125 Rose Gold Hair Ideas: The “It hair” for the season

Every year, there is a different trend in hair color that is followed by famous celebrities and ordinary girls. For this season, the “it” hair color is rose gold hair color.  It is s perfect color for women who does not want to commit to full fiery red, and wants to shy away from complete blonde. Rose gold hair color borders on blonde and red, resulting on a rainbow color pink.


The hottest celebrities all over the world are changing their hair colors to rose gold, and they are loving the fame. Their dedicated fans are rushing to the hair salons to imitate their idol’s hair color choice, to show their loyalty. The good thing is, rose gold is suitable for all skin complexions, and is definitely a color that makes the face glow with warmth and beauty.



Rose gold is great for any hair colors, and will look good on a once blonde hair and in a once brunette hair. The color simply blends with the natural hair color, and the result is astonishing, regardless of what the natural hair color may be.



Rose gold hair color can be achieved using the blend of the colors pink, sand, rose, peach, salmon, violet, blush, coral, and gold. You can choose to have your whole hair colored in rose gold, or you can have highlights or slices, or if you wish, you can have an ombré effect or can have it styled as a balayage.



You can go to a salon and have a hair stylist expertly turn your hair into your preferred rose gold hue, or you can do it in the comforts of your own home. The rose gold shade can absolutely be great for any hair style and cut.



Facts about rose gold hair color


It doesn’t mean that because your favorite celebrity has rose gold hair, that you will jump right to it and color your hair rose gold as well. You need to be completely sure about what you want to do, and be open to the facts about this popular hair color of pink.


It doesn’t last


Truth is, rose gold hair color shade does not last for long time. With proper care and maintenance, you can have rose gold hair for up to four weeks. It is important to use the right shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer to keep your hair glamorous for the whole time that you have the rose gold shade. It is also recommended that you wash your rose gold hair every after three days, to preserve the shade.

Skin tone enriched



The rose gold shade will definitely enhance your skin tone, regardless of what your skin color is. The rose gold shade simply brings out the best feature of a woman. It gives a glow that no other shade can ever do.



Attention grabber



Once you decide to go in this route and have the rose gold shade for your hair, be ready to amaze at how many people will stop and admire your hair. Rose gold color for the hair is simply just amazing. Your suitors will certainly line up your doorsteps and you will have a hard time fending off your admirers. Well, unless you needed to resort to calling the police, you can enjoy the attention to the fullest.




To have pink hair needs maintenance. The color fades fast, and so you need to visit the salon more often. To make sure that your rose gold hair looks fresh every day, you need to steer clear from shampoos and conditioners that contains sulfate, as that component easily strips the color of your hair. You would need to invest in shampoos and conditioners that have a color-depositing nature. It is quite expensive than the regular shampoos and conditioners, but they’re a must-haves to keep your exotic rose gold hair.

Not so cool in the office



To have a rose gold hair color is absolutely cool and chic. However, if you work in a very professional office, having your hair colored in pink may not be such a good idea. Though there is no law about appropriate hair colors inside an office, your pink hair may cause tension with your co-workers and bosses, and you may lost the respect in your work place.



Face it, pink hair colors are often associated with celebrities, famous people, and teenagers. Eyebrows may rise if your bosses see you with your pink hair during a corporate meeting. They may not take you seriously. But, if you really want to have a rose gold shade, you can opt for a very light pink that barely changes your original hair color. There are, in fact, many hues of rose gold that you can choose from.



Great for blondes



Rose gold is definitely a great choice for blondes. Pink accentuates he blonde color, and it enhances the tone of the hair. If you have blonde hair and wants to try a darker color but is scared to go for full blown red, then you can experiment with the rose gold color for your hair, and gradually transition to red. However, just a friendly reminder, once you have a taste of the magnificence of rose gold hair color, you may never want to wear any other hair color ever in your lifetime.



Blondes have the huge advantage when it comes to getting rose gold shade, since you blonde hair can be applied directly with tint for whatever rose gold shade you decided on using.



Good for brunettes



If you are a brunette and you want to try out the latest hair trend of rose gold, then you certainly can. It may take a lot of work to do, since you will be changing to whole new different shade, but it will be worth it. And besides, the rose gold hue will definitely compliment your original brunette hair and will give a new refreshing face for your friends and loved ones to marvel at.



