetching to look at, especially when you happen to have the amazing color of light red that is bordering on the color pink. The color scheme conveys very feminine attributes and gives the impression of girlish desires. Explore this style and bask in the attention.


81. Beautiful cherry red waves

Your long wavy hair can look more gorgeous with a cherry red hair color, and well-defined waves. You will have a strong aura of outgoing and adventurous personality, and you’ll look absolutely fantastic. Take advantage of your wavy curls and show the world how you handle being a fiery red-head.


82. Natural-looking waves of red

You can achieve a natural-looking wavy hair with very slight curls and have a colorful hair that resembles the color of red wine. Create beauty with simple waves and a striking bright red color of hair, and have fun letting out your true daring self and live life with robustness.


83. Very long straight hair



Women with long hair reaching their hips always have a plus on the beauty side, regardless of the hairstyle and hair color. However, the best way to exhibit your beautiful long mane is to color it in the hue of red. You don’t even have to cut it in style.


84. Super defined wavy hair

Red hair always has the impression of a strong personality. Indeed, a meek and demure girl can never look good as a red-head. But someone who has strong personality and is always ready to face anything can easily handle red hair with super defined waves from the top to bottom.


85. Simple cut

When you are one of those girls who want a simple hair that shouts a strong-willed personality, you can style your hair in a simple straight cut at the ends with natural slight waves and incredibly impressionist red hair. Your red hair color is quite enough to send the message.


86. Straight red mane of hair

Red-heads always stand out of the crowd at all times. People often believe that red-haired girls are stubborn and have will of their own. Well, they’re not far from the truth. Enhance your long red hair with a simple haircut and enjoy the beauty of being blessed with red hair.


87. Attractive layers of red hair

Join the society of red-heads and enjoy the amazing benefits of having red hair. You will appear strong and bullies will stay clear off you. Compliment your red hair with a layered stylish cut and feel your self-confidence growing as your beauty transforms into an attractive female of the species.


88. It’s the bangs

Straight hair is quite enthralling especially when you sport a bangs. With your long straight hair and stylish bangs, you can improve the ay look extravagantly by indulging in a red hair color for your hair, and different lighter shade of red for your bangs. The unique combination is amazing.


89. Gorgeous perm

Perming your hair is always a good idea, but when you have long rich hair, to perm it and color it red is an absolute bliss. Your crowning glory of red hair cascades like a vibrant waterfall from your perfect head and makes you look utterly beautiful and magnificently attractive.


90. Relaxed perm of red waves

To perm your hair does not always mean you follow the standard process of getting spirally curly hair. You can always opt to have a relaxed wave of curls mixed with a wine-red hair color. Learn to explore new things and never be afraid of the unknown, and venture it.


91. Straight fly-away redness

Straight hair is amazingly pretty. If you want to achieve a look that speaks volume about your nice personality, have your red hair cut just below your shoulders and let fly-away hair at the ends develop. It will surely add beauty to your straight hair and makes you more alluring.


92. Sleek straight long hair

Were you born a blond with wavy hair? Did you ever wish you can turn your life around with a brand new look? Well, doubt no further. Visit a salon and convert your blonde hair into red hair, and transform your waves into straight hair, and love the new you.


93. Hi-long hair with different hues

It has always been a great pleasure to watch a long hair that falls gently to the hips. However, it is quite a magical sight to see a hip-long straight hair with at least three different hues of red as the hair color. It simply freezes time and simply spectacular.


94. Simply straight red hair

As shocking as it may seem, red hair can actually convey simplicity. With straight red hair cut short, you can wear it simple and still stand out. There seems to be no escape for redheads, but for a simple cut and mild red color, you can enjoy your subdued beauty.



Extremely bright red hair is definitely an eye-catcher in every way. You can even spot a red hair from afar, and when you are in close proximity, it is very hard to look away. With strong red hair color, you can bask in the attention that you will be getting.


96.  Beachy perm

If you love the open seas and like to swim in the beach for long hours, you can take the essence of the sandy beach with you with this enigmatic beachy hair perm that is carefully treated with a red hair color that has a touch of orange and yellow.



You don’t have to be an actual nerd to look like a nerd. Nerds are usually highly intelligent people who lack sociable skills, but you can look attractively nerdy and be sociable. Cut your wavy red hair short and wear bangs, don in your glasses and artistically apply your makeup.


98. Messy long hair

Many women longs for a long hair that has very high hair volume, so keep your thought together and learn to appreciate your beautiful messy hair. With light red hair color, you can leverage your wavy hair by letting it run freely at your back, and smoothly finger-combed when necessary.


99.  Chaotic red curls

Do you have unruly hair that seems to always fight you whenever you comb your hair? Well, fret no more. Just let it be. Your chaotic red hair is evidently what other girls want to achieve naturally or nurtured, and it is definitely a trend in the fashion hair industry.


100. Classic long red hair

If you are a natural born redhead, then you must have the stubborn trait that most girls with red rich hair do. Classic style never goes out of fashion, and so if you have a party to attend, create a side bangs to your face and make a flowing bun.



101. Relaxed partial perm

When you want to achieve a look that convey natural partial curls, then a partial perm in the right road for you. With your long red hair, you can accomplish this relaxed partial perm look without extra trouble. You amazing hair will fall with volume and relaxation to the tips.


102. Rich long hair

Your hair takes up a whole lot of nutrients from your body, and the longer your hair grows, the higher is its needs for nutrition. With your very long red hair, you can maintain its richness and volume by not abusing it with harsh chemicals that can potentially your hair.


103. Thin red hair

If you have thin hair, there are only a limited set of hairstyles that you can choose from. Mostly, it is advisable for you to wear your hair short. But if you want to give allure to your short hair, you can always color it with red, and gain attention.


104. Curled bangs

It takes guts and confidence to choose a hairstyle that is new to you. With your long straight red hair, try something new and sport bangs that are expertly curled from the inside to provide a tantalizing curved view of blood red hair on your forehead going to your eyes.


105. Champagne waves and bangs

As we continue to age, we have the deep desire to pull our age and keep our face looking young. Oftentimes we use facial chemicals to stay young looking. But, short wavy hair with bangs can actually do the trick. With champagne-red hair color, we can achieve that younger appearance.


106. Boyish cut

There is always something very sexy about a girl wearing a boyish haircut. To have very short red hair that is styled for a boy is ironically desirable to most men. The contradiction between the hair and the feminine beauty adds to the excitement and advances the level of attraction.


107. Braided curls

When you have big spiral curls, it is great to braid your red hair and pin them to places t the back of your head. The result is a beautiful combination of braids and natural ringlets in an artistic form. The curls definitely look good and inviting to the touch.


108. Various layers of hair

It is indeed possible to make your red hair look like ocean waves at the back of your head. Your shoulder length hair can be cut into layers for the upper portion of your hair down to the tips of your hair, and complete the ocean-wave look with side bangs.


109. Classic brush up

Nothing will ever go wrong with a classic hairstyle that is brushed up to show natural hair color of the roots and cherry red color for the rest of the hair. The hair is curled from the midsection going to the ends of the hair, and the classic look achieved.


110. Blonde to redhead

So you are born with natural wavy blonde hair. You look good in blonde, but why not try to be a redhead and see which personality you like best? Converting to a different hair color may help you in finding your true inner self, so think about it real hard.


111. Side bangs does the trick

When you have shoulder length hair with a fiery red hair color, you can sport a side bangs to add more drama to your appearance and gives you a fantastic style in trimming your beloved hair. Beside, wavy hair always looks good with side bangs that barely cover one side.

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