125+ Wing Tattoo Inspirations That Make You Feel A Lot Freedom

Wing tattoos are quite common for both men and women. Apart from having different meanings that can be attached to them, wings can be designed in a lot of ways starting from bird wings to more artistic ones. If you plan on getting a wing tattoo on your next trip to the tattoo studio, then you’re in the right place.

Why Choose Wing Tattoos?

Wing tattoos are popular, so if you want to stand out, why choose this design? If you aren’t aware of it yet, there are many reasons why you would want a wing tattoo of your own.

wings tattoos

  1. They have many designs

A pair of wings can be designed based on anything. For one thing, there are a lot of creatures that have wings. You can copy a bird’s wings, a mythical creature’s, or even those of an insect.

For women, a bird’s or an insect’s wings are perfect to show off their feminine side since they can decorate the tattoo with a lot of colors. For men, angel’s wings help show strength because of their size and majesty.

  1. It gives a liberating feeling

The most common meaning attached to wings is freedom. If freedom is a close experience or concept to you, then you will find wing tattoos perfect in portraying what you really feel. Apart from the freedom it symbolizes, it can also mean that you are able to do the things that you want and with determination, you can do a lot of things.

  1. They can be placed anywhere in the body

If this isn’t the first time you’re getting a tattoo, then you probably know that there are certain tattoo designs that look nice in certain places but don’t look fitting in others. Take, for example, portraits. Portraits are better on arms and torsos while they don’t look fitting behind your wrist.

  1. Denote simplicity and depth

A pair of wings is very simple to look at. No matter what the design, a pair of wings does not leave much for the eyes because the detail is only on the feathers. If you choose to have an outline of wings, then the complicated design goes away altogether. In spite of their simplicity, wing tattoos show depth in meaning.

It was mentioned a while ago that the most obvious meaning of wings is liberation. With today’s issues whether personal or social, a lot of people do not feel that they have the freedom to do what they can and want. With this, a pair of wings tattoo design helps them feel or yearn for the freedom they do not feel.

At the same time, if you have gone through a dark past, then a pair of wings helps you remember the adversity you have gone through. Marking this in your body might not sound very optimistic, but for a lot of people, adversity reminds them of the strength they had.


  1. It’s scalable.

Lastly, wings are scalable. They fit in every part of the body because wings look good on you whether they are small, medium, or large in size. This means that you are free to put wing tattoos on your back, on your leg, or on your chest.

Wing Tattoo Inspirations For Your Next Tattoo

There are many kinds of wings and these vary depending on what you portray. In this section, you’ll find different kinds of wings that you can get inspiration from.

Butterfly wings

Butterfly wings aren’t a common design for people who want to have wing tattoos. Although butterfly wings in real life are beautiful, they do not give the same powerful meaning when translated into a tattoo. Nonetheless, butterfly wings can show beauty and femininity which is perfect for women.

Butterfly wing tattoos are best put in more narrow parts of the body because unlike angel and bird wings, butterfly wings are not very wide. Some of the best places to put it are at the nape, at the inner side of the wrist, and even in the ankle.

Angel wings

Angel wings often describe goodness, faith, and death. Because angels are often associated with God, it is now a way to show how faithful the person is. There are also angels in the Christian religion that symbolize different things and this can be the reason why you might want to have angel wings as a tattoo. Moreover, angels are symbols of guidance. The prayers recited to angels often revolve around seeking guidance and protection from challenges.

On the other hand, angel tattoos can also mean death. Some religions believe that those who pass away become angels especially children who die at a young age. It can mean that the soul of your loved one is free from suffering or that they have become one of the angels that will guide your way.

Bird wings

Bird wings are common because there are a lot of kinds of feathers that can be turned into tattoo art. For some, they also include the actual bird in the tattoo, but most people only include the pair of wings leaving a space in between those wings.

Bird wings are a great way to show uniqueness because you can also take the symbol of the bird to add depth to your tattoo. Depending on the kind of bird you are depicting, it can either show strength, love, courage, or adaptability.

Wings in the shape of a heart

A pair of wings that form a heart can symbolize love and commitment. It can show that the person wearing the tattoo is in a loving relationship or in a loving family. If you will notice, wing tattoo designs like this require the wings to meet at the middle to form a heart. The two wings that meet each other is a sign of a healthy and loving relationship with the people close to you. It also symbolizes security because the wings protect whatever it is inside the heart.

Wings ready to fly

Although this takes up a lot of space, a wing tattoo design that has the wings spread is one of the most dynamic tattoo designs ever. If you think about it, seeing a pair of wings that are ready to fly away sends a more powerful message to anyone who sees it.

Wings symbolize freedom and liberation. If your tattoo design has a pair of wings poised to fly, it makes the meaning stand out even more. However, if you plan on putting this tattoo on smaller areas like ankles, wrists, and back of the ears, then the space will limit the impact of the design. For a wide design like this, it is better to have it on your chest or on your back.

One wing

Although wings always go in pairs, you can also be more unique by having just one wing inked. Some people denote this as fallen or being independent. Wing designs like this are best placed at the side of the torso or at smaller areas since the design will not be wide. To make it look like it’s not lacking a pair, some people design a wing wrapped into something, say, a quote or a scroll.

Pre-Tattoo Preparations

Although this might not be your first time to get a tattoo, it’s still important to know how you should prepare for it. Some veterans in tattoos feel that it’s an easy thing to do that they neglect the health implications of it. When it comes to tattoos, preparation is important because it will help you get in the right state of mind and health. Here are a few things you should remember:

Visit the tattoo studio before your scheduled appointment.

