125 Gorgeous Short Layered Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Curly, wavy, or thin hair. Cut it short, vamp it with layers

We recently talked about the variety of bobs, medium bobs, long bobs, and this time we will decode the variations of short layered hair. At the very least, you might think how can there be many types of short layered hair? It’s easy to understand where the skepticism is coming from, especially, they’re more likely to look identical. How else do they may differ from each other?

Alternatively, short layered hair is best for women who want to create some beauty out of their messy mane. If you got to embrace her frizzy mane, this hairstyle is another easy route to that. Like going rock-ish or Boho without the exaggeration, of course. It can be the hairdo that will make the best use of your wavy hair and showcase it.

Let’s get down to it, shall we? We will scroll down to the different examples of the hottest versions of short layered do!

Why You Should Try Short Layered Hairstyle?

Any short layered hairstyle is a real beauty for women, particularly those who are stuck in the belief that they have to stick to long mane to look prettier. I’m sure many can relate to this, we are accustomed to the “long hair makes a woman look more feminine” superficial credo. However, the truth is, it can highlight a woman’s pretty face better than with long hair. And you’d be happy you don’t need to rely on having long hair, at all. Short layered bobs can be sassy, sultry, sweet or chic!

The natural hesitation of women in trying short hair is it might show off their strong features, like the jawline or cheekbones. The magical powers of layering will make you re-think about short hair. Adding the extra amount of sass to short hair looks feminine in all ages, and face shape. As a result, layers on cropped locks flatter texture, it also gives the illusion of length and volume. With short to long face-framing layers or if you dig the Ombre, you can try the balayage highlight on Ombre!

Embrace Your Waves: Hair Care In-The-Knows & Tips

If you are like me, whose hair is naturally straight you probably envy all those curly beauties. I feel y’all. If only it’s possible to shave it all off and hope that it will grow new strands of cute curls. Unfortunately, some are just not blessed with that fairy-princess hair that many wavy beauties find a curse. If you have friends with frizzy, wavy hair, you are going to realize their struggles too. It ain’t always so neat and fun to style a puff.

Sure there are lots of mind-blowing short layered haircuts every vain-inducing websites suggest. You are now opening your mind to this cute hairstyle. Although many women are so tempted to cut their natural waves shorter for summer, they end up dodging the idea because of one obstacle, —they have a nest of frizz topping their head. They get into a crossfire in their heads, every time they are reminded about how to style it after.

You can find so many styles to play with that actually look beautiful on frizzy, wavy locks. Loose waves look very rich and trendy in short hairstyles, especially layered ones. What matters the most is to focus on the beauty of waves that other hair types can never pull off unless they curl their hairs. Moreover, keeping its shape, making sure it won’t weigh down or look like you just got out of bed is a game you have to play well.

When it comes to frizz and waves, the ” hair care, don’t care” is a BIG no, no. Thin or fine hair also has the same hair care requirement as wavy, frizzy hair. The worse thing you can do to your hair is not using the products that are meant to nourish and moisturize your locks. Always use the shampoos, conditioners, mousses, even hair masks specifically formulated for your hair type. Naturally, wavy hair can be very porous, these products help tame your frizz.

The Best Short Layered For Frizzy-Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair is like a dreamy hair that automatically makes you think of the fairies and deities. What’s not to love about the beachy waves? But, how about the shorter wavy hairstyles? Are they equally as dreamy as the longer waves? They sure do, but with a much modern approach and playful appeal. And they’re red-carpet worthy! Not to mention the spectrum of wavy hair, ranging from loose loops to coarse.

Without a doubt having beautiful waves can be a blessing or a curse. Hair frizz is a mind-twirling concern of most people with frizzy hair. A reason why we think that finding the right haircut is a challenging task – a hard one, to be exact. There’s nothing fun about looking like you got electrocuted inside a science lab, —on a daily basis. Is there ever a hairstyle that doesn’t require some hardcore taming of frizz without converting into the ’80s fluffy do?

