66 Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Rock This Year

If you are thinking of a new style to sport this season, then you can’t go wrong with shoulder-length hair. If you love long hair but don’t want to go too long, then it’s perfect. It’s also a great compromise for those who don’t want to go short either. The sky is the limit for the many styles that you can choose for in shoulder length looks.

You can choose between bobs, shag haircuts and even ones that have layers. You can choose sexy, chic or elegant looks. There are styles for both thin and thick hair and you may even want to give bangs a try. Check out these 66 Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Rock This Year:

1. Layered Look

there are a couple of different layers in this style and it creates a sweet look.

2. Pretty Looks

If you are looking for simple and low-maintenance, then this is the style for you.

3. Wavy Looks

Medium length styles are still long enough to get some good waves in them.

4. Shaggy Styles

If you prefer a messy and unkempt look, then this is the cool look for you.

5. Pretty Shades

We have a very simple look that has a bold color.

6. Gorgeous Waves

These waves can be taken to the office or to your next event. They are so gorgeous.

7. Flipped Styles

It’s a very simple look that has the bottoms flipped out.

8. Blunt Styles

If you are looking for an edgier style, the try this blunt bob on for size. Try the color out as well and truly rock the Fall season out.

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9. Sweet Waves

Waves are always a popular choice when it comes to event hairstyles.

10. Sweet and Simple

This style would take no time at all to create in the morning. If simplicity is what you are looking for, then you will love this look.

11. Straight Bangs

Adding bangs to your look will change up your style completely. Sometimes adding bangs to your look is all you need to transform your style.

12. Classic Bob

This is a classic and chic look that has layers in the back to provide it with more volume.

13. Choppy Styles

These wavy styles so dramatic because they have choppy layers throughout them. It’s a fun way of embracing the bob in a modern way.


How to Take Care of Shoulder Length Hair

Use the Proper Brush

You may not think the brush matters in taking care of your hair, but it does. Boar bristles are the best thing you can use for your hair especially if you are brushing it when it’s wet. You want to minimize breakage, so you want to use a brush that smooths the hair shaft. By using this kind of brush, you won’t have to worry about your hair getting tangled in knots. You don’t want to pull out strands, you want your hair to be smooth and silky.

14. Cutting Your Hair

We can see how she went from long hair to a medium length style with waves.

15. Simple and Classic

If you are looking for a simple style, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

16. Sexy Looks

This is a very simple look, but it has a sexy look to it because it has a deep part.

17. Pretty Simple

A great look here is simple and pretty. You can’t go wrong with this simple style.

18. Formal Styles

If you are looking for a formal look, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s glamorous and pretty.

19. Before and After

Her “before” hair really needed a lot of TLC. You can see the after effect is shiny and healthy.

20. Fun and Flirty

You can wear this fun and flirty style anywhere. It’s cute and you will feel great wearing it.

21. Classically Pretty

This is a classic bob and one that you can wear for work and play.

22. Gorgeous Colors

The color alone is reason enough to change up your style, but we also love the waves.

23. Soft Looks

Waves are always a great way to soften up your whole look.

Tip: Brush Hair From the Bottom

The best thing you can do for your hair is to start brushing it at the ends and work your way up instead of down. This way you can get most of the tangles out without ripping through your hair. You will minimize damage to your hair a lot more with this technique. If your hair is wet, try using a wide tooth comb, especially if your hair tangles easily.

24. Simple Waves

Another wavy look that you can wear anywhere.

25. Simple Part

This is a style for someone who doesn’t want to worry about their hair at all. She can just dry it and go about her day.

26. Layered Styles

Adding layers throughout your hair will create more volume.

27. Pretty Waves

Another wavy style that has some great color to it. If you already have shoulder-length hair, then maybe try a new color.

28. Soft Touches

This is a blunt haircut, but you can soften it up by creating waves.

29. Pretty New Looks

Another great style that would not be hard to create in the morning.

30. Angled Styles

A great bob look that is styled in a severe and sharp way.

31. Cool Bangs

These bangs are shorter than most and they create a dramatic look. The style itself is pretty casual.

Tip: Twice A Week Treat Your Hair

In order to keep your hair healthy, it’s a good idea to use hair treatments especially if you curl or straighten your hair a lot. By using a deep hydrating treatment, you can get back some of the moisture lost when you use styling tools. There are plenty of masks out there that you can put into your hair for maximum benefits.