Visiting the tattoo studio will help you get a feel of the place. Knowing how it looks and knowing the atmosphere can help you prepare properly because you know what to expect. The last thing you want to do is get very anxious before your tattoo appointment.

When you visit, take the time to look at each area carefully and spend time in the place where you will be seated for at least an hour. Is it something you will be comfortable staying in? If you end up having a huge concern on the location and cleanliness, then you shouldn’t pursue getting a tattoo there.

Be physically and mentally ready.

The most important thing you have to prepare for is your readiness. Are you physically and mentally ready for a tattoo?

To be physically ready, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep the night before your appointment. Being well-rested will help ease your anxiety and your drowsiness the next day. On the other hand, there is no one way to help you be mentally ready. However, what you can do is to psych yourself that the outcome will be great. Some get overly afraid of the pain, but if you know you have a high pain tolerance level, then there is nothing to worry about.

Do not consume anything that will make your blood thinner.

This is one of the most important preparations for getting a tattoo. When your blood is thin, you run the risk of getting a lot of bleeding. To avoid this, do not consume anything that will make your blood thinner. These substances are alcohol, coffee, or aspirin.

Do not do any changes with your skin.

You are encouraged to take a bath of course, but what you shouldn’t do is get a scrub or a tan. A tan can react to the ink that will be used on you especially when it’s fake. You should also do your best to avoid getting a sunburn because your skin will peel and it will damage the fresh tattoo.

You should also avoid getting a scrub right before the tattoo appointment. Scrubs might leave your skin raw and it can cause bleeding. If you need to have a scrub, schedule it a week before.

Eat a filling meal before your tattoo session.

Depending on your tattoo, the time it takes to finish it may take hours. To prepare properly, make sure that you eat a full meal before you go. Load up on carbs and protein so that you don’t feel lightheaded during the tattoo session. Having a full meal will help you endure the hours of pain during the tattoo session and it will also help you manage stress and anxiety better. You don’t want to be bothered about your growling stomach once the session starts.

Bring water.

Even before going to the tattoo session, make sure to drink lots of water starting a day before your actual appointment. Drinking water may make you pee a lot, but it helps improve the texture of your skin. When getting a tattoo, it’s important that your skin is moisturized and well-hydrated so it can absorb the ink better.

Bring things that will keep you distracted.

This is important for people who have short attention spans. If your tattoo is going to take hours, then might as well bring something that will help keep you distracted. You can read a book, listen to music, or bring something you can watch on your phone. Doing this not only does you a favor, but it will also help the tattoo artist focus more on his work. When you start wriggling out of boredom, the artist might get distracted and this might make your tattoo look bad.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Finally, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes. If the tattoo studio is warm, light and loose clothing is a must so you don’t sweat a lot and get irritable. Also, make sure that your tattoo artist can have easy access to the area where the tattoo will be. If it’s on your arms or shoulders, wear a sleeveless top; if it’s on your thighs, wear shorts.

Post-Tattoo Care

Congratulations! You’re done with the tattoo session. You’re probably excited to show off your new tattoo. But before you do that, here are a few reminders on taking care of your fresh new tat.

  1. Apply moisturizer immediately

Usually, the first step in taking care of your tattoo starts when your tattoo artist applies moisturizer. It is important to apply moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly over your new tattoo to relieve it from the pain and to avoid wounds from happening.

Some people get wounds when getting a tattoo, but don’t worry because your tattoo artist will cover it with a bandage and make sure that it is protected from bacteria.

  1. Don’t scratch or touch it

Depending on the tattoo artist, he or she will either wrap your new tattoo with a plastic wrap or a bandage. This will help prevent you from scratching the tattoo. However, if your tattoo artist will not put a bandage over it, then you have to stop yourself from picking at it even at the area near your tattoo.

When you get a tattoo, all you should think about is how to prevent it from getting infected. Since needles were used, expect that your pores and your skin is sensitive and susceptible to infection. That’s why you should avoid touching it and cover it as much as possible.

  1. Wash gently

After at least four hours, you are now free to wash your new tattoo. If you have a bandage, remove the wrap slowly and gently so you don’t tug on your skin. If you don’t have a tattoo, proceed by washing it with lukewarm water. Don’t wash it with cold or hot water since it might affect the pores or the wounds.

Start by pouring lukewarm water onto your fresh tattoo and gently put soap over it. When you put soap, make sure that it already has a rich lather before touching your skin. This will help soften and relieve the skin especially when it bled a few hours before. Be careful not to scrub it as it will irritate the skin. After washing, pat it with a soft towel and air-dry it.

  1. Cover it with a bandage for the first week

For tattoos that will be touching your clothes all the time, it is safe to cover it with a bandage. If you want to be really careful about it, put a bandage regardless of whether your tattoo will be covered by clothes or not. The reason behind this is you want to protect the tattoo at all costs. Friction with clothes can cause your skin to bleed or to affect the quality of the tattoo.

  1. Avoid submerging it in water

Except when you are washing your tattoo, you should not submerge it in water for more than a few minutes. Submerging it in water will infect it and it will not heal faster. In fact, if not for the sweating and the dirt around, you shouldn’t be washing your tattoo all the time for the first two weeks.

After a few weeks, you are now free to enjoy your wing tattoo. Make sure that you don’t get cuts or wounds around the area to avoid any infection in the future.

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