The Classic Curled And Parted From The Middle

Who can forget Farrah Fawcett’s luscious waves, especially her curled and parted from the middle hair in 1989? Until now, it remains one of the best short layered hairstyles. Wavy hair is the easiest to curl for obvious reasons. Curling your already-wavy hair and parting it from the middle looks naturally sexy!

Sassy Bob Waves

Since you got natural waves, spruce it up with a good dose of sass! Short waves open up to many cute modern hairstyles, including adding some highlights and lowlights. Angled or stacked bob, both cuts are favorable for this hairstyle. Ideally, the trim follows the shape that frames your face, while the swirls are elongated towards the front. Some call this chic and versatile hairstyle shattered bob in beach waves that are currently so popular. What’s not to love about it? It’s a sexy look!

Spiraled Long Bob or Lob

Perhaps, this is the trendiest red carpet hairdo that favors those who like to have straight bangs while having swirly tresses. I’ll take Rachel McAdams and Julianne Hough’s waves as they are less spiraled. If you have chunky cheeks, having straight bangs will help slim your face. The thing about wavy hair is, in a positive note, the imperfect waves look intentional, spunky, modern, and brings that cute, wacky character in you. The best part is, it can look flattering with the formal outfits.

Tousled A-line Bob

Following the spiraled lob in the trendiest in Hollywood is the Tousled A-line bob like Alison Brie’s bob. You can flaunt your waves in this sexy tousled waves that look natural and chic. If you have elongated front hair, you can spice it up by adding highlights to show off more of its texture making it playful at the same time. The soft waves fit the style that favors women with round face.

Texturized Bob

It’s the kind of spunky, sexy short layered angled bob that is suitable for all ages, even a woman in her 50’s can rock this hairstyle. The choppy layers and thick, side-swept bangs have that completely stylish voluminous look that doesn’t look frumpy. If you are brunette, add some chocolate brown lowlights on the front waves for a more luscious look. If you enjoy colors, try bright colors that accentuate the haircut!

The Best Short Layered For Thick Hair

Are hairstyle tips really needed for women blessed with dense hair? When it comes to fancy hairdos, whatever hairstyle you want to play it with, you never have to deal with the lack of volume or worse, —limp hair. Not to mention, you can easily nourish your hair with any conditioners without worrying about the strands jumping to the drain. Be thankful that you don’t have to get into daily panic attacks because of losing half of your hairs to the hairbrush.

While you can easily let your hair grow into that gorgeous lux mane, it can also weigh your head. In this case, any short haircut is an excellent solution.If you are one of the lucky ones with thick locks, your natural lush tresses are jewels that are beautiful on its own, period. But, just to be fair, we have some of the trendsetters for your hair type.

Classic Short Layered Bob

With all the flattery given for those blessed with thick hair, they also have horror stories of stepping out from a salon. Nobody likes to get into high hopes of looking pretty with short hair and leave looking like mushrooms. Layers are perfect for short to medium styles, —without touching your hair’s volume as it will naturally create an overall appealing shape.

Layered Shag Long Bob With Blunt Bangs

There’s something about this hairstyle that can make any woman look like dangerously hot action stars in sci-fi flicks. Layered shags are already edgy with any outfit, so as the thick blunt bangs that draw the good attention to your eyes. So, if you are wearing nice eye makeup or cat’s eyeglasses, this hairstyle is perfect to try. If your hairstylist captures the exact style you imagine, you can add on some nice lowlights on the bangs part and the edges of your hair.

Deconstructed Edge Bob

We’ve been familiar with the straight edge bob, and we loved it for it’s modern edgy slightly longer bob. But, how about we make it dimensional with deep-parted side bangs and soft streaks of muted hues? The flawlessly disheveled waves of this edgy bob just work! It looks natural, doesn’t look messy and it is so fashion forward that even kids can sport this do without a problem. No need for adding colors either. If you have nice dirty blonde locks, you will dig this hairstyle.


Short Shaggy Pixie

We are so used of the thin pixie that most celebrities like Emma Watson or Michelle Williams made famous. Thick hair has the option to combine cute layers of swirls while trimmed clean as what pixie is about. On top of that, it’s perfect to incorporate with some new colors into pixie shag haircut. What makes this pixie shag is it doesn’t look messy. Moreover, you are not limited with just the spikes. Instead, it’s long swirls arranged like a side swept bangs.

