225 Simple Tattoos: Going Simple And Meaningful

Tattoos are a work of art, with the human body as the canvas. Some people love having larger tattoos that are truly masterpieces, but it is really not for everyone. Large tattoos can cover big parts of the body and can be visible despite wearing clothing and this can be unattractive for some people. Moreover, such big tattoos are still commonly associated with gang members or criminals and thus, put off tons of people from having them done.

Fortunately, there is no need to make such elaborate tattoos in order to achieve one’s goals of having a permanent sketch or icon on their bodies. Tattoo-lovers who are getting them as a means for self-expression can opt for smaller or simpler designs. In doing so, they get the best of both worlds, getting inked as a way to have a permanent mark on their bodies while still being able to discreetly keep it out of sight.

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What To Consider When Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos are available in almost every color and in every size. Being able to have it in literally every part of the body and the endless design options can be considered good for those who know exactly what design they are looking for. However, too many choices can also make it tough to actually narrow down the long list down to 1 or even 2. The trick is to consider these 3 factors when trying to decide on a tattoo design.


One of the first and biggest factors to consider when getting a tattoo is deciding where to put it. Large tattoo designs will mean the list is much shorter but if you are looking to get a simple design, then you will be able to put it in almost every part of the body.

There should still be some exceptions, not because the space is too difficult for the tattoo artist, but because it will not be ideal for a tattoo. The whole body has various parts where the texture of the skin changes, and in some cases, these might affect the look and lifespan of your tattoo. The hands and the toes are classic examples where tattoos are not recommended, as the daily cleaning or cleaning can make the tattoo fade very quickly. Whenever you use your hands and feet, they will slowly fade away.

Another no-no is the middle of a big muscle because the waste of the space just in case you are thinking of getting a big tattoo in the future. This leaves the inner biceps, the lower forearm, and the wrist, the collarbones, lower pelvis, top of the shoulder or the back, behind your neck, under your chest, and last but not the least, the lower legs or ankles. These parts of the body are ideal because the small areas are perfect and complementary to simpler tattoo designs, plus your tattoo is less likely to fade away here.


Getting a simple tattoo might not automatically mean it is very small. It is more about the design, with simple tattoos being of one color most likely (if not black) and less labor intensive as complex tattoos. The design will also dictate exactly how big the tattoo should be because when they are too small, the ink can bleed into each other and ruin the outcome.

Moreover, aging might affect the aesthetics of tattoos so do not force your tattoo to be too small that it will end up looking smudged or ugly in the long run. The tattoo artist can work with you on finalizing the design in a way that your preferences and desires will be met without compromising the look.


It is entirely possible for some big tattoo designs to be scaled down so that it becomes a simple tattoo. Again, it depends on how easy it is and whether it can be executed properly on a small-scale by your tattoo artist.

Other popular simple tattoo designs include those with text or tribal designs because they can be scaled down based on the size you want to choose. Generally, the less detail, the easier it is to use for a smaller tattoo.

Why Get A Simple Tattoo?

Some people might think that getting a simpler or smaller tattoo would be defeating the whole purpose of getting inked. This is entirely not true, as a tattoo one-tenth of the size of a huge one can still be a piece of art. Moreover, it can still convey its message or be a reminder of an important event or experience. Besides, not everyone has the confidence to have such a large tattoo for everyday use. Below is a list of reasons to getting more low-key and less complex body art.

It Is Tasteful

Less can truly be classier than having too much. This idea applies to tattoos as big ones can be overwhelming, complicated, and too much. On the other hand, simple tattoos can be tasteful and elegant, much like putting on a necklace to accentuate a certain part of the body.

It Is Professional

Whether you like it or not, having a large chest or arm tattoo leads others to have a different perception of you as a person. If you really want to get a tattoo but do not want people to think of you as being less professional, then go for a simple design that you can easily hide under clothing.

It Leaves You Room For Something Else 

A smaller and simpler tattoo design will not take up all the space you have on your back, chest, or arms. This means you can eventually decide to add to your tattoo if you wish or have something else done. The fact is, interests also change over time and what you find really cool now might turn out to be an eyesore in a few years.