Your brunette hair needs to be bleached first before it can be colored into rose gold. There is a risk of damage to your hair, but with proper bleaching of a highly recommended salon and expert hair stylist, you will not have any damage to your hair, and you can achieve that rose gold color that you wished for.



1-day spray



No kidding, changing your hair color is a huge decision, even if your choice of rose gold hair color will fade in two to four weeks. You can actually try it out to see of the color works for you. There are 1-day sprays of rose gold that you can try for your hair. The color will wash off after your shower, so you can be sure that if you don’t like the effect, you can wash it away. But quite surely, you’ll love the rose gold color.



These 1-day sprays are great so you will have a feel of what it is like to have the color of your drams. And they can be useful when you have a party or event to attend to, and you just want to have a new hair color just for the activity.



Different hues and shades



Though you can dye your hair at home, which will save you a lot of money, it is recommended that you visit a hair salon and spend money on your hair. The main reason for this is your hair stylist is an expert in making sure that the rose gold hair shade that you will choose will compliment your skin tone.



There are actually various shades and hues of rose gold, and it is best to wear the one that blends well with your color, rather than end up with the wrong combination. Especially when you do not have the experience of dyeing your own hair, better leave it to the experts. After all, it is your crowning glory that is at stake here.



Red hair



If you have red hair and you wish to have rose gold hair, the most logical choice for you is a warmer hue of rose gold. Your hair will face less risk of damage, since the some necessary component for rose gold hair color is already in your red hair. The process will of course require the hair stylist to lighten your hair and add more peaches, pink, and metallic gold to deepen the intensity of the rose gold color.



Brunette to rose gold prep



If you’re a blonde, then you can have only one visit to the salon and emerge with rose gold hair. However, if you’re a brunette, then it will take a few visits to finally have the rose gold color you want. Your brunette hair needs to undergo bleaching and lightening process first, and it will take several more visits before your hair stylist deem your hair to be ready for the rose gold color.



But don’t fret, you will not all around having your hair incomplete. Your hair stylist will definitely remedy your situation, and use some temporary hair color spray to cover the bleached hair, or ask you to wear a wig to cover your entire hair. This is a tiring and somehow frustrating process, but it will definitely be worth every energy you have given.



Rose gold hair style



Rose gold hair color is the hottest trend this year regarding the hair. It is important to understand that there are different styles with rose gold shades, and understanding each of them will help you decide on what style you want for yourself.



Remember that your favorite celebrity may look stunning with her chosen rose gold style, but that may not for you based on your complexion. Always consult a professional hair stylist before you make any decision, so you will not be sorry you colored your hair with rose gold.



Peaches and warm golds



Typically, rose gold hair colors gear near to the warmer side of shades. The pink hues come closer to the shade of peach, and the gold colors are seemingly yellow. Peaches and golds rose gold shades are great if you have warm undertones in your skin, but you don’t have to worry if you have cooler undertones, since the colors will not clash, and cooler undertones are leaning towards pink.



Lavender and ash blonde



If you have cooler skin undertones or cooler undertones to your hair, you are better off with a rose gold shade that has a hue of ash and purple. Purple-ish pink will absolutely look amazing on you, as the color mixes dramatically with your original hair color.



Balayage highlights


If you are a brunette or red haired or dark haired and you don’t want to risk damaging your scalp and the roots of your hair, you can go for the balayage highlights. Unlike the ombre, the balayage highlights appear more natural, and this helps you escape the repeated visit to your hair stylist for your bleaching sessions until your hair is ready to be colored rose gold.



The balayage highlights will preserve your hair roots, when you only have to dye the lower parts of your long hair, when you suddenly decide to get rid of your rose gold color, you can just cut your hair shorter and be back with your original shade.


Rose gold hair color maintenance



You need to maintain the vigor of your rose gold hair, and make sure that you stay away from damaging substances that will have irreparable damage.



Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner



Preserve your beloved rose gold hair by using shampoos and conditioners that do not contain the damaging compound called sulfate. Though sulfate is okay to use for regular non-bleached and dyed hair, sulfate is definitely not good for your rose gold hair color, as it washes away the color in a very fast way.



Dry shampoo



Shampooing your hair every day will make your hair dry. Use only shampoo at least twice or three times a week. If you can survive it, do not wash your hair every day, but do it only after three days interval. But if you cannot survive without washing your hair daily, use dry shampoo every other three days.