Oils are also a great option and you can put them in your hair before you straighten it. You can use avocado, olive or vitamin E oil. You don’t have to go to the salon either you can create it at home with the oils that you use for cooking. Just warm it in a pan at home on low heat and then apply it to your hair. You will be glad you did it because your hair will be silky and smooth when you are finished. Keep it in your hair for about five minutes, wrapped in a warm towel and then wash it out. If you are using salon oils, they can be left in your hair and styled with.

By heating it, it allows the oil to absorb easier into your strands for maximum benefit.

32. Beautiful Waves

Another great style that is simple and pretty.

33. Sweet Styling

If you like things casual, you are sure to love this style.

34. Blunt Cuts

For edgier styles, you always want to go with a blunt cut.

35. Curly Styles

Curly styles look amazing with shoulder-length hair. This is a simple look and one that is very pretty.

36. Side Sweep

If you have thin hair, then you might be lacking some volume in your life. By styling your hair with a deeper part, you give your hair the extra boost that it needs.

37. Side Bangs

The bangs are short and simple with this style, but it goes well with her overall look.

38. Fun Looks

You can wear this style just about anywhere and it will have you feeling fun and flirty.

Tip: Wash Your Hair Properly

You may not have realized that there is a “right” way to wash your hair, but there is. In order to maintain healthy and shiny hair, it all starts in the shower. There is a right way and a wrong way of washing your hair and we are going to teach you the right way. Most of us get a large dollop of shampoo and cover all of our hair to wash it. That’s the wrong way to do it. But don’t fret, we’ve all been there. Actually, if you were to just wash your scalp, that’s the right way to do it. That’s where you are going to find most of the dirt and oil buildup in the hair.

When you are shampooing your scalp, it’s important to just use the tips of your fingers and not your nails. This little massage will help you to not only detoxify your scalp but also encourage blood circulation in the head. When it comes to conditioner, you are just going to use it on the ends of your hair to prevent dryness and to restore moisture in your hair.

Washing your hair in cool water is also the best thing you can do for your hair, especially if you color your hair. Using hot water will dry out your hair as well as your scalp. If your hair is dry, then it will tangle easier, causing breakage to occur in your hair.

You learn something new every day and now that you know the proper way of washing your hair, you can begin the journey back to healthy and shiny hair.

38. Soft Spirals

Another great look that you can wear to your next event. It’s simple, but you don’t have to have something over the top to go to an event. This style is simple, but it’s also beautiful.

39. Soft Curls

This pretty style is sure to steal the show at your next party. These curls are totally stylish and fun. It’s a sexy look that you are sure to receive a lot of compliments from.

40. Ombre Looks

Maybe all you need this Fall is a color change. Sometimes color can completely transform a boring look.

Tip: Protect Your Hair From Heat

This is just one of those steps that are easy to forget, even though we know we should all be using a heat protectant in out hair. If you are always using tools like a hot iron or curling iron, then it’s a must to put heat protectant in your hair. It will make a huge difference in how healthy your hair will look. If you are unfamiliar with the product, heat protectant will wrap the hair shaft in a protective barrier as a way of saving it from damage. Your hair will stay smooth and silky instead of frizzy and damaged.

41. Cute and Simple

You really can’t go wrong with a look as simple as this one.

42. Short Layers

By adding short layers all over your hair, you will be adding volume to your look.

43. Gorgeous Styles

Another cool look that is easy and casual. You can wear this style to work, the beach or to an office party.

44. Smooth and Stylish

If you love straight hair, then you are sure to love this amazing look.

45. Stylish and Smooth

Another great straight style that you can rock out everywhere.

46. Simply Perfect

If a new look is what you want, but you don’t want anything high-maintenance, then you are sure to love this amazing look.

47. The Side Bang

A great look like this has an amazing side bang. It’s just enough of a change to completely transform her style.

48. Dramatic Changes

Going from really long hair to shoulder-length hair can be a big change, but it’s also going to make you feel lighter and free.

49. Bold Curls

A fun style like this is exactly what you need for the next party that you go to. Christmas party season is right around the corner.

50. Healthy Hair

A new change can completely change your look from boring to amazing.

51. Angled Bob

At least one side of the hair is shoulder-length and this would be a fun new style to try out.