It Is Artistic

Abstract art shows you that simple can still be considered art. When it comes to tattoos, a minimalistic one is also artistic. After all, presenting your thoughts or ideas in the least complicated way requires tons of creativity.

It Is Meaningful

The meaning or message of tattoos does not change whether it is a small or large one. In fact, it is the simplest ones that are most used to remind people of special events or send a specific message out to those who can see the tattoo.

Ideas For A Simple Tattoo

Say you do decide now to get a smaller or simpler tattoo, what should it then contain? No list is exhaustive enough to actually enumerate the possibilities because you can have anything designed as your tattoo. However, if you want some ideas for one, you may refer to the following list: 

Family Tattoo

Tons of people want to have the names or birthdays of the people they love the most engraved on their bodies. This can be done in various fonts and it may be accompanied by an icon, for example, little feet to represent babies. This is a great idea for those who want to show to the world how much they love their families.

Monuments Tattoo 

Great architectural designs can also look great on your body as a tattoo design. While the Eiffel Tower is without a doubt the most famous structure used for tattoos, there are tons of other monuments that can be used.

Flowers Tattoo

Floral tattoos are not just for females, as more men are opting for some similar designs for their own. It might not exactly be a flower, instead, it can be a petal or a feather. There are many possibilities for those who want floral-inspired tattoos.

Text Tattoo 

The most common simple tattoo design has text on it, whether it is a favorite quote or lyric or even a bible verse. It may also be a single word that shows what you might value in your life or what your attitude is. This kind of tattoos can be inspirational especially during hard times as well.

Symbol Tattoo

Many symbols have their own meaning, which is why people use them as tattoo designs. For example, the sun, heart, or stars are simple enough for an inconspicuous tattoo but still convey an important meaning. They are also very easy to inscribe, so if you want an easy tattoo that will take very little time to be engraved, then this is the perfect one for you.

Abstract Tattoo

Random shapes or lines might be lacking in meaning, but they can certainly be eye-catching and interesting for the person viewing it.

Birds Or Animals Tattoo

Birds are the most well-known of all simple animal tattoo designs not only because they are easy to draw but also because they represent freedom. Based on the trait you want to portray, you can choose from any animal that exists (or even imaginary one like a unicorn) as ink designs.

Religious Tattoo

Displaying faith is also another common reason why people get inked. They can go very simple like having a tiny cross on their body or they can have something bigger or more visible if they wish.



Perfect Spots For A Simple Tattoo


Tattoos are wonderful for showing off, but this does not mean they always need to be so visible in the beginning. Some tattoos are hidden but when you move, say lift your arm, then it can be seen by others. Simple tattoos are, of course, easier to hide or to have done in more discreet places and it is a good idea to have the choice to cover it up if necessary.

Here are some other ideas to have your simple tattoo:

At The Bottom Of Your Foot

Talk about being discreet, having a tattoo at the bottom of the foot ensures that very few people see your ink. Unfortunately, it is not a practical choice because the tattoo itself will eventually disappear due to friction and other warm conditions on the foot.

Between The Fingers

This is a very cool way to tuck a tattoo away because other people can still see it when you open up your fingers. You can also be playful with your design, putting a letter in between the fingers that eventually form a word or a name is a nice idea.

On Your Ear

Long haired people will find a tattoo hidden on the ear possible. It might even replace wearing an earring or complement your jewelry.

On Your Inner Lip

Lip tattoos are not as cost efficient as the other parts of the body, simply because it is wet all the time. But some people might still find this a pretty unique place to get inked.

On Your Ankles

Another good idea is to decorate your inner ankle with a tattoo. This location can easily be hidden or exposed depending on the weather and your mood. This spot is perfect for text or name tattoos. 

Under The Boobs

This is a unique spot for women to get inked on, but it can be quite elegant and at the same time, sensual. Moreover, only someone you will be intimate with can see it, so it is quite special.