Hair treatment



Always use a rejuvenating hair treatment every day, or you can use coconut oil to make your rose gold hair stay fresh and shiny. Your hair needs all the help it can get, and nourishing your hair will make the color more vibrant and lasting.



Avoid heat styling



Try to avoid heat styling devices that have the potential to damage your treasured rose gold hair. If you badly need to heat style your hair because you have a party or an event or a special date to go to, then limit your thing to blow drying, but make sure that you use heat protecting spray to protect your hair from the damaging heat.



Avoid pools



Most pools have chlorine, and when your hair went through the process of bleaching before it was turned into rose gold, then you better stay away from pools because chlorine is the enemy of bleach. If you swim in a pool with chlorine, you will have hair damage that could be permanent.



Glossing treatments



The sun and pollution can damage your hair. Protect your rose gold hair every day by using a glossing treatment as a hair coat that prevents harmful pollutants to touch your hair. With organic glossing treatments, your rose gold color will stick to your hair much longer, and your hair will be very shiny.






When you can’t really help it and you need to blow dry your rose gold colored hair, then make sure to make it a point to use a diffuser.






You need to skip shampoo for at least three times a week, but never forget your conditioner every time you wash your hair. You need to use a conditioner that is specially designed for color-treated hair, especially when you had bleached your hair to get the rose gold shade.



Final rinse



When you are done with your conditioning regimen, rinse your hair using only cool to cold water. This is needed so your rose gold hair will seal the applied cuticles with the use of the cooler water.



Hair ends


The oldest portion of your hair is your hair ends, so make extra careful to protect them. You can do so by sporting a high bun or styling your hair so the ends will not rub on your cloth’s fabric.



How to wear your makeup with your rose gold hair


Your makeup is a common occurrence in your physical appearance, and you wear it the way you want to. However, with your rose gold hair color, there are better ways to wear your makeup that will greatly compliment your chosen hair color.



Natural eyeshadow



Keep your eyeshadow low-key, opt for a natural color and enhance your eyeshadow with a touch of color that can provide a dramatic look.




Rose gold hair color is suitable for all skin tones, and it is best to highlight your face in all angles to give justice to your beauty.






Your rosier cheek will definitely compliment your rose gold hair, so go for a soft, rosy cheek that will balance your face makeup.



Mauves and violet



If you have a cooler rose gold shade, put on a purple shade of eyeshadow, and compliment it with the same hue in your lips.





With your eyebrows, use a lighter color like light brown or taupe. This complimentary shade is great for your rose gold shade.


Tips for dress colors with your rose gold hair color

Well, now that you have rose gold colored hair, there are some tips on the colors of dresses you can wear. However, your fashion sense is yours alone, and you can very well dress yourself to whatever color catches your fancy. But, the following are simple tips to remember.



Break the red

Avoid wearing too bright red or orange color for your attire. Most especially, do not wear red from top to bottom. If you really love red and you just want to wear red, then make sure that you wear red on the bottom only and a different color on top, or vice versa.

If you can, just don’t wear anything red, but choose other colors that will not look like you are wearing a uniform from head to toe.


Neutral colors

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Regardless if you wear your rose gold hair up or let it flow down, neutral color for your outfit will suit your hair color, and so will the black color.



Play with style



Well, your rose gold hair definitely conveys a message that you’re a cool person. Go the extra mile and explore wearing clothes that has patterns and shades of kaleidoscope.



Skin tattoo



If your profession allows it or if your lifestyle approves of it, compliment your rose gold hair with a metallic skin tattoo. Of course you don’t need to go for the real thing, but you can opt for a temporary metallic tattoo to complete your very cool look.






Silver jewelry will certainly look amazing with your rose gold hair. Try to wear jewelries with a silver tone in your daily activities.



Hair accessories



Your rose gold hair is already getting a lot of attention, but how about capturing more admiring eyes? Use hair accessories to your hair like hair jewels, headbands, and clips.



Lean towards wearing hair accessories that are flowery in nature, like a flower crown or a pretty chain headdress.



To be more romantic, you can sport a live white flower to your ear, which will absolutely make you look innocent and quite fetching.



The following are some more samples of great rose gold hair color

No matter how you style your hair with the latest cut or with more traditional cut, you can always look great when you have the exotic rose gold hair color. The enticing color has the capability to give you confidence and trust in your self. make the most out of life, enjoy your days to the fullest, and never be scared to try something new. Not knowing is worst, and regrets are even more so.




























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