Textured Stacked Lob

How thick is your thick hair? If it’s thicker than most thick hair, it’s time for some chopping action. It’s basically an A-line lob or long bob. But, unlike the A-line Bob, we are familiar with, the volume of the side-swept bangs is fuller and shorter. So, you can imagine the tip of the bangs almost like a layer on the front. You will love the amount of texture this haircut brings to your overall hairstyle. Plus, this flatters any face shape, even chubby women with thick mane can rock this hair.

The Best Short Layered Hairstyles For Thin Or Fine Hair

Do you hate your thin hair? It would be great having thin strands of hair if the amount you have on your head is double or even triple! Just like when you’re a teenager making the effort of sporting pathetically small ponytails. To grow up counting how much hair you tend to lose than grow at the very young can easily get you paranoid about going bald at 40! Or when you don’t feel the need to take daily showers, but your scalp decides to spit more oil and make your head feel gooey.

When unwanted shedding of hairs starts to give you panic attacks, getting a haircut appears to be the easy route. Still, what can be a riddle for you is finding the right haircut. And while you have the drive to be open minded for options without damaging your seemingly fragile mane, you need to consider some essential elements in order to get the perfect haircut.

Layered Inverted Bob With Ice Blonde Balayage

Hair density is very important with chopping thin hair. Therefore, structured haircuts with lots of layers are impeccably perfect. It’s a sleek retro ‘do that a woman with fine hair will easily fall for. Layers enhance the texture and add volume. Moreover, the silver color makes the hair look less thin. Naturally, this hair creates that pretty rounded shape, in which you can upgrade with long waves on the front. Rock on!

Disheveled Pixie With Long Side Bangs

For women with hair, it’s essential to choose a haircut that creates the illusion of less flat hair. And if you are a very busy person, this pixie cut is a good choice for you. It’s short on the crown, and the back of the head. It has long side bangs that frame your face. To form the texture with layers, you can easily brush your hair with your fingers, from the crown towards the front. Followed by working your way to forming a cascade of layers towards the side as your side bangs.

Pixie With V-Cut Nape And Dark Underlayer

It’s not a bad idea to ditch your long hair in favor of a shorter and prim pixie cut. With thin or fine hair means creating contrast is best played with color instead of just adding wavy layers. Of course, that’s an option. And the V-cute nape that stays in dark brown is the modern standpoint for this haircut, —amped up by ashier blonde tones with dark underlayers or roots. This haircut is already fashion-forward without much effort because of the balayage highlights.

Elongated Blunt Bob With Blunt Bangs And Nape Undercut

Have you been considering something different with your hair? This long bob is not a new sight, for us but it’s a timeless style that will not die. But blunt and layered? Sounds contradicting, right? You’ve probably have seen this style plaguing Pinterest or Instagram. Yes, it’s a real trend! Girls with fine hair look amazing with this cut. You can add minimal layers to this hairstyle to keep sweet, and simple. But, wait for it to be pulled up. A stunning surprise of a designed nape undercut!

Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob With Romantic Waves

There’s something romantic about loosely waved long bob. It’s the hairstyle that adds shape, volume, and texture for delicate hair. You can make a deep part to the side to create a nice flow to the end, and make it look dramatically teasing. If you have dark hair and want to add some power, opt for lavender or any cool-based shade. Cool tones help make thin hair look full. Keeping it with your natural hair color is just fine as long as you maintain its fun texture.

Long Inverted Bob With Copper Lowlights

The feathered layers of this inverted lob always create that polished look. But can be made alot sweeter with copper lowlights, which works great with both blonde and brunettes. Think of the long inverted bob as its edgier theme without going overboard. The best benefit you get out of this hairstyle is it is so easy to maintain and looks as great without even the need to style it. You can simply brush your hair to let it hang smoothly, and you’re good to go.

Check out other cute short layered styles below for more options!

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Written by charity marces