On Your Neck

This is much more visible compared to other designs, but it can still be hidden if you have long hair. These areas are perfect for text tattoos, simply because they will not be too much but still will be able to convey the meaning you desire to share with other people.

Under Your Armpit

Simple but hidden tattoos are the craze because they remain discreet until you decide to reveal them to the world. One of the best spots for this is under the armpit, which is normally covered by clothing but can still be seen after doing a simple movement like raising the arms.

On Your Inner Bicep

This is a great tattoo design that will get you to become more active because you will need to flex to show it off. Of course, wearing short sleeves will make them more visible but unless you lift your arm, it will remain unseen.

These are just some ideas as to where you can have a simple tattoo made and still concealed. You can also put it somewhere more visible if you desire but having the option to cover it up for certain situations is great.


Is A Simple Tattoo The One For You?

As mentioned above, huge tattoos are not for everyone. Simple ones might not be as grand, but they can still be beautiful and meaningful.

First of all, some people might want to get something simple done before they choose to go grand. After all, a simple tattoo can be expanded, upgraded, or even redesigned when you desire to.

Secondly, a simple tattoo is a good win-win solution for those who really want to have done but are too worried about the pain during the application process itself. Big and complex tattoos will hurt and take a long time, so opting for a simpler design will lessen both the pain and the wait.

Third, the design can dictate how big your tattoo should be. If it is simple enough and the message is not meant to be too flashy, then you might as well get a cheaper and smaller tattoo.

Lastly, a more simple design will cost less than an elaborate one. This means for a percentage of money, you can get your body decorated with a nice tattoo.

What Else Should You Know About Simple Tattoos

No matter how small it is (even if it is just a small dot), it is still a permanent mark engraved on your body. If it is your first time to get inked, you might want to get a bit more information from the tattoo artist. You might want to discuss the design and the placement of the tattoo you are considering to have done. You can also get an idea of the artist’s expertise by asking for samples of previous tattoos. The crucial thing is to find someone whose hands are steady enough to apply your simple tattoo perfectly.

But before you finally put yourself on that chair, you might want to read up on these 6 facts about small tattoos firsthand.

Some Artists Will Not Do Them

You will find it impossible to find a tattoo artist who can do everything because they also have their specialties. This means some of them are not experienced or good enough to do a tattoo that is much smaller than normal. Go for someone with a steady hand and enough background to actually create your dream simple tattoo design. You might want to check for ratings, reviews, and other feedback from actual customers. Even if your tattoo is small, it is permanent, and you do not want to take the risk of getting a botched one.

Mistakes Might Happen

Some of these simple tattoo designs are very minuscule and it can be understandable that some mistakes occur. This is, however not an excuse because a tattoo is permanent and mistakes cannot be easily removed.

No 2 Tattoos Look The Same

You just need to accept that there are many factors that can influence how the tattoo looks. So if yours looks a bit different compared to the baby’s or papa’s, this is completely understandable. The most important thing is that both tattoos look complete and beautiful.

Fine Lines Will Fade More Quickly

Some people love these simple geometric designs that have nothing more than just some lines. They are definitely interesting but the problem is, they do have a tendency to fade much more quickly than others. Another lesser-known fact is that the immune system is always working to rid the body of this tattoo out of defense and thus, simple fine lines are first to go because they have less ink.

They Can Be Reworked 

Tattoos that have gone wrong or seen better days can be improved in time. Your tattoo artist can either redo them to make them look newer or can be incorporated into a newer design. This is the advantage of smaller tattoos, as it is easier to upgrade or redesigned when it looks old or faded. Doing this will also save you lots of money from having to get it removed.

Take Care Of Delicate Tattoos

Small and simple tattoos require much care than normal. While all new tattoos should be protected, ones with thin lines and fine details are all the more delicate and require more care even after the ink has dried up. It can be very easily removed, sometimes by just picking the scabs or soaking it in water. To keep it looking nice, just make sure to take the necessary steps to protect it.


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