155+ Side Tattoos That Make You Look Sexier

There is no doubt that side tattoos, or rib tattoos as some would call them, add a touch of sexiness to a woman. Wear a bikini and that side tattoo might just add some charisma to your two-piece swimsuit. It’s also a great place for hidden tattoos because they will only be seen if you wear revealing clothes. And if you don’t, well, expect that that tattoo is for your eyes only.

Why Get A Tattoo?

Those who have had side tattoos will tell you that it’s painful to have a tat around that area. However, not everyone will tell you that the pain is intense that you will end up crying in pain. Obviously, pain tolerance levels vary per person but a huge majority would think that as compared to other body parts, a rib tattoo is more painful than in other areas. So if it’s painful, why still get a rib tattoo or a tattoo in general?

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It marks important experiences in your life.

Getting a remembrance is one of the most common reasons why people get a tattoo. If you want to remember a person or an experience, then a tattoo can help you remember them without you marking it on a calendar or bringing out a photo. Take, for example, you have a relative who has passed away. Getting a tattoo that reminds you of them will definitely be a lot more convenient than having to bring out a photo.

It’s sentimental.

Aside from marking notable people and experiences on your body, a tattoo can be put for a lot of sentimental reasons. It can also be as vague as you being drawn to the symbolism of an image. Since you get to decide what the design of your tattoo is, you can easily make it sentimental by adding your personal meaning to the design.

It’s hidden.

This is specifically for rib tattoos or tattoos placed underneath usually covered areas like the shoulder, the thighs, and the hips. Not all tattoos are meant to be seen nor shared. There are people who prefer to have themselves inked not for the purpose of showing it off.

If you find yourself to be like that, then you might want to consider a rib tattoo or a side tattoo where your tattoo can be perfectly hidden by your clothes.

It’s customizable.

When it comes to thinking about your design, the sky’s the limit. You are free to choose whatever object or phrase you want that will describe what you are feeling and your personal experiences. You can even consult an artist as to how it will look so you get the perfect design for your tattoo.

It’s beautiful.

Needless to say a lot of tattoo designs are beautiful. After all, tattoos are a form of body art and most people find it attractive to find someone who has a tattoo. Not only are the designs interesting, but it also says that a person is brave enough to have a number of needles piercing through the skin. That bravery is something a lot of people find very attractive.

Some Things You Should Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Say you’ve been convinced by the reasons why you should get a tattoo. However, it doesn’t end there. Remember, a tattoo is permanent, and not considering some things might make you regret getting inked. To avoid situations like that, here are a few things you should think twice about.


The first and most notable characteristic of a tattoo is its permanence. Once you get a tattoo, there’s no turning back because it’s going to be there even when you die. It sounds such a big commitment, right? This is why you are supposed to think about your determination to get a tattoo harder than any other body art you’ve had.

A tattoo is very permanent, and there are barely ways to get rid of it. Yes, more advanced treatments say that they can remove a tattoo, but in order for you to achieve that, you have to pay a lot of money for the surgery and you have to endure so much pain. There are also people who claim that going through that didn’t even remove the whole tattoo.

Pain Tolerance

The next thing you have to think about is your pain tolerance. It was mentioned earlier that side tattoos are more painful than tattoos placed on other parts of the body. This is true for a few reasons and they will be explained later.

For now, just know how ready you are to have needles piercing your skin. If it’s your first time, you might want to ask around about how painful it can get on a scale of 1 to 10. You can also start with getting a tattoo in a more muscular area, like the back or the arm.


A permanent tattoo is more expensive than temporary ones like henna. Most of the time, tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis which can be costly if your tattoo is detailed and big. You might be surprised at how much your bill costs after.

On average, a tattoo costs at least $80 an hour. This price varies on several factors like the placement of the tattoo, the design, the detailedness, the location of the tattoo studio, and the tattoo artist’s professional fee.

Design and Meaning

If you’re dead set on getting a tattoo, then it’s time to think about what tattoo you will have. For inspiration, feel free to look at tattoo artists’ catalogs or designs on the internet. Surely, you’ll find something that will attract you.

While doing this, keep in mind the meaning you want your tattoo to symbolize. There are certain images that portray love, purity, faith, and a lot of other things. Doing a little bit of research during this part won’t hurt. So make sure that you spend time deciding how your tattoo will look and mean.


Tattoo Artist / Tattoo Studio

Lastly, you have to decide where you will get a tattoo or who will make it. If you don’t know any tattoo artist, ask around from friends and relatives and also ask for their review of the artist. Most people getting tattoos are referred by friends who have been in the same tattoo parlor.

Aside from recommendations, look at the artist’s expertise. If your design is detailed, look for someone who is used to doing tattoos with a lot of intricacies. To help you out, you can bring your ideal design and ask the tattoo artist for their advice or recommendation about your design.


Why Do Side Tattoos Hurt?

There are two main reasons as to why a side tattoo hurts.

It’s close to the bone.

The first reason why side tattoos hurt is that they are very close to the bone. When a needle comes close to the bone, it will feel like your body is rattling with the buzzing sound of the needle. Although some people can attest that it isn’t that painful, the buzzing feeling around your ribcage feels very uncomfortable.

The skin on your sides is thin and sensitive.

The second reason is that your skin around this area is thin and sensitive. This area of your skin is not exactly stretched for it to be thin, but it’s just naturally more sensitive as compared to the skin on your limbs. Remember that when the skin is thin, it is generally more painful to have a tattoo there.