Tip: Use Proper Hair Bands

You don’t want to use any kind of hair band that is going to pull at the root of your hair. The best thing you can do for your hair is to go back to using the 80’s scrunchy. But don’t worry, there are modern versions out there. The plastic coil hair bands are super popular right now as well. You don’t want your hair to be under any unnecessary stress and when it comes to creating a style you love, you want your hair to be healthy. You don’t want your hair strands pulled out because you are wearing the wrong accessories.

52. Cool Highlights

Highlights are always a fun way to change up your look.

53. Blue Styles

If you want to wow the crowd and create an edgier look for yourself, then why not try this bright blue shade. It doesn’t cover your entire head, it’s just in the ombre style. The color is pretty amazing.

54. Sweet and Stylish

Another great look that is simple and sophisticated. It has an air of elegance to it that you are sure to love.

55. Soft Blonde

There are a few different colors of blonde in this hairstyle. The different colors add dimension to the overall look and style. It

56. Smooth and Silky

A great style for anyone that just loves to keep their hair straight.

57. Pretty and Simple

Another great look that you can achieve in just a few minutes. This is one of the most low-maintenance styles that you can have.

Tip: Don’t Use A Towel to Dry Hair

What? You might be thinking that not using a towel is just crazy talk. But hear us out. Using a towel isn’t the best for your hair. You should always dry your hair with a t-shirt or a hair wrap. If you have curly hair, you probably already know not to do this. It’s always best to use smooth fabrics instead of towels to get rid of the moisture in your hair. By using a towel, you are likely damaging the shaft of your hair and you can avoid doing that by wrapping your hair. By using cotton fabrics, your hair will stay smooth instead of frizzy.

58. Simply Styled

Another great shoulder-length style that anyone would love.

59. Soft and Stylish

This is another great style option for you if you like to keep things simple.

60. Cool and Wavy

Another bold look that you are sure to love at your next event. There is just something about waves that make your hair look amazing.

61. Fun Colors

Colored hair in bright shades is a hugely popular trend right now. You can virtually get any color under the sun and people will think it’s amazing.

62. Sophisticated Styles

Another stunning style that is elegant and sophisticated. These looks are sharp and straight. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go with a style like this one.

Tip: Use A Low Heat Setting on Your Hair Dryer

It can be tempting to blast your hairdryer on high, especially if you are in a hurry. You just want to get your hair dry so that you can get on with your day. But if you are always using high heat settings on your hair dryer, then you are causing more damage than necessary for your hair. Overheating your hair is going to damage it especially if you blow dry your hair a lot. Always use a heat protectant before you blow dry and try to dry your hair on a low heat setting.

Another good practice is to point your hair dryer down when drying your hair. Don’t use your hair dryer close to your hair, keep some distance between the hair dryer and your hair. Two inches is a good practice so that you aren’t overheating your hair. If you typically dry your hair from the side, the try to point in downwards next time. Your hair will become less frizzy that way. Point your hairdryer straight down and for best results, you should keep it about three inches away from your hair.

63. Sleek and Soft

Another great style that will be easy to manage. If you want something that is low-maintenance, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

64. Add Some Highlights

You don’t have to go crazy with highlights. If you just want to add a few into your hair, it can add a little drama to your look. It also adds dimension to your look so that it’s not flat.

Tip: Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

If you are someone that washes your hair once or twice a day, then you might want to simmer down. We all have natural oils in our hair that keep it healthy and shiny. But if you are shampooing your hair every day, the you are stripping all those natural oils out of your hair. Then you have to add oils back into your hair just to make it look healthy again. Talk about a vicious cycle. All that is required in keeping your hair healthy is to wash it two to three times a week. That might make you freak out a little, but that’s the best way to keep your hair healthy. You can still shower, just put your hair up and out of the way. If you find that it’s too long, then invest in some dry shampoo to get you through until your next hair washing day.

65. Fun Styling

An angled bob can be a fun style to try out because it’s like having short and long hair all at the same time. It’s a fun and flirty style that you can wear anywhere. These styles are so popular right now because they give you something different than the average hairstyle.

66. Simply Pretty and Wavy

You are sure to love a style that is wavy and perfect. You could wear this style to a first date or to the next wedding you go to. Waves are a very versatile style that will never go out of style. Try it out and see what you think.

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Written by Jeune Kim


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