How Can You Make Your Side Tattoo Hurt Less?

The key to making your side tattoo hurt less is in the preparation for your tattoo. At the very least, a side tattoo will give you discomfort so what you want to do is be comfortable before and during your tattoo session. Follow these tips to make your side tattoo feel more bearable.


Tip #1: Steer clear of alcohol.

One week or at least three days before your tattoo appointment, make sure to avoid any form of blood thinner (a.k.a. alcohol). If you think that being a little buzzed will help you forget about the pain of the needle, then you are very wrong. Yes, you might feel too tipsy to notice anything, but your blood or skin will still notice the needle. In other words, blood thinners will make you more prone to bleeding and the ink will not stick as much.

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Tip #2: Have a good night’s sleep.

Prior to your tattoo appointment, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. This will help you feel calmer in the morning. If it doesn’t, at least your state of mind will not be restless because of lack of sleep. To add to that, a full 8 hours of sleep will help your body be in proper condition while you are getting the tattoo. It would also help if you get 8 hours of sleep for every night a week before your tattoo appointment.

Tip #3: Eat a heavy breakfast.

This is a common advice that most first-timers should follow. A heavy breakfast is very underrated and you’ll appreciate it even more if you know that it will help you feel more energized for your tattoo. A heavy breakfast will keep you full during the session because the last thing you want to experience is a tummy rumbling while you are being pierced by needles.

Tip #4: Wear comfortable clothing.

Since you will be getting a tattoo on the side of your ribs, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing. Ideally, you should wear loose clothing so that it doesn’t hug your tattoo after the session is done. This will also help your tattoo artist feel more at ease doing the design on your ribs.

For designs that will reach the lower part of the breast, consider not wearing a bra (a nipple tape will do) so that it won’t scratch against the tattoo.

Tip #5: Bring anything that will distract you.

Depending on the details and size of your tattoo, your session can last for more than an hour. Since the ribs is a sensitive area, what you can do to take your mind off of the pain is to bring something to distract you. You can bring a book, or your favorite playlist and tune into it while on your session.

Tip #6: Bring a friend with you.

If you aren’t too confident about getting a tattoo, then you can ask your friend to come with you and accompany you throughout the whole session. Your friend can serve as a moral support or additional distraction just to help you relax a little while you are getting inked.



8 Side Tattoo Designs For A Sexier You

Finally, it’s time to pick a design. You can put anything on your sides or ribs and it will look sexy. However, here are the top 8 tattoo designs you can get inspiration from.


A Latin Quote

One of the most common tattoo designs is a Latin quote, or any quote, for that matter. A Latin quote looks sexy because the fact that it’s a dead language attracts other people to know what it means. At the same time, a Latin quote written in cursive letters adds a touch of femininity. The italicized words also make the tat look sexy especially when they are placed just beside the breasts or above the hips.

A Feather

A feather is another side tattoo that you might find interesting. There are many meanings attached to a feather and one of the most common meanings is lightness. If you are a calm and outgoing person, then you might feel attracted to a feather tattoo because it looks as if you are someone who is easy-going. The design of a feather on the side also makes it add more volume to your body especially when the feather is curved or seems like it is floating.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are starting to become popular nowadays because of their simplicity. Geometric designs refer to shapes and lines that are grouped together to form an object. There are times when they don’t form anything at all. If you want to emphasize being simple, then geometric designs will be a perfect abstract inspiration for your side tattoo.


Whether placed on the sides or on the shoulders, bird tattoos are beautiful tattoo designs. There are many birds to choose from and depending on the bird, it also changes its symbol. However, the general symbol associated with birds is freedom. Birds in flight symbolize liberation and they help show that you are a woman who is free and independent.



Another tattoo that will make you look sexy is an arrow. An arrow can represent love because it is associated with Cupid’s arrow. In other cultures, an arrow can also mean strength and direction.

One of the reasons why an arrow is a popular choice for side tattoos is because it’s simple. When it comes to tattoos, simple can also be very beautiful and sexy. The simplicity and the thinness of an arrow can emphasize your elongated body. If you want to draw the eye vertically, then the arrow should either be pointing upward or downward. If you want to emphasize the size of your breasts, then have the arrow just below your breast pointing forward.

A Dream Catcher

A dreamcatcher’s size can either be small or large depending on your preference. However, because dream catchers have feathers on them, it is better to have a tattoo that is either medium-sized or large-sized. A dream catcher is known to hold dreams. It is a great tattoo inspiration for women who dream a lot or who have big dreams they want to achieve.


A Compass

A compass is another tattoo that will not only make you look sexy, but it will also project you as someone who is wise and smart. A compass is often consulted when someone needs direction. In other symbolisms, a compass means guidance. A compass as a tattoo can either portray wisdom or direction in your life.

An Anchor

And finally, you can get an anchor tattoo. An anchor tattoo is better on the side if it’s small or medium-sized. Some people prefer to have it lower near the hip while others prefer to have it just beside their breasts. Literally, an anchor can be associated with the Navy or love of the sea and ships. Apart from that, anchors can also mean being grounded, steadfast, and calm. It is perfect to describe the character of a woman who is not easily frazzled.

Side tattoos are perfect for women because they emphasize the curves of the body. The body emphasized depends on where the tattoo is placed on your side. Most side tattoos are small because they aren’t meant to be seen by a lot of people. Just like the saying goes, “less is more”. This also holds true for side tattoos. Just a few shapes and words there will already make a lot of people curious.

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